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Big Back Grips Guide

About Big Back Grips®

Take control.

Bodybuilding is a control game. "Strict form" means being in full control of your weight for the duration of a set. It means choosing the path you want the weight to take; and making it take that path precisely. And that demands focus. You know the things that can break focus during a set - hand pain, tearing calluses, "crushing" down on a handle as it slips from your sweaty palm. Distractions like those can really compromise a set - and they're everything Big Back Lifting Grips are designed to prevent.

Some of the biggest bodybuilders in the world use Big Back Grips to give them full control over the weights they're moving. As champion Con Demetriou told us, "I don't want grip fatigue. I want lat fatigue." Big Back Grips let you work a chosen muscle to its fullest by keeping the heaviest weights in your hand safely, comfortably, easily, without pain or injury. And that keeps you in control.

Full Control of Every Rep

A better relationship between skin and equipment.

Pain, blisters, calluses, torn skin and bloody wounds mean damaged hands and compromised workouts. Lifters who want a simple, inexpensive way to protect their hands and improve their grip on a bar now have one. Why do so many lifters use Big Back Grips?

  • More weight
  • More reps
  • More focus
  • Less pain
  • Better pump

"I don't want grip fatigue. I want lat fatigue!"
Con Demetriou

IFBB Pro and 6-time Australian champion Con Demetriou has represented Big Back Grips on our packaging, ads and website since 2008. We first met Con at the photoshoot he did for us. In truth, he had not tried Big Back Grips before then, or even known about them. But he's been using them for back workouts ever since. "I don't care about calluses," he told us. "But I want my lats to burn out before my grip does."

Con entered his first contest at 16 years old. Now into his 40s, he still maintains an international competitive and modeling schedule, splitting his time between Thailand and the United States. We're extremely proud to have someone of Con's experience and accomplishments using our product and making us look good all over the world.

Con Demetriou

Part of The Culture at Muscle Beach Venice

Big Back Grips is a proud sponsor of world-famous Muscle Beach Venice. It's true that great bodybuilders come from everywhere. But no place did more to make bodybuilding world famous than Muscle Beach Venice, and the stars who trained and showed off there.

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Big Back Grips Big Back Lifting Grips

Lift More, Hurt Less!

Comfortable, Convenient & Safe!

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