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    Bodybuilding.com Clothing Guide

    About B-Elite Apparel

    Inspired by you. The B-Elite Series was built with one person in mind: you. Your incessant drive to be the best, your unstoppable desire to reach your health and fitness goals, and your need for innovative comfort and style form the foundation of the B-Elite Series.

    Change your body, change your life - and do it in style. Discover more clothing that works when you do.

    • Performance. Made with premium fabrics, hand-sewn finishing, and state-of-the-art textile technology to give you peak performance.
    • Comfort. With the highest possible threat counts and patented weaves, enjoy supreme comfort while you’re conquering the world, or out for a jog.
    • Style. Attention to detail, a perfect fit, and innovative construction give you the best-looking, most functional clothing on the market.
    Bodybuilding.com Clothing - B-Elite Series

    B-Elite Apparel

    Introducing our new high performance apparel line!

    Video Length | 1:00

    The Team

    Jamie Eason JAMIE EASON
    Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel
    Jamie is one of the most recognized faces in the fitness industry holding several fitness titles and has appeared in hundreds of magazine layouts. Visit Jamie's BodySpace
    Kizzito Ejam KIZZITO EJAM
    Martial Arts Instructor
    Fitness Model
    "As a martial artist I was immediately drawn to weight training, because it takes the same mental focus, discipline and dedication to achieve your desired results." Visit Kizzito's BodySpace
    Kathleen Tesori KATHLEEN TESORI
    US Air Force Logistics Program Manager
    "I am a spokesmodel, covermodel, IFBB athlete who loves living healthy fit and enjoys educating and motivating others how to live healthy fit!" Visit Kathleen's BodySpace
    Steve Cook STEVE COOK
    Team Athlete
    "I am a Bodybuilding.com team athlete, Professional IFBB Men’s Physique and am striving to make this world a healthier, happier place." Visit Steve's BodySpace

    The Team

    Sean Sarantos SEAN SARANTOS
    Sean Sarantos is also a prior enlisted USAF member, Team athlete with Bodybuilding.com and Cytosport and resides in Texas with his two dogs. Visit Sean's BodySpace
    Michelle Mozek MICHELLE MOZEK
    Fitness Model
    Personal Trainer
    Michelle is a Dallas native, former NFL cheerleader and NBA dancer turned fitness model/personal trainer who is currently residing in Los Angeles CA. Visit Michelle's BodySpace
    Wade Hayes WADE HAYES
    Sales Rep
    "I am a successful sales rep who enjoys people, working out, traveling, am in the best shape of my life!" Visit Wade's BodySpace
    Elizabeth Brown ELIZABETH BROWN
    "I am a health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for living a clean/healthy lifestyle, hoping to inspire others to reach their fitness goals!" Visit Elizabeth's BodySpace

    The Team

    Hayley Coussens HAYLEY COUSSENS
    "I enjoy working out and staying fit, mainly to keep up with my three beautiful children!" Visit Hayley's BodySpace
    Bryna Deluca BRYNA DELUCA
    Fashion Consultant
    "I am the mother of three wild and crazy kids and an NPC Bikini competitor. My goal is to help people realize that when they wear clothes that fit and look great, their self-confidence that will turn into extra reps in the gym." Visit Bryna's BodySpace
    Preston Lewis PRESTON LEWIS
    Senior UX/UI Designer
    "I am constantly looking for ways to hit my health and fitness goals through hard work and dedication. Not only do I feel and look better, but I get to inspire my friends and family to live healthier lives." Visit Preston's BodySpace
    Trevor Davis TREVOR DAVIS
    Assistant Category Manager
    "I am a proud father of a new baby boy, husband to my best friend of 8 years, lifelong athlete and category management guru!" Visit Trevor's BodySpace

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