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Chapter 3: Nutrition

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Male Teen Muscle Building Nutrition Video Recap

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If putting on lean mass was easy, you'd see a lot more hulking people walking around. Putting on quality muscle requires consistency, dedication, and a lot of nutrient dense food. Working hard in the gym is not enough; you must also work hard in the kitchen.

Meal planning and preparation is essential for forging a muscular physique. The old adage "you are what you eat", holds true when building lean muscle. To pack on serious muscle, you need to consume more calories than you burn throughout the day. Consuming healthy calories, eaten at the right frequency is also crucial.

How many calories should you consume?
LBS | KILOS 3-5 times per week
Recommended Daily Caloric Intake:  

Example Meals for Male Teen Muscle Building

The example meals below are based on a 3000 calories per day muscle building diet. You may need to adjust the amounts of foods to meet your individual caloric needs.

Meal 1



1.5 Cups Uncooked Calories: 461
Fats: 7.5 Grams | Protein 19 Grams | Carbs 81 Grams
Egg Whites

Egg Whites

4 Eggs Calories: 68
Fats: 0.2 Grams | Protein 14.4 Grams | Carbs 0 Grams
Whole Egg

Whole Eggs

2 Eggs Calories: 147
Fats: 10 Grams | Protein 12.6 Grams | Carbs 0.8 Grams

Meal 2

Natural Peanut/Almond Butter

Natural Peanut/Almond Butter

3 Tbs Calories: 292
Fats: 24 Grams | Protein 12 Grams | Carbs 9 Grams
Wheat Bread

100% Whole Wheat Bread

2 Slices Calories: 260
Fats: 4 Grams | Protein 8 Grams | Carbs 46 Grams


1 Large Calories: 105
Fats: 0.4 Grams | Protein 1 Gram | Carbs 27 Grams

Meal 3

Chicken Breast

Lean Meat

4 Oz Calories: 186
Fats: 4 Grams | Protein 35 Grams | Carbs 0 Grams
Brown Rice

Brown Rice

2 Cups Cooked Calories: 432
Fats: 3.6 Grams | Protein 10 Grams | Carbs 90 Grams


1 Cup Calories: 55
Fats: 0.5 Grams | Protein 3 Grams | Carbs 11 Grams
Olive Oil

Olive Oil

0.5 Tbs Calories: 60
Fats: 7 Grams | Protein 0 Grams | Carbs 0 Grams

Meal 4



4 Oz Calories: 207
Fats: 12.3 Grams | Protein 22 Grams | Carbs 0 Grams
Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

12 Oz Calories: 324
Fats: 0.7 Grams | Protein 7 Grams | Carbs 75 Grams

Meal 5: Pre-Workout

Protein Shake

Whey Protein

1 Serving Calories: 110
Fats: 1 Gram | Protein 22 Grams | Carbs 1 Gram


1 Cup Uncooked Calories: 312
Fats: 6 Grams | Protein 12 Grams | Carbs 54 Grams

Meal 6: Post-Workout

Protein Shake

Whey Protein

1 Serving Calories: 110
Fats: 1 Gram | Protein 22 Grams | Carbs 1 Gram


1 Serving Calories: 120
Fats: 0 Grams | Protein 0 Grams | Carbs 30 Grams

Keys To Your Nutrition Success

Don't Short Yourself On Calories

The most important rule in mass building is this: If you're working hard in the gym, you must work harder in the kitchen. If you short yourself on calories, you're also shorting yourself on size and mass gains - you know, the mass every cheerleader wants in a guy.

Sure it's going to be tough cramming in yet another protein shake or tuna fish sandwich between classes, but it's essential if getting big and jacked is in your future. So take your time, pack some lunches, and get the calories you know you need.

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Mass Building Metabolism

What's For Dinner?

Don't Fear The Fat

Your Ripped Ratio

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Common Mistakes

Final Word on Nutrition for Male Teen Muscle Building

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Remember that dedication and consistency are your goals, but passion for change will ultimately take you from where you are now to a ripped and massive physique. You now have the tools at your disposal to build a monumental body. So be consistent, pack your meals, down your calories, and enjoy adding muscle mass one meal at a time.

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