Q & A With Chris Zaino - Part 9.

In this issue of Chris Zaino's Q & A, you will learn how to build massive legs with a great routine, how to gain strength and lose fat before summer is over and much more...

I have a question that has been affecting my workouts. The only equipment that I can use for my legs is leg extension, and a leg curl machine. The problem is, is that I have more power and strength in my legs than any other muscle groups.

Here's my leg workout. Leg extensions, leg curls, walking lunges, and weighted calve raises. Now I know there's a lot more things I can do but there's a problem, I am only 17 years old, and I have no license, so therefore I can not drive to the gym. I would love to do hack squats and a few other methods to improve the mass of my legs. The other equipment I could use are dumbbells, and a barbell but with this barbell I could do squats, but I can't.

The way my weight bench is set up wont allow me to even get the bare off the stands. I'm asking your help because you are an expert, you know all about legs, so is there anything else that I can do to gain muscle mass in my legs. Is there some other exercises you could add while keeping in mind of the equipment that I have and is there any bodyweight exercises I could do for my legs. So please help.

I understand your dilemma in the leg training area. You are right that you have more leg power than the other muscle groups. You should! Your legs are the strongest body parts we have. It is going to be difficult to truly add a ton of size to your legs with only a leg extension and leg curl machine. So, you just have to get creative, and deliver to the muscle a workout that it has to adapt to by growing. Heavy, heavy weight is not the only way to build muscles in the legs. So in your case, these are the exercises I think you can do with the limited amount of equipment:

    Leg Ext.
    Leg Curl
    Static Squat
    Sissy Squats
    Free standing squat/jumps
    Stair Climbing: at an intense pace

Form these exercises, let's figure out a way to combine them to really give you a good workout.

  1. Go outside and do a series of sprints for 10 minutes.
  2. Superset leg curls with lunges: 3 sets, as many reps as you can do
  3. Superset leg extensions with sissy squats or free standing squat/jumps
  4. Static squats against the wall. Do 3 sets and gold yourself in the parallel position as long as you can.

This is a good routine to start on. You can combine different exercises any way you want. I would change the order and sequence of your routine every 3-4 weeks to keep it fresh. Trust me, you will get results. Workouts never fail people...it is the people who fail the workout. SO put your maximum effort into anything, you will reap the benefits. Take care!

I'm 15 and I've been working out for a year. I've seen all different kinds of workouts and routines and my diet is great. But I still have a bit of a gut, love handles. and all my friends are stronger then me, yet not much bigger then me. Here is my workout, I do legs (squats, press, curl, calf raise, lunge) on Mondays, Bicep, triceps, forearm (BB curl, hammer curl, alt DB curl, tri rope press down, tri extension, French press, BB forearm curl, and behind the back BB curl) on Tuesday... Back (graviton, lat pull down, row machine, t bar row, low pulley row) on Wednesday, shoulders (BB shoulder press, lateral raise, in front raise, bent over lat raise, DB press) on Thursdays...and chest (bench press, flyes, dips, pullovers) on Friday.

I don't do much cardio and my diet is good. I take creatine, glutamine, weight gainer, multi vitamin, desiccated liver tabs, flax, NAC, vitamin E and C. What should I change/do to get some killer strength and also loose the fat for the beach and some fun in the sun?

Your workout routine looks good. So does most of your supplements. If you want to lose some body fat, you need to burn more calories, OR, eat less calories than you burn per day. So in looking to gain size, the weight gainer can serve its' purpose. When it comes time to shedding the fat off of you, then you should take out the weight gainer. DO not try to shed the fat in a hurry. I want you to hold onto as much muscle as you can. So first off, teak out the weight gainer, and see how you do for a few weeks. Then after a few weeks add some cardio in 3 times a week for 20 minutes.

You can raise your cardio up in time or to more days a week to keep the fat loss coming off. You need to listen to me on what I am about to say... At 15, you need to take advantage of the time your body is producing the maximum amounts of hormones it will ever produce for the rest of your life. I would hate to see you waste precious "Building" time by trying to diet down to look good for a day or two at the beach.

I made my best gains as a teenager. If you ask any one else who started training as a teen, they are likely to tell you the same thing. So if you are going to diet down or shed some fat, just try to do it eating cleaner foods, staying away from the sugars and refined carbohydrates. But please do take advantage of the abilities your body possesses right now and for the next few years. Your main goal should be to train, to eat, and to rest to put on muscle tissue. Later on in a few years when you have developed the adequate size you want, then you can diet down and see what is underneath it all. As you get older, you are going to have to keep on top of your training and cardio a little bit more than you did as a teen. Take care. Best of luck!

Well, there you go, just some of the variety of questions that some of our readers have. If you have any questions or topics that interest you, and you would like to see discussed please E-mail Chris Zaino at cz2000@aol.com.

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