Q & A With Chris Zaino - Part 6.

In this issue of Chris Zaino's Q & A, you will find out what proteins are best in Chris' opinion, what is the best time to do cardio, if going to a chiropractor is necessary, what time to take supplements such as glutamine, creatine and much more...

I read a few of your articles on Bodybuilding.com and found them very interesting. I'm 6'1, about 160 pounds and I want to start hitting the gym and was wondering if you can help me out a little bit. I want to find out which brand of protein shakes you would highly recommend and some sort of energy enhancer other then creatine. Thanks a lot dude.

I personally use Zero-Carb Isopure, for my protein. I like the whey protein isolate. Other good ones are VP2, Iso-90, Nectar, and anything else that has the isolate. Nothing is as good as a substitute than good old whole food.

Try some ephedrine-free Thermogenics before you train to get a little boost. Caffeine usually does the trick as well to get you going into your training sessions. Try to not use stimulants in the beginning, see what you can do on your own. The protein is great, because you need protein and it is basically food. AS far as the accessory supps let your body to what it needs to without any help right now, so you can use supplements to give you a boost when you have hit a plateau.

My name is Nick, and I recently enjoyed your articles on Bodybuilding.com very much. Your pics and informative writings have been very motivational. My question to you concerns doing cardio right after exercise. That seems to be a very convenient time of day for me to do it, but I have read a number of articles that claim it is the worst time to do cardio because cortisol levels rise to high for productive results as far as muscle growth is concerned. If you have the time to give me a little bit of information on this subject, your insight would be greatly appreciated.

Regardless, please know that I truly enjoyed your articles, and hope to see more!

It is good to see that you are doing a much research as you can. You are also finding out that in your journeys, you may find different views and often conflicting arguments on certain topics. Cardio is always one of those issues. When is the best time? Before breakfast? After training? Before bed? Well the answer to your question is what is the most convenient for you. Yes, training and cardio should be separate if possible. Studies have shown that it may cut into your post workout recovery.

To what degree, well, everyone is different. The optimal situation would be to perform your cardio between 8-12 hours before or after weight training. This would hold true for workout days. Depending on your training split, if you have 4 days off, then I would just limit your cardio to your off days. Again, it is all about being realistic as well.

If your job, schedule, and life does not permit you to split your workouts form your cardio, then cardio after training will be fine. What may help is taking in a scoop of Whey isolate, glutamine, and BCAA's right after you complete your weight session. Then for there hop on and enjoy your cardio. From personal experience, I have done it before breakfast, after training, and before bed. Guess what? It all worked. So pick the best time that works for you. Take care!

I have often considered going to a chiro. I am actually thinking about going into physical therapy as an alternative to being a doctor myself. Anyway, to my question. I am seriously considering going to a chiro to get ART therapy done for my shoulder and both my knees.

They are overuse injuries and a tear in my shoulder which I did have surgery on but still hurts (only cleaned it out, no repair work in there). How successful is ART therapy and can it actually cure those ills as I have read? How would one go about picking a great ART provider? Thanks in advance.

I think ART therapy would be a good idea. Try it out for a month and see how your body responds. After surgery the battle is dealing with scar tissue and range of motion. Exercise will help out a ton. I would also recommend taking some Glucosomine and Chondrotin Sulfate for you joints. Try to get the one with MSM included as well. Along with that, increase your daily fat in by the way of nuts, olive oil, avocados, EFA oil etc.

These good healthy essential fatty acids will also help out with sever inflammation of joints. One of the best oils of that would be fish oil, either or by eating salmon a few times per week, or just getting the gel caps. Again, nutrition combined with proper therapy will and help results dramatically. Best of luck!

I have been using supplements for a few months now. I take creatine, glutamine, protein, and bcaa's. I just wanted some feedback on the timing of when I take them to see if you would recommend any change. Here is how I take them.

On workout days I take, 5 gm creatine, 10 gm glutamine, 22 gm protein, and bcaa's 1/2 hour before workout. 5 gm creatine immediately after workout. 44 gm protein, 10 gm glutamine, and bcaa's 1/2 hour after workout. On non-workout days I take, 5 gm creatine when I wake up and 44 gm protein, 10 gm glutamine, & bcaa's 1/2 hour later. I repeat this again at night.

That is how I take them and so I was just hoping you could give me some feedback. Thank you so much for your help.

HI Jeff! You got the timing down really good. I would keep that up. If you are trying to put on more size then I would replace the creatine powder or the creatine/dextrose mixture. Still consume them the same way. You can even combine everything if you want to make things a little bit easier. So for example, on workout days.

    1/2 serving Creatine/dextrose mixture
    5 grams Creatine powder (in addition)
    5-10 grams glutamine
    22 grams of protein

    Post Workout:
    50 grams of protein (Whey isolate)
    Creatine Dextrose mixture (50--75 carbs worth)
    15 grams glutamine
    Vita C
    Calcium Magnesium

Give that a try for at least 6 weeks then asses how you are looking. If you are looking good, than keep it up, don't change a thing. If you feel you are a bit carb sensitive, and may be bloating, but happy with the mass you put on, then drop the dextrose/Creatine mixture and opt for the creatine powder. Little changes will make a big difference. Let me know how things are working for you. Take care!

Well, there you go, just some of the variety of questions that some of our readers have. If you have any questions or topics that interest you, and you would like to see discussed please E-mail Chris Zaino at cz2000@aol.com.

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