Q & A With Chris Zaino - Part 5.

In this issue of Chris Zaino's Q & A, you will learn how to burn fat from your midsection and buttocks, if creatine affects your kidney, how to put on strength and size for football and much more...

I have one big problem that is almost hopeless maybe you can help. I am a 45 year-old real-estate broker who spends most of the day at a desk. I am 5'2'' and weigh about 137 lbs. I have been working out for about 3 years. The last 6 months I have been really dedicated to improving my midsection and buttock region.

I am making progress but I am not losing it in those areas. I walk 3 miles before breakfast every other morning and do resistance training 3 times a week. I do my AB video every night before bed. I try to eat 3 meals a day; it is tough when I am in the office. What am I doing wrong! Help!

Thanks for reading! I admire your discipline and motivations to reach the shape you so long desire. I admit, it can get frustrating from time to time, but you must stay focused. Let me first address the diet. To help speed up your metabolism I would recommend that you add two snacks in between your meals.

This will give you 5 total meals for the day. These snacks should be a lean protein source (poultry, egg whites, fish, and protein powders) either by itself or preferably combined with a green fibrous vegetable. Prepare your meals either the night before or in the morning and bring them to work with you. It might be a pain in the" you know what", but is the small inconvenience worth breaking the frustration of not improving?

You BET! It will become a routine just like everything else. Now to tackle your trouble areas. Women and men have certain parts of their bodies where they store the majority of their fat. The buttocks and abdominal region can be considered common in both sexes for storing the most fat. This is the reason these are the last places to tighten up when you are dieting for a contest or just getting in your best shape. Just a reminder, there is no such thing as spot reduction for one particular body part. We can do exercises that will serve to tighten, tone, and help define the muscle, but you must remove the layer of fat and water over those areas to see the muscle.

The way we can remove the fat from our trouble areas is with a consistent clean diet; resistance training, cardiovascular program, and most importantly TIME! With your added extra meals and increasing your walking to 6 days a week before breakfast, you will start to see much better progress. I would continue to do your AB videos for the fact that it will help strengthen the abdominal and to help support your lower back.

You will see them when the fat burns off. For the buttock region try doing lunges with your workouts, and when you walk try to flex each side of your glutes with each back stride you take. It is a lot tougher than you think, but stick with it. These will help to tone and strengthen the gluteus muscles. Let the diet and cardio take care for the rest. Give these suggestions a try and let me know how you are progressing. Take care! Keep up the good work!

Hi, I have a question concerning supplements, workouts, and colds. I recently started back in an exercise program a couple of months ago. I am now starting to take some supplements. I am taking creatine, andro stack, whey protein, along with a multi vitamin. The past several days I have been feeling lethargic, no appetite, and my workouts are good in the beginning, but I lose steam after an hour. I feel as if I am getting flu like symptoms.

Someone told me it could be the supplements I am taking; they said something about creatine and your kidney. I started the supplements about 2 weeks ago. Do you think it could be the supplements? Should I take off training for a while? Just wanted your opinion. By the way keep up the good articles.

Hope you are feeling better! It is not uncommon to hear rumors and fears of liver and kidney damage from supplements. I personally believe that if you do not abuse the supplement and take them how they are recommended, you will be in more than perfect health, in fact in even better health. It sounds like you are coming down with the common flu.

No matter how healthy we eat, sleep, drink, train, and what supplements we take, we are all targets for catching a bug hear and there. Exercising does help the immune system that is why you may find your self not getting sick as often. If you are not feeling so great and are feeling sick, I would definitely back off on the intensity of your training and go for just a quick maintenance pump and then let the body rest.

Rest and fluids are the two best remedies for not feeling so well. As far as supplements go, I would continue to use them as they are recommended, more is not better. When you are not feeling well I would add some Echinacea/Goldenseal root combination along with extra zinc and vitamin C. You must drink plenty of WATER! The more the better, at least 1-1.5 gallons of water. If you do not have an appetite, you must eat anyway. Get a good meal replacer powder if you are not into eating solid food at the moment. Hang in there it will be out of your system in no time. Take care!

Hey Chris, what's up? My name is Carl Sperra and I am 16 years old. I am in my sophomore year in high school. I am drinking the water, doing the cardio, eating the right carbs, everything. My coach wants me to gain a little more mass and size for football. I have trouble putting weight on. I need to gain some good muscle without the Roids'.

This is the time colleges will start looking at me and I want to be the best I can be so I can get a scholarship to college. Right now I am 6' and weigh between 184-188lbs. I am taking some creatine. I want it bad man! Do you have any tips you can give me for putting on strength and size for football? Thanks man!

Congratulations Carl! You made the first step in achieving your muscle gain and scholarship, DESIRE! It is great to see someone so young have the determination you do to succeed in the sport they love, and to further their education at the same time. I too was determined to pack on size in high school. My freshman year I weighed 99 lbs and the day I walked down the isles during my high school graduation I weighed 205lbs. DRUG-FREE. I have pictures! I had the same drive toward bodybuilding that you do for football. At least you can help your parents out by getting some if not all your college paid for with your talent in football.

I will sum everything I did in high school to achieve some incredible, stretch mark leaving, mass. Carl the bottom line is you must EAT, and then EAT some more. Make sure you never leave home without a good breakfast. Eggs and oatmeal, with some milk or juice. My school had 3 lunch periods so even though it wasn't my lunchtime I would go buy a bagel or a snack between classes in the morning. Eat a healthy lunch. If the cafeteria doesn't have much to offer bring your own lunch. I used to carry a Tupperware of pasta with my mom's sauce with me.

After you workout for the day get a good protein and carbohydrate mixture drink in you right away. Most weight gainers will serve the purpose or some protein powder mixed with juice. Eat a quality protein source for dinner, red meat or chicken, a carbohydrate source, and vegetables. Before bed I would recommend having a protein shake, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or mom's leftovers. The goal in your situation and with your activity level is to have fun and eat as much food as you can. PB & J, pizza, pasta and frozen yogurt shakes helped me with the extra calories I needed.

Make sure you consume a good amount of carbohydrates along with your protein. This will aid in recuperation and give you the glycogen in the muscles for intense training. Don't worry about getting fat, you won't. You can't go from thin to fat in a day. Again with your age, activity level, and football, you will need all the calories you can get. When you are satisfied with your weight gain then you can maintain your diet.

As far as weight training, keep it basic. I am sure your football coach has you on a good power and strength program. What will put the size and mass on that will separate you from the rest of your teammates will be the intensity of which you train. Go in there and be a man on a mission. Just think that each set and each rep you are becoming closer to your goal of playing college football. Visualize!

Put in the extra 10% when the competition is slacking. Let your motivation make you eat the food you have to eat, to train the way you have to train, and to practice as hard as you have to practice in order to be one of the best. Do not let anything distract you, the time is now. SO go out there and Tear it up! Always strive for the top. I will be looking for you in the draft!

Well, there you go, just some of the variety of questions that some of our readers have. If you have any questions or topics that interest you, and you would like to see discussed please E-mail Chris Zaino at cz2000@aol.com.

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