Workout For Every Guy

Whether you've been trying to begin forever, can't seem to go from skinny to strong, or need to drop weight like it's hot, we've got your plan. Get ready to hit your fitness goals!

Every guy needs a workout plan, whether he's struggled for years against weight gains or losses, or even if he's never held iron in his mitts. This program has three parts, one for each specific guy: the string-bean who wants muscle, the heavyweight who wants to lose fat, and the beginner just wants to shed that "newbie" status.

Each plan is designed around what you need right now to accomplish your goals. Choose a plan, abide by it, and see what your body is capable of when you commit to legit change. Your body cannot change overnight, but your attitude can. These plans show you the way, but you are responsible for yourself. Get your plan, get to the gym, and achieve great things.