Weight Training For Women Part III.

If you continually stick to a weight training program you will begin to see results with in two weeks. Your scale may not show it, but your clothes will be fitting better, and your mirror will be showing it.
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4 Steps To Get A Great Body

dot 1. Eat A High Protein Moderate Carb And Low Fat Diet dot

    In the early 1980's there was a major diet movement which consisted of many doctors and professionals advising people to consume a lot of carbohydrates and a low amount of fat to help fat loss. The diets consisted of eating lots of low fat pastas, cereals, and vegetables and small amounts of meat, protein, and fat.

    Yet Americans in the 1980's were the fattest that they had ever been with the obesity percentage being very high. In fact, it's continued to rise during the 1990's. So, what was the problem? The high-carbohydrate/low-fat diet just does not work. The truth is a high-protein/moderate-carbohydrate diet is the most effective for controlling weight problems.


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All About Protein!
In this article I will break down the science of proteins into easy to understand analogies to help you get a grasp on what it is and how it can fit into your personal diet.
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dot 2. Perform Aerobic Activity About 3-4 Times A Week dot

    Aerobic activity is also important to keeping you in good shape and achieving that physically fit body. Aerobic activity helps with the cardiovascular system, keeping the lungs and heart in good condition. This helps you shed off those extra pounds and lower your dress size.

    There are many different types of cardio exercise that you can do, these include: walking, running, stair climbing, aerobic classes, swimming, and bicycling. I personally recommend group classes, which can hold you accountable. Get a workout partner!

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    There will be some days when you do not want to exercise and there will be days that she/he doesn't, but you can push each other, hold each other accountable and keep each other going.

dot 3. Do A Well Balanced Weight Routine On A Regular Basis dot

    There are many different theories on weight training. Do you want to do a program that consists of lifting lightweight numerous repetitions or a heavy weight with less repetitions? This is purely up to you.

    Studies have shown though that if you are trying to increase muscle mass and gain strength then a little heavier weight may be beneficial. Or are you more interested in losing body fat while toning up? Then you may want to go with the lighter weight repeating the set more times.

Female Lifting
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There Are Many Different Theories On Weight Training.

    This helps you to lose more body fat. Both methods can be beneficial and a mixture of the two would probably help the most. Cycle your workouts! Try something for 4-6 weeks and then try something new, you don't want your workouts to become boring and drab. Be sure to lift weights at least three times weekly for a minimum of a half an hour each setting.

dot 4. Take Supplements That Will Help Aid In Losing Fat And Increasing Lean Muscle Mass dot

    There are many great supplements out there that are totally safe for women to take. Some that I recommend for fat loss are Hydroxycut, and Nutrex Lipo 6. These stimulant supplements will help you shed the fat off quickly. You may also try Creatine.

    Believe it or not it is great for females, and does not cause you to bulk up. It helps you to gain lean muscle mass by providing more ATP energy and aids in recovery. If you are not getting your daily dosage of protein, don't forget to stock up on shakes and bars.


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Female Supplements!
The focus for this article is for women who are the average type of female who works out hard and regularly, but who is looking for some recommendations on products.

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