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My astrological sign is Leo

I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Growing up I was in and out of all kinds of different sports and physical activity. I really didn't stick to one thing but over the years, I always found myself going back to weights.

It wasn't until later in life that I really stuck with a weight lifting and a cardio fitness regime.

I can't say I have one particular role model. I try to take something positive from each and every person that touches my life and try to give something back.

My first fitness competition was a small show in Tampa, Florida where I placed 7th. This gave me the experience to go onto compete at FAME 2004 where I placed 1st in the Female Fitness Model Search - master's division, 29th in the open division (out of 250 competitors) and placed 1st at the 2004 Toronto Molson Indy Female Fitness Model Search.

My favorite movie is still Braveheart staring Mel Gibson. What can I say; I'm a hopeless romantic that also loves drama and action.

My favorite book is Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier. The illustrations of how to perform strength-training exercises are amazing and help me to make that all-important mind-muscle connection.

I love all kinds of music from classical to heavier rock and everything in between. Music motivates me when I train especially when I do cardio.

My dream vacation is an African safari with my boyfriend. Both my boyfriend and I are adventurous and love to travel and explore new places and cultures. While saving for big trips, we camp, hike and bike all over Ontario.

I love and hate training legs at the same time. It is one of the hardest muscle groups for me to train and see results so I train them very hard but when I'm done, I feel such a great sense of accomplishment.

One of my biggest challenges is excelling in a demanding career while juggling my training schedule and sticking to my diet. When I feel under a lot of pressure to meet a deadline and don't think I have time to get to the gym, I remind myself that training will contribute to managing my stress and doing a good job.

The challenge of keeping on top of a good clean diet is the time and dedication it takes to prepare my meals in advance so I don't wind up eating fast food. I've made a personal commitment to a healthy and fit lifestyle and I stick to it but at the same time, I treat myself every now and then.

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My best feature is my inner strength and dedication. I'm not afraid to work hard and take a chance. My mom said to me one day, 'Sheila, you really are a self-made women'. I've designed my own life and fought against some negative influences that, if I didn't, would have resulted in a less satisfactory life than the happy and healthy life I'm currently leading.

The question I'm most asked is: "You're how old?" Most people assume I am much younger than my actual age. Once they start talking to me and find out how long I've been working in the same job and some of the things I've done in my life, they get curious and ask me how old I am. When I tell them they are usually shocked. I love it - I still look and feel youthful but have more smarts and confidence than I did when I was 20ish.

If I weren't an Information Technology Project Manager, I'd be a life-style consultant, personal trainer and spokesperson and model promoting fitness and leading a healthy life-style in general. I really love to motivate people and help them make positive changes in their life when they make up their mind they want to make a change.

I would especially like to get involved in some sort of program to help young women maintain a healthy level of self-esteem. This is something I used to struggle with and strength training played a big part in elevating my confidence.

I read once that a high percentage of women between age of 12 - 35 have low self-esteem and it doesn't increase until after they're 35. This is unfortunate as these are years where there are many opportunities but, if they don't have the confidence to cease them, they are missed opportunities.

At the gym I wear Lu Lu Lemon. It is high quality, long lasting and comfortable workout gear. Not to mention how great their clothes look on me. I love what Lu Lu Lemon is all about and the fact that they are a Canadian company. They promote a healthy life-style - body and mind.

The most memorable pick up line at the gym was when an Asian man told he knew what the Asian writing on my top meant. When I asked him what it meant, he said it read "One should always smile". Of course I smiled and then he told me he really had no idea what it said.

I never leave home without my Black Berry, little thermo lunch bag with my daily meals and my knapsack with my workout gear and everything else I need for the day ahead.

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Sheila Sullivan is a pro fitness model with World Natural Sports, attaining her pro status at the FAME World Championships in May 2004. Sheila competed again in the WNSO Molson Indy Fitness Model Search where she once again bested the competition to emerge the overall winner. Sheila is available for modeling assignments through the FAME Agency and can be reached at