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Larry Vinette Profile.

Find out more about Canadian Larry Vinette, how he got started in bodybuilding, his future plans, and more...

[ Q ] Vital Stats:

[ Q ] How did you get started?

    It all started when I was just twelve years old. I got pushed around once in front of the house I grew up in by an older jock that lived on the block. Being too skinny and knowing I would get my ass kicked, I didn't retaliate. My father saw the whole episode and when I got inside the house, he brought me downstairs to show me a few boxing moves (he used to fight in the Golden Gloves in the 50's) and how to lift weights.

    Every day after school I would come home and lift weights. My hormones were just kicking in at that age so I made fantastic gains quick. I later joined a real gym and the trainers there saw potential in me and encouraged me to compete, which I did and won my class, the overall and best poser award on that first show. I was hooked from then on.

[ Q ] What workout plan worked best for you?

    What worked best for me and for most athletes who train naturally is a four times a week schedule. There is a fine line between stimulating the muscle into growth and overtraining. I work arms on day one, legs and calves on day two, take a day off, back on day three and shoulders, abs and calves on day four.

    I always take the weekends off to be with my family. I change my routine every three to four weeks (that's about the time it takes your body to adapt). Cardio is out of the question in the off-season, but is done five times a week for 30-45 minutes, starting 8 weeks out.

[ Q ] What is your basic nutrition plan?

    Nutrition is key to any bodybuilding success. Being a natural athlete, I have to make sure I don't slack off in my eating schedule, for it takes a long time to gain muscle but a short time to loose it. I make sure to get my six meals in.

    Since I have an extremely fast metabolism, I can get away with eating pretty much anything I want in the off season, as long as I get some quality protein at every meal. I need a minimum of 4500 calories a day to grow. Precontest is what breaks the men from the boys. Willpower is the name of the game.

    I usually cycle my carb intake on a four-day basis keeping protein at 2 grams per pound of lean body mass. I make sure I get some good fats in (lots of coconut oil) to keep testosterone and thyroid levels up. I never mix starchy carbs with fats in the same meal. It's either protein with moderate carbs or protein with moderate fats.

    I aim between 2100 and 2500 calories precontest. My favorite protein sources are horsemeat (very lean), eggs, chicken, fish, whey and casein powders. Carbs come from oatmeal, rice, sweet potatoes and veggies. Water intake is at 1 to 1 1/2 gallons a day.

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[ Q ] What supplements have given you the greatest gains?

    Whey and casein powders are definitely the ones that can give you the most gains. Protein is what makes you grow! I've gotten pretty good results in the past with tribulus terrestris, but it all depends on the time of the year it got picked. It seems the concentration of saponins vary throughout the year. I've never tried any of the andro products. I love a caffeine buzz before a workout.

[ Q ] Why do you love bodybuilding?

    I was never into team sports, so bodybuilding was something I could do on my own and not have to worry about others. I always loved how all those comic book superheroes looked. When I used to see bodybuilders, I always admired their discipline and dedication.

    It's always remarkable to see how someone, through years of sculpting their physiques, can achieve a look that is truly out of the ordinary. Who wants to look like everyone else. Life is too short to be skinny and weak.

[ Q ] What are your future bodybuilding plans?

    Right now my short-term goal is to win WNSO's very first World Championship Pro Division. Next is to promote natural bodybuilding to the world because the drug side of the sport is getting way out of hand. Those juice monkeys belong in a freakin' circus.

    Don't get me wrong, I still admire their dedication and hard work, but you can't speak of yourself as a role model when it cost you over $100,000 in drugs to get your title. Not to mention all the nasty sh*t they sometimes have to do to get their gear.

    I'd also like to reap some more of the financial benefits from all the hard work and knowledge I've acquired throughout all these years. I'm giving more and more seminars, conferences and speaking engagements, and I want to continue in that field of sharing information that can better someone's life. Who knows, I might be the next Anthony Robbins.

[ Q ] Tell us about competing with World Natural Sports.

    My first competition after I decided to make a comeback was with WNSO. I entered with no expectations and came out of it the overall winner with my first pro card, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

    They try and make sure that all athletes are drug free by having a physique screening panel of judges, upon registration, take a look at you and weed out anyone who obviously has taken a banned substance and kept some of the gains he or she might have acquired unnaturally. They then proceed with a urinalysis test and or lie detector test. They always put on a great show and everything is well organized.

[ Q ] What one tip would you give other bodybuilding competitors?

    Get yourself a good trainer who knows something about physique preparation for a contest. It's sad to see athletes with great potential not hitting their peak the day of the contest.

    You can look great a week out but it all comes down to what you do that last critical week. Let someone with an objective eye fine tune your physique so that all the hard work you put in pays off. And please have someone help you with your routine!

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[ Q ] Who are your favorite competitors/bodybuilders?

    I have met a lot of good people from all over the world doing competitions, but the ones that stand out as being the most down to earth and nicest guys that I have shared the stage with would be:

    • Derrick Brown - World Champion '03.
    • David Whitaker - Natural Mr. Olympia '03.
    • Phillip Ricardo - Natural Mr. Universe '03.
    • Caine Wendt.
    • Kurt Tomlinson.
    • Anthony Villacci.

    Yes, I think Dexter Jackson has the best physique out there, but I don't think I'll be sharing the stage with him anytime soon.

    My main rival in this new adventure is the one and only, Mr. Permanent Smile, Mr. World Champion, Derrick Brown. I plan to do like they did with Samson and cut off his locks, so that he loses all his strength! Nah just kidding.

    Shawn Bothen better have something better than fireworks and a fat superman costume to beat me in the routine round. He`d best come back to his conditioning of 2003. Both these guys have placed in front of me in `03, but I was never compared side to side with any of them!

    Redemption. There`s another one... what`s his name... oh ya, Ian Walling. Ian always looks good but he has not competed in a while. Might be rusty. I`ve competed eight times since 2003, winning four overall titles, and getting 3 Pro cards. But he is also World Champion, so, respect.

    We`ll know for sure next June who has the priviledge of being the very first WNSO World Champion!

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