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The World Natural Sports organization has spent the past six years since its inauguration promoting healthy, drug free athletes to the pinnacle of success with their second annual Fitness & Model Expo...
The word "fame" being synonymous with notoriety, celebrity, renowned and having reputation set the acronym for the Fitness And Model Expo which flooded the Toronto Convention Center with close to a thousand athletes from as far as Korea and the Netherlands looking to match their bodies and beauty with FAME status.

The World Natural Sports organization has spent the past six years since its inauguration promoting healthy, drug free athletes to the pinnacle of success with their second annual Fitness & Model Expo attended by the industry experts responsible for turning the fitness business asunder with grace, beauty, elegance and shapely muscle.

FAME World Events brought out the competitive spirit in hundreds of fitness models looking to garnish their resume with the lucrative top spot of being crowned the International Fitness Model Search champion which brings with it trips to exotic destinations, photographic exposure and contracts that last year's winner & Oxygen magazine cover girl, Margaret Diubaldo, stated ecstatically, "It changed my life."

Margaret, having the privilege alongside some of our industry experts including Oxygen's former editor Kerri-Lee Brown, joined the panel of judges to determine the coveted placings that would undoubtedly bring about the FAME that their title surrounds.

The Contest

Judges spent the arduous task of taking over 226 ladies through rounds of swimsuit, athletic and evening wear, amidst thousands of spectators, physique photographers, talent agents and scouts to produce the largest model search of its kind in the nation.

Overall muscular development, lean body composition, conditioned symmetry, style of walk, turns, poise, confidence, attitude and overall appearance staged the criteria in which the judges were tasked over two days of the exposition to determine the anxiously awaited finals.

Filling the stage with 226 beautiful ladies who earnestly deserved to stand amongst the best of them and be congratulated for their training, dedication, persistence and hard work left the packed center speechless in earnest of the announcements of which of these fitness divas would land their spot in the top 20 to go on to be judged in their final round of three, the evening wear round.

Bright lights, television, cameras, photographers and media awaited the opportunity to assist in the exposure that many of the competitors were looking for. For most, simply the opportunity to train, get in great shape and be part of the event was "fame" enough, knowing the trip ahead to be as challenging as can be imagined.

Spanning Canada, the United States and overseas, World Natural Sports had been hosting regional events to enlist the fitness models into coming to the International championship to be pitted against some of the best and noted in the fitness world.

Amidst the cheers, the top twenty finalists were announced as the remaining 200 received commemorative medals for their involvement. Visions of becoming a cover model and a lifestyle to support their fitness dreams and goals awaited one of these ladies; causing much excitement in the anticipation of things to come.

As the last of the group finished her last trek to the stage, the twenty ladies waited patiently for the final placings.

The Outcome

Karen-Lisa Borders of Ontario, former track star and last years FAME runner-up found herself improving to the point of outscoring the group to be announced the International Fitness Model of 2004. The 27 year old fitness model began competing in 2001 after seeing one of the WNSO events on television. Her inspiration and perspiration found her fine tuning her diet and training to some prominent positions in competition across North America.

Karen-Lisa's outstanding display of beauty, combined with sensuality, grace and confidence granted her a title that most may only wish for. Hats off to all competitors for giving it their all and making the event a tremendous opportunity to shine in the spotlight of FAME.

    1st: Karen - Lisa Borders
    2nd: Alicia Denson
    3rd: Sheri Vucick
    4th: Sinta Soekadarova
    5th: Annette Milbers
    6th: Bevery Tan
    7th: Maya Avelino
    8th: Brenda Kirkpatrick
    9th: Natasha Ray
    10th/11th: Helen Milley & Marta Mathews
    12th/13th: Ocean Bloom & Lyzabeth Lopez
    14th: Kathryn Kriitmaa
    15th: Ashley Harrison
    16th/17th: Arysta Bogner & Michelle Hannon
    18th: Karen Marshall
    19th: Amber Routten Mitchell
    20th: Pamela Russel
Congratulations also going out to Sheila Sullivan who took the honors in the masters (over 35 years) model search class and also a strong 17th position in the open division.

Next year, FAME World Events will introduce its pro division in which its contestants will be required to attain qualification status at a regional event before moving along to the international championship. The model search will continue to include a division for novice and open division competitors who are looking to compete in this highly acclaimed event.

Information about this or any of our events can be found at www.fameworldevents.com or www.worldnaturalsports.com.

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About The Author

Renowned throughout the industry as the voice of World Natural Sports, Daryl Gazey brings vast experience and character to WNSO shows across the country in his role as the Head Judge and competition emcee. Actively involved in fitness, modelling and bodybuilding for over 20 years, Daryl brings his unique flair and sense of humor to athletes and audiences everywhere.