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Cinnamon Swirl Protein Cupcakes

Make sure your cheat is still a muscle-building treat with this sweet, protein-rich recipe.

Hunter Labrada's Favorite Exercises For Every Body Part

Looking to add some new moves to your body-part routines—or just get more bang for your buck with your existing exercises? Hunter Labrada has you covered!

6 Freaky Exercises You've Never Done Before

If you want to continue making strength gains, it's time to introduce some variety into your routine!

9 Most Underrated Arm-Training Tips

Are your sleeves sagging around your arms? Boost the brawn and size of your biceps and triceps with these critical arm-day training tips!

30 Days of Fit Challenge

Every day, we'll give you a new challenge designed to inspire you, build your knowledge, and push your body. Post your daily progress and you could win cash!

Master The Muscle-Up In 3 Steps

A smooth, strong muscle-up is an inspiring sight, and an even more inspiring achievement. But it doesn't happen by accident! Here's how to get over the bar for the first time.

6 Surprisingly Salty Foods

Even common fitness staples may have more salt than you think. Here are 5 surprisingly salty foods, and some lower-sodium substitutes to reduce your salt intake!

Jamie Eason's Booty-Building Plan

Want a taste of how Jamie Eason trains? Check out her new glute-focused workout program and go from flat to "all that"!

8 Popular Caffeine Sources And How They Differ

Here's the inside track on the most common sources of caffeine used in dietary supplements. Do you know what's giving you your buzz today?

2015 Gainsgiving Workout Challenge!

Thanksgiving may be all about feasting, but Gainsgiving is about feasting and beasting! Hit the gym hard on Turkey Day for your chance to get huge and win prizes from Kaged Muscle!

Cybro Monday Video Game

Help Cybro save the world from Admiral Lethargo's gut bomb!

What Does “Eating Clean” Really Mean?

The most popular term for improving your nutrition is unfortunately also the most confusing. Let's pull back the "clean" curtain and see what really works for fat loss!

4 Reasons You Need Machines In Your Workout!

Free weights aren't the only "functional" equipment in the gym. Here are four indisputable reasons why machines should be an integral part of your training program!

6 Ways To Stay Fit For The Holidays!

Don't hide under a rock this holiday season! Use those extra calories and the time off to your muscle-building and fitness advantage.

#GAINSGIVING Contest Terms and Conditions

Official rules for the #GAINSGIVING Contest.

Supplement Company Of The Month: NLA For Her

NLA for Her arrived in 2013 to meet a pressing need among fit-minded women. It has rapidly become a favorite for both noncompetitive lifting ladies and top-notch figure, fitness, and bikini pros!

2015 Holiday Fit Gift Guide

'Tis the season to spread the gift of fitness, but shopping for workout-themed gifts can be difficult. Let us help you find the perfect present for your swolemates with this easy list!

5 Perfect Fitness Meals To Fuel Your Day!

Not sure how to translate nutrition jargon into a day's worth of healthy meals? Check out how to fuel your gains with these 5 fit-friendly meals!

Monster Abs Are Made In The Winter!

Build up the 3-D bricks needed to make your abs pop with this offseason program that relies on heavy resistance!

Shaun Stafford's Shoulder-Friendly Chest And Back Workout

After recovering from shoulder surgery, world champion fitness model Shaun Stafford altered his workouts to build muscle and improve his shoulder strength. Try his workout here!


Shukri saw his weight creep up until he was 315 pounds at the tender age of 20. To change his path, he learned to put down some habits and pick up some weights!

Bodybuilding.com Press Releases

Official press releases from Bodybuilding.com.

Kris Gethin's High-Volume Shoulder Builder

If shoulder growth is your problem, Kris Gethin has the solution. Turn up both your training volume and frequency with his personal delt-growth masterplan!

6 Common Breakfast Mistakes You’re Making

Is your breakfast—or lack thereof—hurting your fitness progress? The answer may surprise you.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Bars!

Later, granola. Next time you're craving a clean, on-the-go treat, reach for these delicious no-bake peanut butter protein bars instead.

Four Must-Try Exercise Upgrades!

When continued improvement is the goal, the details matter. Here are 4 simple changes that make popular weight-room staples better than ever!

15 Signs You've Gone Overbro

Be careful on your quest to get jacked beyond all reason. You could slip into dangerous territory and go overbro!

Torch Body Fat With Battle Ropes!

Battle ropes offer a welcome reprieve from the drudgery of treadmill cardio sessions. Use this fat-burning workout twice weekly to sweat yourself leaner and fitter!

TRAIN Magainzine - Official Print Partner of Bodybuilding.com

TRAIN is the official print partner of Bodybuilding.com, with a copy of the magazine going into the first 175,000 orders each month.

9 Most Underrated Leg-Training Tips

If you're looking to make serious gains down under, don't overlook these critical but oft-overlooked tips!

The 10 Best Muscle-Building Triceps Exercises!

Do your arms pop in the front but lag in the back? Check out our 10 best exercises for building titanic triceps!

Isaac Lost 150 Pounds And Found Happiness

Isaac Velarde's past haunted him as he gave in to depression and obesity. When he decided to let go and transform his body, he became fit, happy, and successful.

The Perfect Rep Scheme For Strength And Size

Power training isn't just for competitive athletes: It can do wonders for your physique as well! Cast a bigger shadow with this world-class program from renowned coach Charles Poliquin.

3 High-Protein Breakfasts On the Go

There's no excuse for not grabbing a quick bite before you begin the day, especially when you can take one of these protein-rich treats with you!

Karen Campbell: Powerlifting Grandma

This 52-year-old definitely benches more than you. Meet Karen Campbell, the powerlifter who pushes through middle age fearlessly, setting records along the way!

6 Kettlebell Combos You've Never Tried

Build muscle, burn fat, and improve your mobility with these challenging kettlebell combos!

8 Supplements To Boost Your Brain Power!

Nootropics, or supplements for your brain, are making waves in the fitness industry. Here's why you should add these "smart supps" to your daily regimen!

Spicy Kung Pao Chicken!

Banish hunger with this protein-packed recipe that'll feed your muscles and satisfy your taste buds with an array of delicious flavors!

Building Von Moger: 6-Week Mass Program

Building Von Moger is your chance to live, laugh, and train like hell with the famous Chapstick himself.

Coffee and Pecan Protein Bread!

Looking for a new way to add some protein to your morning meal? Add a dunk-friendly treat to your cup of joe with this protein-rich recipe!

Your Complete Guide To Blood Flow Restriction Training!

There's been a lot of buzz about blood flow restriction training over the last few years, but many people are still in the dark. Get the details in this comprehensive guide from Dr. Jacob Wilson!

8 Things You Should Never Do On Chest Day

No muscle group suffers from misguided programming and technique as much as the chest. Which of these errors is holding you back from the chest of your dreams?

We ‘Mirin Vol. 128: 10 Sets Of Phenomenal Pecs

These pumpkin chests are nothing short of amazing. Plus, they're just in time for Thanksgiving!

The Best On-The-Go Muscle-Building Snacks

Meeting your protein macros can be a daunting task, especially if you're always on the go. Get big with these portable snacks that are sure to fuel your mind and power your muscle!

6 Easy Ways To Burn More Fat!

If getting hypershredded is on your Christmas wish list, you'll need to up your fat-burning game! These 6 tips will help you knock off that last little layer of unwanted holiday weight.

4 Must-Try Training Tactics Of Pro Bodybuilders

Experienced bodybuilders can walk into any gym and get a great workout. Here's how Antoine Vaillant and Chris Tuttle craft pro-level workouts wherever they may lift.

Lais DeLeon's Fitness-Model-Body Workout Plan!

Building a fitness-model physique isn't all about low carbs and cardio. Learn how to sculpt a lean, strong body with Lais DeLeon's pro tips and training plan!

Crush Your Goals With Advice From A Wounded Warrior

Many service members come home with an unthinkable challenge: rebuilding their life without a limb. This Marine came back from the dead and found a way to train hard and become an athlete again.

5 Exercises That Are Better With Bands

Looking for an edge to increase your muscle and strength gains? See how resistance bands can be the Band-Aid for your workout.

Alex Went From Overweight Teen To Ripped Adult!

When Alex Kladder realized that shedding unwanted childhood weight meant taking control of his life, he committed to his goals and made a lasting, positive change.