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Lights, Angle, Pose: 10 Selfie Superstars

These 10 fitness buffs know exactly how to take a selfie. Scroll through and get inspired to take some yourself!

6 Biggest Strength-Training Mistakes

If you want to improve your big lifts, take heed of these common strength-training errors that can hold back your progress.

Never Say Die: 9 Lessons From The World's Longest-Living People

These people live continents away from one another, yet they've unlocked the secrets to living a long, healthful life. Learn 9 common traits of the world's longest living people!

Dark Chocolate Protein Spiders

Embrace the spirt of Halloween and get your protein fix by whipping up and devouring these creepy critters.

3 Beginners' Fitness Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid newbie pitfalls and get the most out of your training from the start with these athlete-approved tips.

5 Foods You Didn't Know Were Keto-Friendly

There's more to the ketogenic diet than butter, oil, and avocados. Expand your grocery list with these 5 keto-compatible foods!

6 Reasons To Stop Tracking Your Macros To The Gram

Are you tracking your macros to the exact gram? Here are 6 reasons to consider a more generalized approach.

3 Protein Bar Recipes For Muscle Growth

Protein bars are a great way to grab extra nutrients on the go. But did you know you can also use them to pump up your favorite recipes? Try these 3 sweet treats that feature our customer-top-rated protein bar!

Don't Let Flying Ruin Your Next Workout

Traveling can complicate your normal workout routine, especially if you travel by plane. Discover how flying can wreak havoc on your next workout and what to do about it.

5 Ways Fitness Helps You Find Yourself

Those long hours in the gym and kitchen produce results that can be measured on the scale, but the payoff definitely doesn't end there. Here's how fitness can help you steer your life in the right direction!

Jessie Pedaled Away 100 Pounds

Jessie Foss rediscovered her love of mountain biking and used it to crush her fitness goals.

The Simple Tweak That Can Transform Your Dumbbell Bench Press!

Shifting your grip on this great dumbbell exercise from palms-forward to palms-in has ramifications you might not expect. Get the scoop!

Quad Almighty: The Leg Pre-Exhaust From Hell

Tired of running through the same leg-day routine? Flip the script with this leg pre-exhaust workout for the biggest quadriceps pump of your life!

Low-Calorie Comfort Food Recipes

Reinvent the ultimate pasta meal with this healthier take on mac 'n cheese.

Top Your Salads With These 3 Alternative Protein Sources!

Sick of the same old grilled-chicken salads? Mix up your muscle-building fuel source with one of these high-protein toppings!

The 5 Best Dairy-Free Calcium Sources

If you and dairy don't mix well, don't have a cow. You can still meet your calcium needs by choosing some of these excellent dairy-free sources!

The Simple Way To Make Leg Curls More Effective

Conventional gym wisdom may have told you to do this lower-body staple one way, but it may be wrong. Drop the weight, slow down, and get ready to grow!

3 Protein Foods For Fall

Craving a fall treat? Whip up one of these rich, seasonal, macro-friendly desserts!

3 Healthy New Ways To Get Your Coffee Fix

There's no reason to restrict the many health benefits of coffee to your morning mug. Try one of these coffee-infused recipes today to kick up your meal!

Shift Your Back Training Into Overdrive!

Take a stale back workout and supercharge it by making just one key change to each exercise.

Supplement Company Of The Month: Kaged Muscle

Kris Gethin was hardcore long before he started his own supplement company. With Kaged Muscle, he can now share his uncompromising approach with his fans more than ever. Learn the story behind this new line!

Raspberry Oatmeal Protein Bites

Treats aren't just for dessert, especially when they're high in protein. Eat tasty (and smart) on the go with these bite-sized treats.

3 Ways To Eat More Winter Squash

Squash poor health and low energy with these winter wonders!

6 Yoga Poses For A Better Night's Sleep

Yoga can help you get 8 restful hours of sleep. Stretch your way to relaxation with these poses.

3 Single-Leg Squats You Need To Know

Think endless air squats and lunges or brutally difficult pistols are your only choices to train your lower body without weight? Think again! Here are 3 movements that should be in every woman's toolbox!

Macro-Friendly Hungarian Beef Goulash!

Nothing's more comforting than sitting down to a bowl of warm protein-rich goulash on a cool day. Slurp your way swole with this recipe!

2 Post-Workout Shake Mistakes And How To Fix Them!

That big post-workout treat you just whipped up could be hurting your diet. Put the blender away and increase your diet success!

Are Traps Best Trained With Back Or Shoulders?

The trapezius muscles come into play when doing both back and shoulder exercises. Learn how and when to train each trap region to ensure maximum development.

10 Amazing Photos Of Fit Friends!

Working out doesn't have to be a solo endeavor. Check out these 10 photos of fit friends who push each other in the gym every day!

Should You Train Rear Delts On Shoulder Or Back Day?

The little muscles you're led to believe you don't train enough might already be getting hit twice in your split. Here's what to keep in mind when training the rear delts.

20-Minute Full-Body Workout For Busy Women

Don't let time be the enemy of your body and your goals! Use this intense 20-minute routine to get a full-body workout with nothing more than your own body weight and a pair of dumbbells.

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5 Tips To Reduce Your Risk Of Foodborne Illness

Could your food-prep and cooking methods put you at risk for diarrhea, fever, and more? Find out how to defeat many common foodborne illnesses in your kitchen.

The Buff Dudes' Perfect Day

When you're a YouTube fitness badass, there's more to life than just sitting around racking up views. The Buff Dudes practice what they post 24/7. Here's what their ideal day looks like!

4 Physique-Friendly Pizza Recipes

Pizza lovers, rejoice! No matter your fitness goals, one of these 4 DIY pizza recipes is sure to fit your macros!

9 Motivational Transformations

Change doesn't happen overnight, but with effort and consistency, anything is possible. Check out these inspirational photos of hard work and perseverance.

6 Unique Moves That Will Transform Your Workout!

You may draw a look or two when you perform these 6 moves in the gym, but don't let that stop you. All of them will build serious strength where it counts!

3 Methods That Will Change The Way You Train Forever

Do the same old routine at the gym long enough, and you'll stop seeing gains. To keep growing, try these 3 techniques to provide your muscles with an entirely new training stimulus!

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

You just completed a Transformation Challenge and achieved your best self. Congratulations! Here's how to maintain your hard-earned physique.

Jordan Edwards' Secrets For Instagram-Worthy Abs

Cellucor athlete and fitness model Jordan Edwards shares the secrets of her insane ab development. Burn, baby, burn!

5 Core Moves Every Athlete Needs

Whether you want to push or pull heavy loads, your foundation requires a strong core. Here's how to build one that goes the distance in CrossFit, general weightlifting, or any sport!

Perfect Abs For Every Athlete

You're building your body in the 21st century. So why is your ab routine straight out of the 80s? Get your abs up to date, and up to par, with these four workouts for any goal!

Redefine Your Abs 4 Brutal Minutes At A Time!

Performance coach and celebrity trainer Ron "Boss" Everline has the ab-defining workout you've been seeking. But get ready to burn: These 4 minutes make Tabata-style cardio seem like a breeze by comparison!

Go Heavy With Your Abs This Offseason!

Strength coach Cade Cowdin's approach to building thicker, stronger abs during the fall and winter will make you the envy of the beach by summer. It might help you hit big numbers on the major lifts, too!

The Perfect Home-Gym Back Attack

If you train with minimal equipment, back training can seem like a puzzle. Curtis Bartlett's routine is the solution! You'll build strength and size, and then wrap it up with a quick but brutal finisher!

Your Guide To Preventing Nearly All Joint Injuries

Your knees, shoulders, and back need more love! Don't be another sad-sack lifter complaining about constant pain. Do something about it with this complete guide to integrating prehab into your warm-up, finishers, and working sets!

Lais DeLeon's Shoulder Showdown

Build healthy, beautiful shoulders with this workout you can do in any gym!

5 Movement Upgrades You Can Use Today

The same old strength training will get you the same old results. Get the most out of every minute in the gym and send your body an unmistakable message to grow by making these simple changes!

Healthy Grilled Salmon With Sweet Or Smoky Glaze!

Nothing says good, clean gains like grilled wild salmon. Soak up the rest of summer and take your meal prep outside with this FitMenCook-approved recipe!

Jordan Edwards' One-Barbell Full-Body Workout!

Looking for a workout that's short on equipment but long on results? Grab whatever weight is close at hand and try this circuit. You won't need much weight for your lower body to light on fire!

Scott Mathison's Functional Muscle Back Workout

Ready to take your back development to the next level? This workout blends free-weight and bodyweight pulls to build the kind of back that will stand out in any crowd!

Alex Silver-Fagan's City Circuit Workout

A gym isn't the only place you can get in some quality training! Embrace the outdoors and make the most of your surroundings with this outdoor circuit workout.

An Inconvenient Truth About Ketone Levels

Too many keto "gurus" make bold, one-size-fits-all claims about ketone levels. Learn how to separate truth from myth!

Your Guide To Strong And Sculpted Shoulders

Add definition to your delts and build shoulders you’re proud of with this superset-based workout from fitness model Lacey Dunn!

The Right Way To Make A Resistance-Band Workout

You may think you're limited to just a few straightforward moves when you train with resistance bands. You're wrong! Here are 26 moves you can do, along with two workouts to keep in your back pocket!

Rise and Grind: Six-Week Muscle-Building Plan

Success doesn't happen overnight. It is built day by day, rep by rep, habit by habit. Rise and Grind is a complete muscle-building training and nutrition plan, but it's also a blueprint for a better way of living. Build positive habits over six weeks, and reap their benefits for a lifetime!

Muscletech Rise And Grind: Nutrition and Supplementation

In this program, how you fuel matters as much as how you train. Prioritize quality over counting numbers, and you can get elite results while actually looking forward to your meals!

Muscletech Rise And Grind: Program Overview

Devote the next six weeks of your life to building better habits, a better body, and a better you. No matter your background or experience level, you can do this. Let two elite athletes guide you to a stronger life!

Demetra Bounced Back To Being An All-Star

Teen basketball star Demetra overcame depression and reclaimed her hoop dreams. She transformed her body, got back on the court, and stepped onto the fitness stage.

High-Protein Salmon Meatballs

You can have homemade salmon meatballs in 10 minutes tonight, with no raw fish handling required. What are you waiting for?