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3 Ways To Progress Without Lifting Heavier

Think the only way to boost your results is by putting more plates on the bar? Plenty of revered lifting programs disagree. Here are 3 simple ways to keep progressing without going heavier!

Gold's Gym Sends A Rotten Message With Fruit Ad

Jessie Hilgenberg and millions of other women have a message for Gold's Gym: Women aren’t pears, and comparing them to fruit does nothing to make the world a fitter place.

5 Under-The-Radar Chest-Training Tips!

Suffering from a case of shallow chest development? Bench-press max got you down? Build a bigger chest and a much stronger bench with these 5 unique training tips!

Adoriana: Fitness Model By Day, DJ By Night

From the club to the gym, Adoriana goes with the flow and balances fitness with fun. Learn the secrets to her unique approach.

13 Metal Songs To Get You Pumped

Your pop punk playlist needs to go! Download these metal tunes and lift harder.

Ditch Your Cardio Machine And Start Flipping Tires

Get off the exercise machines and start moving heavy shit really fast with Noah Siegel's King Kongditioning program. You'll have fun and look cool at the same time!

The 5 Best Non-Seafood Sources Of Omega-3 Fats!

Fish are a great source of beneficial omega-3 fats, but they're not the only one. Incorporate one of these 5 non-seafood options to continue reaping the benefits of omega-3s!

Mike Rashid's Iron Marathon

Love to bench for reps? Then we've got the perfect challenge: 20 sets and 210 total reps. Think you can't handle it? Mike Rashid is confident that you can.

Strength From Struggle: 6 Ways To Stay Fit Through Hard Times

Fitness model Nikki Walter is no stranger to hard times. But, through it all, she's learned how to stay positive and healthy. Watch her story, and learn how to stay fit through anything.

The Ultimate Overwatch Workout

Blizzard's video game "Overwatch" is taking the world by storm! Meet Aleksandra Zaryanova, the world's strongest woman. Learn about her workout, nutrition plan, and lifelong battle to protect Mother Russia.

9 Muscle-Building Exercises You've Never Tried Before!

Expand your exercise library and your muscle size, with these rut-busting movements from an elite team of MusclePharm athletes!

The Business Of Building Your Best Self

If you think making a living and making progress in the gym have nothing in common, you haven't talked to Steve Weatherford. This NFL vet holds himself to the same high standard no matter where his day leads him!

7 Ways To Stay Fit On The Go

A busy summer schedule doesn't have to cramp your training and healthy eating if you follow these tips from Dymatize athletes Brandan Fokken and Brooke Erickson.

The Old-School Abs Exercise You Can Do Anywhere!

It's one of the fitness industry's best-kept secrets. Anytime, anywhere, just suck in that gut to strengthen your transverse abdominis and help tighten your abs and waistline!

Flip Your Shoulder Routine For Explosive Muscle Growth

Pushing muscle gains past the beginning stages requires an advanced approach. Here's how Lee Constantinou uses pre-exhaust for a shoulder blast like no other!

The Legacy Of Vince "The Iron Guru" Gironda

Get to know one of the underappreciated visionaries of bodybuilding's golden age, and test yourself against one of his legendary routines!

L-Citrulline or Citrulline Malate? N.O. Contest!

Citrulline is closely related to the production of nitric oxide within the body. So which form of citrulline better boosts performance: L-citrulline or citrulline malate?

How To Stay Cool During Hot Outdoor Workouts!

Heat and humidity can complicate your efforts when you take your training outdoors. Here are 12 tips to keep you cool and improve your performance on the hottest summer days!

3 Meats With The Most Protein Per Bite!

If you need to boost your protein, meat is a great place to start. These 3 sources will give you more protein per serving than any other! 

3 Ways Whey Protein Can Help You Lose Weight!

Whey protein is king when it comes to building muscle, but did you know that it's also a weight-loss powerhouse? Find out how whey can help you beat hunger and hit your goals!

4 Reasons To Exercise With Your Partner!

Strengthen your muscles and your relationship by working out with your partner!

Get More From Your Glutamine Supplement

Glutamine does more than just support healthy immune systems. Here's how it can help you after a hard workout or during a brutal training cycle.

Formula 50: 9 Fitness Truths 50 Cent Wants You To Know

These fitness rules from 50 Cent are worth their weight in gold chains, both inside and outside of the gym.

5 Ways Your Diet Is Doomed To Fail

People toss the term "metabolic adaptation" around a lot, but do you know what it really means? Learn how to adopt a better approach to restrictive dieting

Introducing The Talented Osha Shukla

We believe in our mission, and we've built a thriving team of people from all walks of life who truly want to change our customers' lives—and their own—for the better. Learn more about the people we work with every day and discover why they love being part of the family. #bbcomlife

14 EDM Workout Songs

Run, lift, or dance--we don't care! These EDM songs are sure to get you moving.

Ashley Horner's Extraordinary Full-Body Workout

Looking for a great full-body workout? Try this killer sweat session from elite athlete and trainer Ashley Horner's "Becoming Extraordinary" fitness plan!

We 'Mirin 144: 10 Stunning Selfies

Hard work pays off, and these photos are proof. Check out these impressive physiques to harness enough drive to kill your workout. But first, take a selfie.

Grace Kavadlo: What's In Your Fridge?

If you think vegans don't lift, think again. Check out the fridge of calisthenics, kettlebell, and yoga pro Grace Kavadlo.

Editors' Picks: Senior Editor Cassie Smith's Favorite Articles

With thousands on articles online to choose from, what would one of our editors choose as the best of the best? Here are Cassie's top choices.

Ketogenic Diet: Your Complete Meal Plan and Supplement Guide

Jumping into the ketogenic diet without a rock-solid plan will set you up for failure. Use this approach, crafted by researchers and athletes who have done the work and made the switch already!

Rise and Grind: Six-Week Muscle-Building Plan

Success doesn't happen overnight. It is built day by day, rep by rep, habit by habit. Rise and Grind is a complete muscle-building training and nutrition plan, but it's also a blueprint for a better way of living. Build positive habits over six weeks, and reap their benefits for a lifetime!

4 Unique Ways To Get Stronger!

Building strength for the long haul doesn't have to mean training like a powerlifter. Try these four novel approaches to moving more weight!

Katie Chung Hua's Sexy-Arms Workout

Want a toned set of arms, but don't always have extra time for the gym? Get results on the double with this all-in-one workout that targets your shoulders, biceps, and triceps!

Adam Fought Back And Became A Jacked Gamer

Tired of being teased about his weight, Adam trained like his video-game idol, dove deep into culture of the Bodybuilding.com forums, and reached a new level of fitness.

Healthy S'mores Protein Donuts!

Craving the melt-in-your-mouth flavor of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham? Get the delicious taste of s'mores in protein-donut form, no campfire required!

5 High-Fiber Recipes To Keep You Full

Fiber's the key to feeling full. Satiate your stomach and satisfy your palate with these delicious recipes.

Performix Ripped Remix: Nutrition And Supplements

You've got a month of hard work ahead of you. Don't leave your recovery and performance up to chance with shoddy nutrition! Here's your complete plan to fuel yourself through Ripped Remix.

Ripped Remix

You want it all: a shredded, muscular physique; strength that can be expressed through explosive power; and a racecar engine under the hood. To get there, training the same old way won’t suffice. Ripped Remix is an intense 4-week training plan designed to help you master your body, shake up your workouts, torch fat, and build new levels of strength.

Performix Ripped Remix: Program Overview

No more boring workouts. Stay lean year-round and learn some amazing new skills with Mike Vazquez's Ripped Remix!

Fitstagram Vol. 40: 9 Awe-Inspiring Transformations

Hard work pays off. Find the fuel you need to get through your training session by checking out these nine inspirational transformations.

Big On A Budget: The Staples Of Size With Dorian "Heavy D" Hamilton

The secret to monster size? A short and sweet grocery list. Learn what Dorian Hamilton ate to earn his nickname "Heavy D" and what he's eating to earn the coveted IFBB pro card!

Protein Cookie Sandwiches!

Add some cool to your next dessert by turning your cookie into a sandwich with a protein ice cream middle.

The SBTZ Turkey Skillet

Stuck in a cycle of boring meal prep? Add some variety to your diet with the SBTZ turkey skillet! It's strong, bold, tasty, zesty, and guaranteed to help you grow!

Ripped Remix

You want it all: a shredded, muscular physique; strength that can be expressed through explosive power; and a racecar engine under the hood. To get there, training the same old way won’t suffice. Ripped Remix is an intense 4-week training plan designed to help you master your body, shake up your workouts, torch fat, and build new levels of strength.

The 5 Best Yoga Poses For Barbell Jockeys

Don't be that lifter who looks great but feels broken. Carve out space in your week to get better at these 5 poses, and your body will thank you!

Jessie Hilgenberg's Rock The Dress Workout

Every woman wants to feel confident when stepping out on the town. Get ready to turn heads with Jessie Hilgenberg’s signature Rock the Dress workout!

Meet The 2016 USA Olympic Weightlifting Team

Get to know the four remarkable weightlifters representing the United States in the 2016 Olympics, and discover what makes each one worth cheering for over the next two weeks in Rio!

4 Simple Recipes For Sweet, Protein-Rich Treats!

Cheesecake, cookies, and chocolate bars, oh my! Skip the packaged stuff on the shelf and whip up these homemade, high-protein treats instead.

Flash Of Brilliance

He may be the fastest human to walk the earth, but competing in the Olympics is as much a mental feat as it is a physical one. Learn how "The Lightning Bolt" keeps his head in the game.

Fixing Your 5 Biggest Biceps Blunders

MuscleTech's Dylan Thomas helps you set your biceps growth on fire with these 5 troubleshooting tips, plus a workout and stack.

Lyss Remaly: From Bariatric Surgery To Bodybuilding

Lyss underwent bariatric surgery, but it wasn't enough. To shed over 200 pounds, she first had to overcome a lifetime of poor eating habits.

The Vegetarian Pasta Dish That's Ridiculously High In Protein

Looking for an easy, filling, and absurdly high-protein pasta dinner you can serve to anyone without shame? Maybe you just didn't know you were looking for one. But this one just found you. And it's delicious!

16 Weeks To Ripped Abs

ErgoGenix athlete Tom Graff explains how to get six-pack abs by dialing in your weight training, cardio, and diet.

6 Dairy-Free Smoothie Recipes

Next time you're in the dairy aisle, pay close attention, because there's more than moo juice available. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of the wide world of nondairy milks!

Darnell Found Freedom Through Fitness

When weight gain and a major life change zapped Darnell's confidence, he found emotional balance at the gym. After losing around 100 pounds, this fit father is loving life again!

Parmesan-Crusted Baked Cod

Serve up a fresh flavor your family is sure to love with this easy-to-make recipe!

3 Cooking Benefits Of Coconut Oil

By now, you've no doubt heard that coconut oil is a worthy addition to your cupboard. But what to do with it? Here's where to start!

10 Photos That Will Make You Wish You Did CrossFit

The 2016 CrossFit Games have begun! Love or hate the sport, you can't deny these athletes make it look damn fun.