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Ladies: Bring In The New Rear With Kettlebells!

You may not know it, but the kettlebell is the premiere butt-strengthening item in your gym. This is the guide that will take you from flat to all that!

Transformed In 20: 4 Quick And Effective Workouts!

Think you need an hour to get an effective workout? Think again! These 4 routines will push your lungs and muscles harder every minute. The good news: After 20 minutes, you'll be done!

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The Best Vitamin-Packed Foods: E and K

Low-fat diets reduce your intake of essential vitamins. Find out why fat-soluble vitamins E and K are crucial to your health, and which foods you can seek out to meet your daily goal!

12 Heavy Metal Workout Songs

Nothing says serious training like the heavy guitar riffs and high-pitched screams of the metal classics. Lift heavy weights and rock out to this list of the greats.

6 Ways to Crank Up Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is an important muscle-building hormone that's impacted by your age, diet, and training. Learn how you can support optimal test production with these 6 nutrition and training tips!

Ashley Horner's Charlie Mike: 6-Week Fitness Plan

This 6-week program is going to help you get more explosive, more powerful, stronger, and leaner. When you're done, you’re going to feel like a completely different person, and it will show on the outside.

3 Healthy Chicken-Wing Recipes

Everyone knows that, when it comes to chicken, wings are the best. Treat your palate by delving into these 3 unique varieties.

We 'Mirin Vol. 131: 10 Aesthetic Animals

Get motivated for your weekend workout. Scroll through these amazing photos and hit the gym!

My Biggest Fitness Struggle, And How I Overcame It

All types of athletes face personal challenges on their way to the top of their field. Here are 5 inspirational stories you can learn from on your way up!

Don't Throw Away That Egg Yolk!

Once upon a time, the egg yolk was the premiere boogeyman of the nutritional world. No more! Here's what you need to know about using yolks to get yoked.

9 Most Underrated Chest Training Tips

What happens when your chest workout stops working? Time to consider the training tips you probably overlooked.

5 Big Game-Worthy Snacks

The biggest football game of the year is synonymous with snacks. This year, nix the chips and prepackaged junk in favor of healthy, flavorful, gains-fueling food.

4 High-Performance Cardio Workouts

Take your cardio training to the next level with these athlete-recommended routines.

Build a Fighting Physique Like Conor McGregor

Add some intensity to your training with tips from the biggest star in the UFC: featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need To Know

Intermittent fasting may improve fat loss and allow you to eat more cheat foods than a traditional diet, but how do you do it, and how does it work? Jim Stoppani, PhD, has your answers!

2016 Fighters Only World MMA Awards

The stars of the UFC are ready to walk the red carpet on Friday night as Fighters Only gets set to host the annual Oscars of MMA.

Get In Superhero Shape With Daredevil's Workout!

Actor Charlie Cox went from not owning a gym membership to becoming a chiseled crime fighter in the hit show "Daredevil." Get his story and training plan here!

Introducing The Talented Jenny Hillis

We believe in our mission, and we’ve built a thriving team of people from all walks of life who truly want to change our customers’ lives—and their own—for the better. Learn more about the people we work with every day and discover why they love being part of the family. #bbcomlife

5 Super Bowl Snacks You Won't Be Ashamed to Serve

Super Bowl Sunday often means eating a super-large bowl of junk. Here are 5 recipes to include this year that give the flavors you want and none of the questionable ingredients you don't!

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Think Theanine For Brain Gains!

Nootropics are all the rage, but which ones actually work? This nutrient found in green tea offers a wide variety of cognitive benefits to take your mental performance to the next level!

How To Defy The Odds And Lose Weight this Year

Are you looking to lose weight and keep it off? You have plenty of company right now, but the number will shrink every week. Make this the year you buck the trend and achieve lasting change!

From Overweight Teen To Model In One Year!

Christian was overweight for most of his childhood. When he moved out, he decided it was time to take responsibility for his own health.

Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements You're Not Taking Yet

The next wave of bodybuilding supplements may help you adapt to stressors, recover more quickly, burn fat without stimulants, and much more. Here are 5 you need to know!

4 Fat-Loss Habits You Need This Year

Tired of the stale New Year's goal-setting advice? Stop focusing on the end goal, and devote your attention to building these behaviors that make fitness resolutions into reality!

Supplement Company Of The Month: GAT

The best supplement companies are built to last. GAT has been around for nearly two decades, helping a wide range of athletes achieve what once seemed unimaginable. Here's their story!

We 'Mirin Vol. 130: 10 Amazing Physiques

Look what long-term dedication to hard training and clean eating can earn you! Go build your best self.

Real Strength: Mike Vazquez's Ultimate Full-Body Workout

Performix athlete Mike Vazquez takes calisthenics training to a whole new level. Check out his inspiring story, and try his full-body workout!

9 Healthy Cooking Tips You Must Know

Buying healthy food is only half the battle. You also need to cook it the right way! Here are the tips you need to prepare healthy meals.

Strength Showdown: Pull-Ups Vs. Pull-Downs

What's the best vertical pulling movement? It's time to settle this argument once and for all. Let's break down the pros and cons of these two strength-training staples and see which one prevails.

How to Train Your Core to Prevent Injury

It's easy to say that your core is strong enough, until that day when you feel a telltale "sproing" and are put out of commission. This protocol is the missing element in your big lifts!

Frank McGrath: The Making Of An Animal

Legendary Animal athlete Frank McGrath opens up his life to the cameras as he prepares to return to the pro bodybuilding stage. Follow his every step in this incredible behind-the-scenes video series!

Hany Rambod's Ultimate Guide To FST-7

What do the bodybuilding greats of our time all have in common? A style of training that showed them the limitless potential of their physique. Here's what you need to know about FST-7.

The 20 Best Fat-Loss Transformation Foods

There's no one single food that will magically make you shed the pounds, but these 20 foods all deserve a spot in your transformation diet. Save room for them in your fridge or pantry!

The 7 Fat-Loss Mistakes You Won't Make This Time

Training hard and eating more protein are just the first steps toward achieving your transformation dreams. Don't let these 7 blunders stop you in your tracks this year.

20 Ways To Stay Motivated In 2016

Ready to make 2016 your own personal year of awesome? Here are 20 ways to stay motivated no matter what curveballs life throws your way!

The Ultimate Guide to Reverse Dieting

Eat less, work out more. It can work wonders for a while, but definitely not forever. When you can't cut any more, it's time to turn your diet around. Here's how!

Ladies: Take Your Bodyweight Training To The Next Level

There's something undeniably impressive about a woman who can bust out clean, strong push-ups, chins, and back bridges. Take control of your body by moving it with this routine!

9 Best-Tasting Protein Pancake Mixes And Toppings

Your muscles called—they want protein-packed flapjacks, stat. But there's a catch: They have to taste great, too. Here are our users' picks for the best mixes and toppings!

A Woman's Guide To Setting "SMART" Goals

Ambitious goals are a dime a dozen this time of year. Is your approach to yours setting you up to fail? Three successful women and athletes give you their hard-learned lessons!

One Woman's Courageous Journey From Sick To Strong

Katelyn was a sickly child. But after surviving life-threatening surgery, she discovered a passion for fitness that paved her road to recovery.

Build An Athletic Body In 8 Weeks!

Whether you're an athlete in the offseason or just want to train like one, look no further than this comprehensive 8-week plan. Get stronger, faster, and look the part!

A Beginner's Guide To Healthy Fat Loss

You're ready to lose weight, but overwhelmed by complicated diet plans. Learn how to achieve your goals by focusing on what's absolutely necessary!

Modern Physique: Training Overview

If you want to look like Steve, you have to train like him. For the next eight weeks, that's exactly what you'll do. This is how the Swoldier built his best-ever physique!

Modern Physique Program Overview

You can either shape your body, or let yourself be shaped. Choose to tell a story. Choose to build your Modern Physique.

15 Hip-Hop Workout Songs

Lift heavy to these contemporary hip-hop hits that are sure to rev you up and power you through your workout.

Ask The Siege: What Do I Do About DOMS?

Hurting from DOMS? Stop moaning and do something about it. You have more options than you realize.

Hunter Labrada's Top 5 Biceps Exercises

Biceps training isn't rocket science, but smart exercise selection can make a major difference. Start with these stellar moves.