An Interview With 2007 NPC Nationals Competitor Darrell Terrell.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing 2007 NPC Nationals competitor Darrell Terrell. Join me as Darrell talks about his background, training, diet, supplements, and more right here. Check it out!

[ Matt ] Darrell, I want to start off the interview by saying thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into the sport of bodybuilding?

    [ Darrell ] I was always active in sports such as football, track and field and baseball. Once I graduated high school I focused on this bodybuilding thing as I knew it. A great guy and friend (trainer) Howard Huddleston of Bodytech Gym in Moore, Oklahoma is who told me I could go far one day.

[ MW ] What do your family and friends have to say about your bodybuilding career?dot

    [ DT ] My family loves it and my friends now do it or have tried it. Majority of the people I'm around have a lot of passion for what I do.

[ MW ] Can you tell us a little bit about your contest history—how many contests have you been in and placed?dot

    [ DT ] I've been competing since 1991 on the local and state level and since 1994 on the Jr. and National level. Every show I have been in, I've placed. Whether dead last or cracking the top 5 at a national show. I recently placed 2nd at the NAC in Cleveland this past September.

Competitive Histroy
'95 USA - 12th place Lightheavyweight class
'96 Nationals - 5th place heavyweight class
'98 USA - 7th place heavyweight class
'99 USA - 12th place heavyweight class
'00 USA - 16th place heavyweight class
'01 USA - 9th place heavyweight class
'02 Nationals - 17th place heavyweight class
'03 USA - 3rd place heavyweight class
'03 Nationals - 4th place heavyweight class
'04 USA 15th place heavyweight class
'04 North American - 2nd place Lt-heavyweight class
'05 USA - 7th place Lt-heavyweight class
'05 Nationals - 3rd place heavyweight class
'06 Nationals - 8th place heavyweight class

[ MW ] Can you tell us a little bit about your first competition—what were you thinking, how did you do, what did you take from the show, etc.?dot

    [ DT ] My first contest I had not a clue. I was always lean but didn't know the fundamentals of the sport until I got with Howard after my first event, the teenage Sooner Classic in Norman, Oklahoma. After that Howie took me and showed me the ropes of a real diet at the time and definitely how to train hard.

[ MW ] Can you tell us a little bit about your training during the off-season as well as during your contest prep?dot

    [ DT ] Off-season and pre-contest season training are pretty much the same but as the show draws closer more reps, sets, and extra cardio is implemented into the equation.

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Off Season Training Is The Same As Pre Contest Training.

[ MW ] Can you tell us a little bit about your diet during the off-season as well as during your contest prep?dot

    [ DT ] Once again diet is pretty similar to during the off-season and pre-contest season except for off-season I'll eat clean still, but add a burger and fries (yummy, my favorite) or a good dinner out to eat somewhere to add some extra calories for that day. No! Its not everyday but several times a week. I eat very little carbs compared to most but this keeps me in decent shape all year long.

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[ MW ] You are training for the NPC Nationals on November 16th. Can you tell us a little bit about your contest prep for this show? Are you going to change anything up compared to previous shows?dot

    [ DT ] Yes, I'm stoked about the Nationals, this year I have been under the tutelage of drill sergeant Dave Palumbo, and have been putting his diet philosophy to work. The high fat/ protein seems to work best for my body type, leaving me suffering like h-ll but at the same time putting me in the best shape many have seen me in a long time. I like them because not only is he a great guy but extremely knowledgeable.

[ MW ] During a show, are you the type of person who wants to be left alone, or are you fine with socializing with your competition? Some people find they need to stay completely focused without interruptions, while others enjoy the socialization part of it to help calm the nerves. What would you say you are?dot

    [ DT ] I'm a pretty calm guy, I get quiet usually because of being tired from all the cardio and dieting with no carbs. But all in all I like being around people and socializing to keep my mind off the diet and make time go by faster.

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I'm A Pretty Calm Guy.

[ MW ] What is your opinion on the sport of bodybuilding right now in terms of the whole steroid issue and that judges are looking more for the massive freaks rather than the guys that come in with the best conditioning (IFBB contests for example)? Do you think that is helping or hurting the sport?dot

    [ DT ] I don't think it's neither helping nor hurting truthfully. In my opinion this sport is very subjective and every show should be judged on who has the total package that day regardless! And being in shape is included in that package besides, symmetry, balance and proportion.

[ MW ] Do you take any supplements to help further your health and success throughout the year?dot

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[ MW ] During your bodybuilding career, did you have any obstacles that you had to overcome?dot

    [ DT ] My biggest obstacle in my career... I would have to say was my divorce of 4 1/2 years to my ex-wife, " IFBB Fitness Pro Bethani Terrell," and knowing that same year we were both going to be at the same show but not as husband and wife.

What is the biggest obstacle to your bodybuilding success?
So far I havent found the resolve or character to eat correctly on a consistent basis. At night, after working full time and training a client or two plus myself, I am ready for bed, not 2 hours of cooking for the next day.
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    Along the way my dog died after I took him to the vet to stay during my trip to the USA competition and it wasn't 10 minutes after I walked out the door the doctor called and said he died from unknown causes but probably from being left behind and went into a seizure. Most of my obstacles have been my personal relationships and more than money or fame, I want to be happy with someone that truly loves me for a reason and not just a season!

[ MW ] What are your future goals in the sport of bodybuilding?dot

    [ DT ] Besides being the best bodybuilder I can be I just want to get to know as many fans and judges, etc., in the sport and help our sport become more well rounded in anyway fit.

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[ MW ] Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you get to where you are now?dot

    [ DT ] I just want to thank God first of all for giving me the ability to do what I'm doing and here is the rest of the list:

    • Jim Manion and Eileen Luis (Oklahoma NPC Chairman) for letting me have the opportunity to host my own NPC show for the past 7 years in Edmond, Oklahoma in September. It's the total package—open & natural bodybuilding and figure championships.
    • Howard Huddleston (nothing can replace what you have placed inside of me; that's drive and determination).
    • All of my family (I love you so much and just want to make you proud).
    • The weight room, "24hrs" in Oklahoma for helping me get the experience and knowledge I have today to help people better themselves and me along the way.
    • Dave Palumbo for all his assistance this year. Thanks Big Dog!
    • IFBB Figure Pro Natalie Benson (my girlfriend). Thanks for the support and working so hard this season and becoming one of the best figure girls around.
    • AllMax Nutrition (Richard Glover for giving me a chance).
    • My lovely daughter Shanell for being proud of me win or lose.
    • Most of all; this shout out goes out to all my friends over the past 36 years that have stood by me even at the lowest points in my life and said, "We don't quit," and kept me going through the ups and downs.

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Darrell Terrell.

[ MW ] Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you want your fans and readers to know?dot

    [ DT ] Thank you, Matt for this interview opportunity and please visit my website ( to find out more about me and my NPC show coming in September of 2008.

    God Bless to all and remember we are all worthy and special in our own way and don't let anyone or anything take "Self" out of your "Self-Esteem."

      Check Out Darrell's BodySpace Here.