An Interview With Amanda Savell Before The 2007 Arnold Classic.

This interview with Amanda Savell will take you up close and personal and shed some light on her life and prep for the Arnold Classic. I was able to pull her away from her busy schedule to get you the inside scoop. Enjoy!

Amanda Savell could possibly be one of the nicest people you could ever talk to. She is completely down to Earth and easy to get along with.

This interview with Amanda Savell will take you up close and personal as well as shed some light on her life and her preparation for this years Arnold Classic. I was able to pull her away from her busy schedule for a little in order to get you the inside scoop. Enjoy!

[ Q ] Thank you, Amanda, for giving us some of your time for this interview. I would like to start off by asking what got you interested in competing in figure and when did you get into the industry?

    [ AS ] Growing up my parents owned a chain of health clubs so I guess just being around fitness and living a healthy lifestyle it became a part of me. I also played tennis at the age of 4 and played on the circuit trying to reach the pro ranks till a knee surgery. I can't remember not being in the gym so after college this was motivation to stay in shape.

[ Q ] What do you feel is your greatest fitness accomplishment?

    [ AS ] I would say getting on the cover of Oxygen and placing third at my first Arnold.

[ Q ] I would like to congratulate you on placing third at the 2006 Arnold Classic! How do you feel you will do this year?

    [ AS ] I hope better then last year, I know I did my homework so all I can do is hope that the judges like the package I bring. I think we all hope to get first place right?? Ha!

Amanda Savell Amanda Savell
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Amanda Savell.

[ Q ] How is your training going for the Arnold?

    [ AS ] It's doing great, I had two months off after the Olympia so I had some time to bring up some areas that needed it. I know what they are wanting from me so we will see if this is it.

[ Q ] Do you have a favorite body part that you like to work?

    [ AS ] I like training shoulders just because I am pretty strong in that area, then back would be my second.

[ Q ] Do you have a body part that you absolutely hate to work?

    [ AS ] Legs, hmmmm wonder why??? I think I want to puke when I get done working legs!! Ha!

[ Q ] How is your diet looking coming up on the Arnold?

    [ AS ] What diet?? Oh you mean the little bit we get to eat... well that is doing fine but it's not pizza or cheesecake. I am so use to it by now that's it not that bad and it doesn't hurt that I can finally see the end of the road.

Amanda Savell Amanda Savell
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Amanda Savell.

[ Q ] What can we expect to see from you at this years Arnold? Any changes to your physique?

    [ AS ] Well I guess everyone will just have to wait and see now won't we. LOL. It's different that's for sure but I'm happy with it and Kim, my nutritionist, likes it so I guess we are good to go.

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[ Q ] Being a spokeswoman for Pinnacle, how has that changed your life and how has their supplements helped you get to where you are?

    [ AS ] I love this company because they have become like a second family to me. They are such a great group of people so it makes it so easy to work for them. I use a lot of there products whether it be for energy or pre workout. It's helped me hold onto muscle and get through my workouts which are a big plus for someone like me that is burning so many calories.

Amanda Savell
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Amanda Savell.

[ Q ] I heard something that caught my attention since we share a similar athletic background. I heard you were a competitive tennis player? Can you talk a little about this?

    [ AS ] Tennis was a huge part of my life growing up, I went to school for a couple of hours and went straight to the courts for hours on end. Many years of pounding the courts in 110 degree weather getting ready for tournaments, then traveling two to three times a month to play against the best of the best.

    When I was 16 I was playing on the circuit which is the first step to turning pro but then tore my ACL and had to have surgery. This put me out for 8 months so I had to choose whether or not to go to college or go back to the circuit so I chose college because of the scholarship. I played tennis 4 years at Texas Tech University and graduated in 2000.

[ Q ] How is your modeling career going? From the looks of your pictures on your website you're a natural!

    [ AS ] Well thank you, it's been going great!! I was just on the cover of Oxygen magazine, the March issue, and I have been doing many shoots that will be featured at a later date.

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Amanda Savell.

[ Q ] When you are in the gym or doing photo shoots, what do you enjoy doing with your downtime?

    [ AS ] Spending time with my family and friends, when I get home I cook and clean and wait for my husband to get home so we can plop down on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy. Ha! I have also been making a DVD that should be coming out this summer.

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[ Q ] Thank you again for your time, Amanda. Do you have any final words or anyone you would like to thank?

    [ AS ] I want to thank Pinnacle for being such a great company to work for. J.M. my manager for helping me with everything.

    My husband for sticking by me and pushing me to believe in myself. My nutritionist Kim Oddo (the Italian Stallion) for all his help and support. Finally my family and training partner Kathy Moore for being there for me everyday and pushing me through the rough times.

Amanda Savell
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Amanda Savell.

    Contest History:

    • 2006 Figure Olympia, 7th Place
    • 2006 Europa Overall Winner
    • 2006 Arnold Classic 3rd Place (qualifies for 2006 Olympia)
    • 2005 Sacramento Pro Figure 7th Place
    • 2005 Figure Olympia, 8th Place
    • 2005 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure 2nd Place
    • 2005 Europa Overall Winner (qualifies for 2005 Figure Olympia)
    • 2005 New York Pro Figure 7th Place
    • 2005 USA Championships 1st Place, E Class (earns Pro Card)
    • 2005 Emerald Cup 1st Place E Class
    • 2005 Orange County 1st Place C class and Over All winner