To The Extreme: Training Tips, Nutrition Plans, And More!

Extreme results call for extreme measures. This collection of diets, feats, sports, tips, and more is nothing if not extreme. Take your results to another level!

Extreme results require extreme measures. Insane high-intensity training techniques? Check. Awe-inspiring transformation stories? Check. Epic feats of death-defying proportions? Triple check. Walk the edge through this collection of all things extreme.

10 Unreal Transformations

These people took extreme measures to build extreme physiques. Now, they want to share their stories with you! Prepare to be inspired.

5 Ball-Busting Training Techniques

Sure, some workout techniques are hard. But these workout techniques threaten to leave chalk outlines on the gym floor.

9 Most Extreme Sports On (Or Above!) Planet Earth

When the extreme need to feed their fix, they will get it, often at the cost of their bodies, their lives. Check out our list. Can you handle these sports? Would you even want to?

6 Diets From The Edge

The quest to lose or gain weight can take people above and beyond the realm of normalcy. These six diets will make your low-carb, Paleo diet look like kid's stuff.

Building The Ultimate Bodybuilder

We might not be able to choose the best bodybuilder of all time, but we can take the best body parts from the world's greatest bodybuilders to create the perfect, stage-ready specimen.

3 Workouts For Extreme Athleticism

People play on the brink of insanity. To survive, they train. Even if you're not in the habit of base-jumping, improve your athletic ability with these three workouts!

10 Most Extreme Athletic Feats

Who needs gear? Just lift an airplane, climb a building, or run around the block 5,649 times. It's time for you to transcend.

3 Ways To Burn More Fat/Build More Muscle In Less Time

Use your head! Train smarter, not harder and your body won't know when to stop improving after the workout ends.

VPX: Only The Best Passes The Test

The future of the dietary supplement industry is in the hands of many qualified companies, but VPX is super-qualified, self-sufficient and emblazoned by innovation. Read their story!

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