Superstar Vitor Belfort's MMA Workout: Part 3 - Presented By Fight Magazine & MRI Performance.

Jake uses isometric exercises to optimize Vitor Belfort’s stability and strength conditioning!


Vitor Belfort's Isometric Strength


Jake uses isometric exercises to optimize Vitor Belfort's stability and strength conditioning!

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Part 3: Isometric Strength

See Video Above For Exercise Demonstrations.

  • Single Leg Dumbbell RDL: 2 sets: Set 1 for 20-second isometric hold; Set 2 at 6 clean reps, each side
  • Split Squat w. Kettle Bells: 2 sets: Set 1 for 15-second isometric hold; Set 2 at 4 reps; each side
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge: 12 reps, 1 set, each side
  • Battling Ropes (Heavy Ropes): 2 sets at 6 seconds per set of each: doubles, singles, squatted doubles, squatted singles, twists, slides, jumping jacks

Weekly Split

The following exercises are an example of a week circuit done by MMA Superstar Vitor Belfort in preparation for a big fight. Vitor alternates this strength and conditioning circuit with MMA technique training on the "off" days. The number of reps and sets as well as the amount of weight used for certain exercises are for example purposes.

When performing the following workouts one should consider his or her own current strength and fitness level. Workouts are intended to progress in weight, pace and intensity in order to build strength, flexibility and endurance. Gradually build up to higher reps, greater weights and shorter rest periods.

  • Day 1: General Conditioning
  • Day 2: Upper Body Emphasis
  • Day 3: Lower Body Emphasis

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