Video Article: Top 10 Muscle Myths In Bodybuilding

IFBB Pro Mark Alvisi sets the record straight by contesting the top 10 myths in bodybuilding, with the rock solid truth!

If you're a fan of bodybuilding, then you've definitely heard some training or nutrition myths and legends tossed back and forth during gym talk. So what's true and what's opinion or hearsay? IFBB Pro Mark Alvisi sets the record straight by contesting the top 10 myths in bodybuilding, with the rock solid truth!

Mark Alvisi's Top 10 Muscle Myths

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Top 10 Muscle Myths

10 / Don't Eat Late At Night

Spread out your calories evenly throughout the day. Just stick with lean sources of protein and lower glycemic carbs in the evenings.

9 / Train It To Failure

Training to failure is important every once and a while. Always training to failure could lead to overtraining.

8 / Sugar Is Bad

Sugar can be very beneficial post workout. The insulin release will allow protein and carbs to transport to muscles.

7 / You Can Only Digest 30 Grams Of Protein Per Sitting

Protein requirements vary from person to person. Focus on how many calories from protein you get throughout the day.

6 / You Can't Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time

Healthy nutrition and training will aid in gaining muscle and losing body fat.

5 / Do Cardio After Weight Training

The best time to perform cardio is first thing in the morning.

4 / Fats Are Bad

Your body needs good healthy fats from sources like:

3 / Always Stretch Before Training

You will gain more benefits from stretching post workout. Post workout stretching will reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

2 / Always Train Heavy

To avoid overtraining mix up your routine. Train heavy and train high volume.

1 / Never Train When You Are Sore

Rest days are just as important as your training days but you're always going to be sore somewhere on your body.

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