Use Variation For Your Long-Term Mental & Physical Success!

If you are suffering because of long boring workouts then you are in luck because right here are the answers on how to give boredom the boot and jumpstart your quest to long-term mental & physical success. Learn more.

Article Summary:
  • Your workout routine becomes dull after being done several times.
  • Changing up your routine can be as simple as changing rep ranges.
  • If you're dreading the treadmill there are many other machines to use.

The Key To Long-term Mental And Physical Success

There are not many things out there, (even things that we enjoy doing) that do not, at some point, get old and stale. Whether we are talking about our favorite activities such as bike riding or lifting weights or less physical activities like reading or writing, there has to be some sort of variation in the riding path or the writing topic in order to stay interested as well as motivated.

Even Things We Enjoy Doing, At Some Point, Get Old And Stale.
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Even Things We Enjoy Doing, At Some Point, Get Old And Stale.

I have found myself many times very excited about a new area of interest and within a couple of weeks I am back to looking for another interest or ways to make my newfound passion more interesting itself. This same thing happens when we work out day in and day out.

Day after day of grinding out those reps of heavy weight or running mile after mile on that treadmill; we eventually get bored! In these cases it is not even the repeated exertion that becomes boring but the ways we are doing it.

For anything to keep its freshness and its excitement we do not have to find a new interest or workout altogether, we just have to throw some fun new twists into what we are already doing.

The key to staying motivated is maintaining interest and the key to keeping something interesting is to change it up once in a while. If the descriptions of these long boring daily workouts sound like something you are experiencing then you are in luck because right here are the answers on how to give boredom the boot and jumpstart your quest to success.

Keep It Fresh

    Variation is something that can make a great difference in your results but does not necessarily have to be a big change. What makes this concept so great is that even changing the order of your exercises can create a new excitement for you and make you feel like you have a brand new workout!

    In many cases especially in less experienced gym goers, change can sound intimidating especially if you have grown comfortable with the workout you are currently doing.

    A point that must be stressed is that the "comfort" you have established is not a good thing and will eventually cause a slowing down or a complete halt in your results with time. We can create the same intensity with something as simple as changing our rep speed.

    On a basic level, let's say that you are performing three sets of ten on the bench press with one hundred eighty-five pounds every chest day you have. You have not moved from this point for a month now because you feel good being able to lift it, but you have also not made any progress.

    Try turning those three sets into three sets of twelve, ten and eight reps and lifting weights of one hundred seventy, one hundred eighty and one hundred and ninety pounds. By doing this you are beginning with a lighter weight, yes, but you are in the end lifting more weight than you are accustomed to which causes your muscles to have to adapt equaling new results.

A Point That Must Be Stressed Is That The 'Comfort' You Have Established Is Not A Good Thing And Will Eventually Cause A Slowing Down Or A Complete Halt In Your Results With Time
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A Point That Must Be Stressed Is That The 'Comfort' You Have Established Is
Not A Good Thing And Will Eventually Cause A Slowing Down Or A Complete Halt In Your Results With Time.

    Another example would be a football player whose conditioning program consists of twenty forty yard sprints every other day, boring right? Why not take the twenty sprints and make the first five of them fifty yard sprints to work on stamina, the second five sprints on thirty yards to work on acceleration and the final ten sprints your standard forty yards to complete your workout.

    In the end you are working with a similar level of intensity but the variation in how you use it not only serves to force your body to adapt but to make your workout fresh again as well.

Changing Your Mentality

    From a mental standpoint, many of you may enjoy doing the same workout every day since you have become confident in doing it which as mentioned above is not necessarily a good thing.

Many Enjoy Doing The Same Workout Every Day Since They Have Become Confident In Doing It.
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Many Enjoy Doing The Same Workout Every Day Since They Have
Become Confident In Doing It.

    For those of you who are becoming bored with your workout and are even thinking of quitting because it simply is not fun anymore DO NOT QUIT! This boredom can be cured and it can be done easier than you may think.

    If you are tired of walking five, even ten miles on that treadmill the solution may be as easy as looking around you in the cardio section of your gym. With so many different pieces of equipment designed to give us a cardio workout such as the row machines and the bike machines, you do not have to stay on that dreaded treadmill every day.

    As a matter of fact, just as with those of us who primarily lift weights you would most likely benefit more from moving over to the bike machine or the row machine. This causes an adaptation, which by the way will also make the treadmill itself seem more exciting, on the days you go back to it.

    Making the move to the bike along with added resistance can also introduce resistance or a weight lifting aspect to the workouts of those who do not typically lift weights. As far as lifting weights goes, altering your routine could cause a slight drop in confidence at first, with different motions factored in, but just remember it is all to make you stronger in the end!

    An example of varying a weight lifting routine is my own routine. People ask me what my workout looks like and I tell the majority of them, "I don't know!". The reason for this answer is that I go based on instinct: I go into the gym and I know first of all what muscle I am hitting that day, what areas I need to make a priority and how many sets I am going to pump out to do it. On top of this I add partial reps, drop sets or changes in rep speed to achieve the ultimate variation in my workout.

When Asked What My Workout Is Like I Say, 'I Don't Know.'
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When Asked What My Workout Is Like I Say, 'I Don't Know.'

    Although this is not recommended for less experienced lifters, (as the "working what I feel like" mentality can lead to many days of bench press and curls) it is variation at its best since my chest day will never be the same two weeks straight. This is not to say that it will be completely different but if I feel the need to do dumbbell flyes today instead of the pec deck then I will.

    Keep in mind that this style of working out is not recommended to everyone reading this article it is just an extreme example of variation a routine. In order to perform a workout in this manner I have found that the person must teach themselves to like working every muscle in every way they need to for the most part.

    If this mentality is not reached and this style is attempted (as mentioned above), you may end up with a big chest and big biceps and nothing else or even worse you may end up with nothing due to overtraining!

How Often Do You Change Your Workout Routine?

Every Couple Weeks.
Every Couple Months.
Once A Year.
I've Been Doing The Same Thing The Whole Time.


Explained here were just a few simple ways along with a couple of more advanced ways to put some variation in your workout routine and hopefully spark the fire burning that path to new results!

No matter your level of activity or your level of experience, variation can be great for anyone both physically and mentally. There are not many people who haven't found a cool workout in their favorite magazine and attempted to do it for the entire six weeks it tells them to, only to find themselves bored by week three.

You have no need to fear as this does not mean you are not dedicated or motivated enough to get the results you wish for, it just means you need to change it up and keep it exciting. The worst thing that could happen to someone, especially a beginner is to get into a groove of going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle only to find themselves quitting because they lost motivation due to boredom.

There is an easy equation to remember and it is: Variation = Interest = Motivation = SUCCESS.

Without interest you are most likely not motivated enough to achieve success in what you are doing so make your workout interesting. If you feel symptoms such as boredom or a lack of motivation coming on then PLEASE find a way to pick yourself back up! Go grab that magazine and read how to "Get Jay Cutler's Delts" or better yet stay right here on and find new exercises or entire workouts geared towards the results you want!

I myself have stayed motivated by looking at other people's workouts, exercises or pictures on this very site and you can do the same. Just remember that no matter what, keep your eye on the end goal and use principles such as this one for stepping stones to your next workout.

Motivation is much easier to find than we think and it is the ONLY thing that will keep you going in the end so change your routine up and continue the climb to the top today!

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