IFBB Pro Undercover #4.

Well, the May shows are over and what a cluster f*ck of judging calls they turned out to be. I knew I would be getting some good questions about the shows, from a lot of people that were left saying to themselves,

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Column #4

Well, the May shows are over and what a cluster f*ck of judging calls they turned out to be. I knew I would be getting some good questions about the shows, from a lot of people that were left saying to them selves, "What was that all about?".

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I just got back from the NOC. My main question: When is the IFBB going to be able to test for synthol? Paco's delts were absolutely ridiculous, the synthol use was obvious. He wasn't penalized and placed third. It's pathetic when fake muscle wins shows.

Well, I was at the NOC and I agree with you 100%. The judging at the NOC was a f*cking joke! Marcus was the obvious winner but the other calls I haven't heard anyone agree with. Paco has the exact physique a bodybuilder should not want to look like. Yes he was ripped and dry to the bone but that really doesn't matter when he has no shape, synthol shoulders that were so very obvious and bitch tits that were bigger then a lot of the girls in the crowd. If Paco's physique was good enough to qualify for the Olympia then David Polumbo should have been a Pro years ago. Also, why was Titus in fifth? His lat spread is really bad but the rest of his poses were right on. He was at least 20 pounds heavier than Darrem Charles with the same conditioning, personally I thought Titus should have been in third behind Chic and Marcus. Let's back up two weeks earlier to the Dallas Pro Show. J.D. getting beat by some guy named George Farah was a joke! Not only did J.D. not qualify for the Olympia (he should have) but now we have to look at George on stage at the Olympia. My God, this kid looks like shit! Shawn Ray's idea of rotating the judges was put to the test with these two shows and it failed miserably. Jim Manion was not the head judge at the events and the judging was a disaster. Most of the judges in Dallas I haven't even seen before. Lets just hope that Jim Manion is the head judge at the Olympia or Paco will be winning the Sandow Trophy. To answer your question, the IFBB doesn't need to test for synthol when it's use is so obvious. They simply need to enforce their rules.

Do you think Flex Wheeler has a chance this year at the Mr. Olympia? Who do you think will win, Cutler or Coleman?

First, what happened to Flex Wheeler retiring because his religion doesn't allow him to take steroids? Did God wake him up one morning and say "hey Flex, go ahead bro and use all the juice you want". Does he even know how foolish he looks? Never have I seen someone so confused about who they are or what they want in life. Does Flex have a chance to win the Olympia? No chance at all. Ronnie Coleman will win the Olympia easier then Tiger Woods winning the PGA Open. Cutler is choosing to sit out the Olympia because he has this crazy idea he should have won in 2001, NOT. Cutler wasn't even close to Mr. Coleman and should just be happy with the $60,000 he could pick up at the 2002 Olympia.

I was reading your column and I would like to say I think you're full of shit. I could go on with why, etc. Your comments are retarded such as "the guys on the Olympia stage are fine" oh please. Using steroids is like playing Russian Roulette.

You are definitely entitled to your opinion. What do you base your opinion on? You're vast experience of steroid use? Or could it be that you know absolutely nothing of what you're referring to (steroid use) and have chosen to listen to the media or the medical field with this issue? I'm betting you have never used anabolic steroids before and have chosen to train naturally because of your fear of bad side effects from steroids. Well, until you have used them and are directly associated with IFBB Pros on a regular basis, I suggest you pull your head out of your ass and listen to what I say. Steroids are not even remotely as dangerous as the media and medical field makes them out to be. I have been using them for over 13 years now with only one side effect to list. I had gynomastia removed from my chest several years ago and it was a minor surgery. My blood work that I have done every three months has come back with very little elevations, not to mention my cholesterol levels a more than great. I cannot speak for everyone on the Olympia stage but I can say I know of no IFBB Pros at this point in time with any health problems from using anabolic steroids. If you can give me some solid proof of any of today's athletes who are having problems I would be more than happy to address the issue. Until you can I suggest you keep your uneducated opinions to yourself.

I read an article on Fitdv about a trainer who works with Beth Horn saying that all the top Pro Fitness Athletes use steroids and that they spend thousands of dollars on the drugs. What do you think?

Fact is every time I've seen Beth Horn she was a fat ass, period! I read the article and it seemed to me it was an attempt to say Beth Horn doesn't place well because she chooses not to use steroids. Well, she doesn't place good in her shows because she comes in fat, period. Lets not forget that Beth Horn's fitness routine sucks the big one, bad. I forget the personal trainers name who did the interview but I can say he has absolutely no clue what he's talking about when it comes to steroid use. Beth Horn's trainer should spend more time getting the fat off his client and less time worrying about how much steroids the other competitors are using to kick Beth's ass. If a pro fitness athlete chooses to use steroids I would say that is her choice. This trainer goes on to say that it cost upwards of thousands of dollars in steroids for a top pro fitness athlete to prepare for a show. Bullshit! I know for a fact that a top fitness athlete can use less than $200 in steroids to get ready for a show. I would bet that Beth has used steroids and would say she didn't because that's a good excuse for failure. Bottom line is the trainer who did this interview is very bitter because his client sucks at pro fitness as well as the trainer himself not knowing how to get his athlete ready. I would say that a few girls use steroids in fitness but not even close to the extent of what this idiot was saying. If Beth Horn doesn't use steroids, I suggest she start because what she's doing now is just not getting it.

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