IFBB Pro Undercover #36.

The Undercover pro reviews the Ironman, the Arnold Classic and answers questions from readers...

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Column #36

Three Year Anniversary Edition

Alright, time for another no holds barred edition of IFBB Pro Undercover, number 36, three years and still growing! Special thank you to my readers on this three year anniversary edition.

The 2005 Ironman Pro Invitational as well as the 2005 Arnold Classic is now history. I'm overwhelmed with the number of comments made in regard to a figure competition being held in conjunction with the Pro Bodybuilding as in the case at the Pro Ironman. Also, I have taken a close look at the arms of Pro Bodybuilder's Idrise Ward-El and Victor Martinez as many of you have requested in your e-mails.

As many of you have requested I will examine and comment on photos of Gustavo Badell's gut. I was ten rows back during the Ironman pre-judging laughing hysterically at the total lack of acknowledgement by the judges of Gustavo's tremendously developed mid-section. I would have never noticed the sudden increase in size in either Martinez or Ward-El's arms (). I'm not sure what's going on but Victor's arms grew like weeds since the GNC Pro Show last November.

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Gustavo @ The 2005 Arnold.

Either he actually put on the extra inches to his arms in such a short period of time or he's filling them with Synthol or possibly Kynoselen but in either case, the guns got huge! Now Idrise is getting down right silly with what ever he's doing to his arms. Ward-El's arms just don't look right giving you the impression that he's site injecting the muscle with noticeable lumps and bumps in all the wrong places.

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Idrise @ The 2005 Arnold.

I firmly believe these noticeable lumps and bumps are one of the reasons he is placing so horribly (Note: Art Atwood even beat him. Idrise got dead last at the Arnold this year!).

Now, as long as we're on the subject of noticeable bumps and bruises. Is it only me or did any of you notice the painful looking bruises on King Kamali's biceps in the San Fran Pro Show pics. King's biceps are black and blue in some of the photos. He has got to stop site injecting his biceps or he will run into certain medical problems later in his career.

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King @ The 2005 Arnold.

You're hearing it first on Bodybuilding.com in IFBB Pro Undercover. Kim Klein will win the New York Pro Fitness Show and has already been chosen to be the 2005 Fitness Olympia Champion.

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Kim Klein @ The 2005 Arnold.

How do I know this you might ask? I just do! I knew that Kim Klien was going to start moving up a year ago. Until the pro fitness athletes do something about the corruption in this division, it's not going to change.

The funny thing is all the girls know exactly what's going on but none of them have the guts to say one word about it, being terrified that their going to be black balled in the sport. It's sad but so true.

In IFBB Pro #37 I will outline an idea for a union designed to benefit pro bodybuilders, fitness athletes and figure girls. At this point it will be just that, an idea but some day it may be a reality.

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Questions & Answer

[ Q ] What is your take on the Ironman placing? Also, it just didn't seem like a good idea to mix the Figure contest with the pro Bodybuilding show, how do you feel about incorporating the two events?

    A. I felt that the judging was almost perfect with the exception of a few placing. The best posing award was given to Melvin Anthony and in my opinion was well deserved with no other athlete coming close with their posing routine. Here is how I saw the Ironman.

      1st Place - Gustavo Badell

      Badell was large and in charge and his ego is growing as fast as his physique. The guy looked awesome but the athletes were complaining about Gustavo's attitude toward the others in the show. When Badell was asked to move over on stage out of the center spot he had to be told by others athletes on stage before he would finally move.

      I'm really surprised no other writers have let this out before myself. The only thing I can say is that I thought Lee Priest should have taken the spot for first due to Badell's huge stomach. If you were sitting off to the side of the stage at all you could see it bursting out the back. Lee's mid section was tight and tiny giving him the 1st place position in my opinion. In my opinion Gustavo should have been in second.

      2nd Place - Lee Priest

      Like I just said I felt Lee should have taken first in this show. He looked like a cartoon character to say the least.

      3rd Place - Troy Alves

      Weighing in a 221 lbs. Troy was tight and in shape.

      Others were slightly off giving Troy the easy third place spot.

      Troy's front lat spread is awesome.

      4th Place - Melvin Anthony

      The Marvelous won faded on stage but not enough to push out of the top four. His waste is so tiny that it allows him to be slightly off and still remain in contention for the top spots. He also received the best posing award and it well deserved. After relieving the best posing check for $1000 Anthony got on the microphone and gave his award to Craig Titus who took sixth in the show.

      Anthony was heard to say he thought Titus should have been in the top five and felt he deserved the money. What ever the reason my be it was a heart felt gesture that many will not forget.

      5th Place - King Kamali

      All I say is Muscletech.

      They were the main sponsor of the show and it is my opinion if they were not involved Kamali would have been much lower in the placing.

    Now, to answer the later part of your question in regard to Figure being a part of Pro Bodybuilding Shows; I have commented on this subject many times making no friends in my opinion for sure. I think Figure is about as exciting as watching hair grow on my grand mothers chin. I do not think Figure has any business being any where near a bodybuilding event nor do I think it is worth watching.

    I would much rather watch a great fitness routine than some stripper walk around on stage during an event where men have worked there ass off to do battle. I think it is a huge slap in the face of the men competing.

[ Q ] I attended the Arnold Classic and I thought Chris Cormier should have won over Dexter Jackson. What do you think of the placing and do you think Chris earned the first place spot after 5 second places?

    A. I was sitting five rows back at the Arnold Classic and was very pleased with the placing except for Cormier's. Here is how I saw the Arnold Classic placing;

      1st Place - Dexter Jackson

      I thought Dexter looked like Dexter always looks and he was second to Chris in almost every pose. Maybe I think Chris should have been given the first place vote due to all his second place spots but at the same token he looked incredible with awesome lines and full bellie muscles. Dexter was second place in my book.

      2nd Place - Chris Cormier

      Chris was spot on and had first place all over his physique. I really think Cormier earned the first place nod following the five years of second place votes. Cormier was hard, full bellied and his front relaxed pose was second to none. I felt his pain when the first place nod went to Dexter. If I were Chris next year I would sit out making a statement by taking yet another second place vote.

      3rd Place - Gustavo Badell

      Badell went from 228 lbs in 2004 to 250 lbs in 2005. There are not too many ways of filling out to those dimensions and positively is not from putting on 22 pounds of muscle in 1 year which is absolutely impossible.

      His mid section was in much better control in this show and I feel third was a good spot for Gustavo.

      It is also in my opinion that he used massive amounts of GH, Insulin and or Plasma Expander to achieve this massive new physique in 1 year. I would bet anything or any amount of money I am correct. Also, I am not bashing him for doing it, he has the balls, and I am simply pointing out that you cannot put on 22 pounds of muscle in 1 year.

      4th Place - Lee Priest

      I thought Lee was in about third or fourth before the end of pre-judging so I have no complaints in this placing for Lee. Lee is the best short bodybuilder in the world and you can't help saying he looks like a friggin cartoon character on stage. He continues to bring in a nice conditioned package which is continuing to get rewarded y the judges.

      Lee's upper body is so freaky looking the judges totally disregards his lower half. Lee is the only bodybuilder in this sport who can have soft hams and glutes and still place in the top spots.

      5th Place - Melvin Anthony

      Melvin came into this show much tighter than he was at the Pro Ironman two weeks prior so his conditioning proved that he showed up ready for action. Always such a showman and audience stunning performer, he took home the "Best Posing Routine" award, his second one for the 2005 season. Just two weeks prior he took home this exact award at the Pro Ironman.

      6th Place - Darrem Charles

      I would have placed Darrem in fifth place possibly due to his improvement in size and consistent sliced and diced condition. He is always a top five guy in my book, his symmetry speaks for itself and he can usually hang with the bigger competitors by out conditioning them. Darrem has a great posing routine and if continues to put on more size will move him up into that top three realm.

[ Q ] What are your thoughts on
creatine and would you use it prior to competing in a show?

    A. I personally like using creatine for its stamina increasing properties and for the great pumps I get in my muscles while training. Creatine has been around for a long time and the research has vastly improved as well showing that a person can actually increase their muscular contractions by a .6 second which concludes that more muscle fiber is being engaged in each movement.

    The idea of drinking a serving of creatine with 8 fluid ounces of grape juice is simply to use the sugar in the juice as its transport into the muscle.

    If you are preparing for a competition then I would not recommend using creatine. It requires too much sugar to get lean and better serves as an off-season supplement.

    Try using creatine for a 6-8 week cycle and see if you feel the difference in your endurance and stamina while training and doing cardio. There are several companies that produce a quality Creatine product that have a premixed formula that uses sugar as the transport.

    Keep track of your progress while using the supplement to see if it works for you and your body type.

    View All Creatine Products Here.
    Keep Track Of Your Progress With The Bodybuilding.com Journal.

[ Q ] I've been training for two years. I haven't used any supplements so I was wondering if you could give me a good supplement schedule to follow? Also, please explain what the supplements are going to be used for.

    A. My first question to you is why have you not been using any supplements with your training regiment? Taking specific supplements will naturally enhance the results from your workout and cardio sessions.

    Whether it be pre-contest or post season I use these suggested supplements to help me maintain a high quality, healthy lifestyle while pushing my body to the max.

    Here Is A Simple Plan To Follow & Why:

    • Multi-vitamin - Should be taken at least once a day, twice for optimal use. Designed to protect, enhance growth, and provide maintenance of our aging body systems.

    • Multi-Mineral - Suggested use at least once a day- twice for optimal use. This product is for maintaining normal bone, tooth development, and cell growth.

    • Omega-3 - An extra strength fish oil concentrate/cholesterol free with a suggested dose of 1-2 soft gels with any of your meals as a dietary fat supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids help to maintain healthy fat levels in the body. By eating a low -fat diet it is important to supplement healthy fats to keep your metabolism stimulated and your hair/skin/nails healthy as well.

    • Glutamine - Takes one rounded teaspoon 2-3 times a day following any type of strenuous exercise. Using Glutamine will help maximize recovery after intense training by promoting the recycling of your energy. It also helps you maintain a healthy immune system and maximizes your body's ability to buffer itself against any acid build up. This supplement should always be included in your program.

[ Q ] What is the best way to prepare your tan for a show? I start my tanning 5 weeks out but I never seem to get dark enough.

    A. Tanning will be different for each individual depending on each person's nationality and skin tone to begin with. I myself, only tan the last two weeks before my contests due to my dark skin tone. Even with my dark features I still put on at least 4-5 coats of competition color to be dark enough for stage.

    It is a fact that the darker you are on stage the more your muscularity will stand out. Stage lights are intense and will fade you out if your color is not right on the money.

    Try tanning for 7 weeks if 5 weeks worth does not get you dark enough. You should tan every day the last two weeks before your contest to reach optimal color before putting on your stain.