IFBB Pro Undercover #35.

What are the Undercover Pro's predictions for the 2005 Ironman, why Shawn Ray stepped down as the athletes rep, questions and answers and more...

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Column #35

2005 Ironman Predictions

The Ironman is coming up fast scheduled for February 19th in Pasadena, California. Rumor has it that Chris "The Real Deal" Cormier is sitting out the show to concentrate on the Arnold Classic. With Cormier out of the line up it leaves it pretty much to Lee Priest for the gold.

I don't care who shows up, Melvin Anthony, Troy Alves, Craig Titus, King Kamali or even new pro Mark Dugdale, Priest is going to take these guys to church come February 19th. He's too thick and he intentionally skipped the Olympia to prepare for this event.

My Prediction Is As Follows According To The Athletes That Have Signed Up For The Show:

  1. Lee Priest
  2. Melvin Anthony
  3. Troy Alves
  4. Craig Titus
  5. King Kamali
  6. Mark Dugdale

Sorry if anyone got offended, but we'll see just how close my prediction is come contest time. But, I also have to say that if Gustavo Badell shows up, sorry guys the third place finisher at the Olympia will be recognized as the champion in Pasadena.

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Lee Priest & Gustavo Badell.

Although I'm a huge fan of the Ironman weekend, I just cannot understand for the life of me two things. First, why in God's name is the prize still after all these years only $10,000 when The New York Pro Show in May is already giving out $12,500 it's very first year in existance. This is such bullshit!

Shawn Ray can raise $10,000 for the best poser but the Ironman Promoters cannot put together at least $5,000 more in prize money, come on already! Also, whose idea was it to run an amateur figure contest with Pro bodybuilders?

For the fans that come out to see the Ironman Competitors, putting a figure contest in the event is like having a needle point contest in the middle of a hockey game! Enough already with this figure crap!

Shawn Ray Steps Down

Shawn Ray has stepped down as the IFBB Athletes Representative. He has officially resigned with feelings that concerns such as prize money, promoters failing to pay and many other issues were just not going to be addressed.

Further more, he was lied to in regards to the start time of the official Men's Meeting that was scheduled for 7:30 PM but upon arriving in Vegas he was then informed the meeting had already taken place at 4:30 PM. Real simple, it's called a cell phone.

All someone had to do is call Shawn's cell and inform him of the time change. I only have one question; why does a promoter have to pay the IFBB a sanction even before he has to pay the athlete for wining his show, as the case was when Darrem Charles won the Florida Pro Show.

I feel that the IFBB should be responsible for the prize money in such a case. Send your e-mails on that subject and let me know what you think.

Also, I would like to see how many IFBB Pros are interested in having some one start a union. Please e-mail me your thoughts and make sure you include your name at the end of your e-mail. Your e-mail is and will be totally confidential with absolutely no chance of your identity being leaked.

Fitness Routines = Soft Porn?

Just watched the Fitness Olympia DVD and all I can say is holy shit! Jenny Hendershot not only comes out in a nuns outfit, grabs her crotch several times, strips down to a flesh colored out fit making her look damn near naked, but she then also dry humps the stage, leaving me with some wood if you know what I mean? I think all the girls should do this type of routine!

Jen At The 2004 Olympia.

As a matter of fact let's have two or three girls doing there routines together. They could simulate some soft porn, which would be great for the image of fitness. Oh, wait a minute, that's right, at the Arnold Classic Hendershot kissed two girls on stage, sorry I forgot.

I got a fantastic idea. In the final of a Pro Figure Contest, we could take the final five placing athletes, have them oil wrestle in a small plastic pool, and the last girl remaining in the pool wins. Boo-ya!

Now onto my readers questions

Questions & Answers

[ Q ] Hey bro, I was one of the first people to e-mail you back when you first started this whole thing and I wanted to say, keep doing what you're doing because it sure beats a lot of the sh!t that's in the rags you can buy at the store.

Question; have you ever had or know anyone who has ever had tendonitis in their rotator's and what did they do to get past it? The funny thing is it doesn't bother me when I train only when I'm not training.

    A. I love to see repeat readers that continue sending in the questions. Thank you for your support and keep the questions coming because you'll get the no holds barred truth right here mate.

    Real easy remedy to tendonitis is good old fashion Advil. I've used Advil for years and it's remarkable how much the stuff really works. Now, keep in mind that it can be taxing on your liver and kidneys but so is everything else that pro bodybuilders take.

    Glucosamine is another preventive measure you can take and using the two in conjunction is extremely effective.

[ Q ] Hello, I read your column on BB.com and had a few questions that I would love to have answered. My first question is, what are your thoughts on IGF-1LR3. Is it in the bodybuilders list of drugs now?

    A. To be totally honest with you, I have never in my 22 years of being a pro seen the stuff. I've heard about it several times, seen some bottles that were so obviously fake it wasn't funny and never have I heard one pro he or she is using it.

    Wish I could do much more thorough job of answering your question but that's all I know about the stuff.

[ Q ] Why doesn't Markus Ruhl get the credit he deserves? He is bigger and better looking than most of the pros on stage. He may not be as ripped but it seems that people like the size game and if that's the case he is the king.

    A. Well, I'm one athlete that pays great amounts of attention to detail. Although Markus is a freak in deed, you can't change the genetic flaw that he's put together in a very unpleasing way. There is nothing pleasing about his physique.

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    You're right, if size was the only factor then Ruhl truly is the king but fact remains that there are many more areas to look than just size. For instance; symmetry, skin tone, posing ability, conditioning from front to back and let's not forget that lumps from site injections is just not something the judges would like to see.

    Although Markus seems to be in very good conditioned on his front side, when he turns his back tot the crowd. The conditioning disappears. For example, Dexter Jackson has the same degree of conditioning on both his front and back side not to mention head to toe. Markus does not and this holds him back from winning pro shows. But, believe me when I say I am a Markus Ruhl fan, big time!

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[ Q ] I would love to turn pro some day and I am working very hard at it. I have competed many times around places at my home and have done very well. I am 23 years old, 225 lbs. at 5'9 and about 8% body fat. What does it take to become a pro?

    A. Sounds like you're off to a very good start with the stats you've indicated. What does it take to turn pro? Hard work my friend, and lots of it!

    You must eat, sleep and breathe bodybuilding each and every day. I'm serious, each and every day!

    Undercover Pro On How To Turn Pro:

    • 7 A.M. - 1 hour of cardio on an empty stomach, 6 days a week.

    • 8 A.M. - Feeding time with adequate protein and carbohydrate sources.

    • 9:15 A.M. - Training session followed by a whey and glutamine shake.

    • 11 A.M. - Feeding time again.

    • 2 P.M. - Feeding time again followed by a 2 hour nap.

    • 5 P.M. - Feeding time again.

    • 6:15 P.M. - Training session #2 followed by a whey and glutamine shake.

    • 8 P.M. - Feeding time again and then 1 hour later, another 1 hour session of cardio.

    • 11 P.M. - Whey protein shake and it's off to bed.

    Guess what? The next day it's starts all over again and this goes on for 10 weeks at a time sometimes 4 times a year. Also, tanning five days a week to get that beautiful skin tone the judges look for while showing off your physique.

    You have to find time to practice your mandatory posing so you don't look like a fool on stage as in the case in point when Paul Dillett competed, the guy couldn't pose worth shit.

    Speaking of posing, you have to put a good posing routine together especially now a days with guys like Darrem Charles who pose so awesome you'll look like a complete fool if you don't have at least something decent to present.

    Now, let's not forget the steroids involved because without steroids you're not going to be a professional bodybuilder no way - no how.

    And then, last but not least, supplements;

    Most important: You have to be a yes man, keep your mouth shut and don't piss of the people in charge because no matter how good you are, you'll go no where in this wonderful non-political sport, Boo-ya!

[ Q ] Whatever happened to IFBB Pro Orville Burke? The guy was very huge and I truly believe he was one bodybuilder who possessed the potential to give Ronnie Coleman hell. I believe he would be giving Ronnie trouble by now.

    A. Sad story for this gentleman. That's exactly what Orville Burke was, a true gentle giant. From what I understand, Orville went under the knife for a simple tricep tear surgery repair.

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    I've heard several different stories about what happened, but I think it was a case of accidental anesthesiologist's mistake. Either too much anesthesia or the wrong kind (what ever the case may be) resulting in Orville Burke lying in a coma for several weeks.

    When Mr. Burke finally came out of the coma sources say he hasn't been the same ever since. I wish him all the best. If anyone reading my column knows Orville or knows what going on with him present day, please feel free to e-mail me and I will include it in my next column.