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IFBB Pro Undercover #34.

Victor Conte tells the truth, Mike Matarazzo has heart surgery and questions and answers from the IFBB Undercover...

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of Bodybuilding.com. These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #34

Victor Conte Tells The Truth!

Victor Conte's SNAC ZMA.
World class athletes are reporting tremendous benefits from ZMA, in the gym, as well as on the athletic field. For example, more than 250 NFL players are currently taking ZMA. Designed and patented by the man, Victor Conte.

Victor Conte from Balco Labs got on national television with the help of 20/20 and apparently spilled the beans on what's been going on in the sports arena for about 40 years now, steroids. It was classic and refreshing to finally see some one tell the truth about what's really going on with men and women continually breaking records in all facets of sports, all using steroids.

How funny was to hear some of these big name athletes actually saying they were rubbing cream on their bodies but thought it was for joint pain... ya right, I have a bridge in China for sale! Or how about Kelly White admitting she used steroids, they pulled her two gold medals giving the medals to the second place winners and then they in fact tested positive for steroids, holy shit that was awesome.

Why was it awesome? Because it shows that these people aren't cheating, their only doing what it takes to play on an even playing field. That is exactly what Victor Conte was saying the whole time.

I have an idea, let's get the tobacco industry CEO's and put them behind bars for selling a product that actually kills people, proven to kill at that.

Mike Matarazzo Undergoes Triple Bypass Heart Surgery

Bodybuilding great Mike Matarazzo underwent triple bypass heart surgery on Wednesday, December 8th and is now recovering in his home in Modesto, California. He went to the hospital on December 5th complaining of shortness of breath thinking it was a virus of some kind only to find out two of his arteries were completely blocked and one was 90% blocked.

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Only alternative was triple bypass heart construction. Knowing Mike Matarazzo, he'll be back in the gym before the end of June 2005, I'll bet anyone. God speed to his recovery.

Now On To Questions...

[ Q ] Hi, I enjoy you editorial and have read it from the first one. My question is about joints, since I have trouble with cartilage for years. I head that Glucosamine sulfate (tell me how to use it) is a great thing to use, but is there something more efficient than Glucosamine or something which will give a synergy in combination with?

    A. Glucosamine is a very effective supplement to use for your joint trouble. Use it three times daily with the suggested dosage. If that works for your joint pain then great, if not, simply increase the mg. slightly until it actually shows signs of working.

    There are supplement companies that also combine MSM with the Glucosamine for a very effective tool in your training. The MSM has been proven to speed up the recovery of sore joints and this combination will be the most synergistic combination that I know of.

    Another way to combat joint pain is to simply make sure you warm thoroughly before training. The blood to the muscle and fluid in the joints, the less pain you will have.

[ Q ] I've been following your article since the very first one. My question is will you ever reveal your true identity? Not that it matters because I will still read your column.

    A. Some day in the very near future, yes I will in fact reveal my identity. There is a factor of mystery with my column being that I write under a hidden name. This mystery brings many fans back to my column each and every month because they know I will always tell the truth being that it cannot affect me in any way.

    I haven't competed in many years but I attend all the shows and keep up with the entire scoop surrounding its athletes whether it be good or bad. For now, enjoy my column, read the truth in its entirety and know that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck!

[ Q ] Here are my questions for you; 1. Is Tony Freeman natural? 2. I went to the Show of Strength in ATL and the fitness girls in the expo booths are so hot. Do these chicks get freaky on the contest weekends? Got any good stories? 3. I am sure you are biased, but do you think the bodies of the 70's and 80's BB's are more aesthetically pleasing than the monsters of today? 4. Do you think bodybuilding will become an Olympic sport?

    A: 1. Are you kidding me? No one on an IFBB Professional stage is natural, no one.

    2. My stories aren't going anywhere my brother. If I were to reveal one of my wicked week ends, I would have several fitness girls very mad at me. But I can tell you that your question in regard to fitness girls at the expos as well as wanting me to inform you to the exploits of one of these women are both idiotic and very adolescent. Big favor to yourself, why don't you just walk up and say hello next time you attend an expo.

    3. I think there are aesthetically pleasing bodybuilders in present day as well as back in the 70's and 80's. Good example is the 2004 Night of Champions when Melvin Anthony won the crown.

    He's not a mass monster by no means rather a very pleasing physique with an extremely small waste giving him the winning combination at that show. Dexter Jackson, Darrem Charles and even Richard Jones are all good examples of aesthetically pleasing physiques.

    I think the difference between the bodybuilder of today and the bodybuilder of the 80's is simply the amount of GH and Insulin the Pro's use today. The amounts are much greater with much less concern for their health resulting in much more muscle mass.

    4. First of all, I wouldn't consider bodybuilding a sport, rather an art form. With the new Bush administration laws on steroids and all the attention brought to the bodybuilding arena due to the Balco Lab scandal, I just don't see how it could ever become an Olympic event. Further more, if it was to become an Olympic event it would be all natural and we all know no one would care to see a bunch of swimmers on stage.

[ Q ] Do you think the judging in the Olympia is still influenced/decided by Joe Weider or has his influence started to really deteriorate of late?

    A. I truly believe there are a few athletes that get special judging due to whom they're signed with and what kind of exposure they've been receiving in the magazines and/or how much money the company they're endorsed by is putting into the shows.

    A good example is Gunter. Everyone knows his body is tremendously lacking the lines, detail and mass to be placing in the top 6 in the Olympia, but he seems to be in the mix every single time. He's one of the highest paid AMI signed athletes not to mention the fans as well as Joe Weider happen to like him very much.

    One of the biggest travesties in the sport is when Gunter actually beat Ronnie Coleman at the 2002 GNC Show of Strength. All in attendance new it was to increase ticket sales for the Mr. Olympia that followed months later. Bottom line, Gunter is absolutely fantastic for ticket sales!

    Jay Cutler in the 2004 Mr. Olympia had no business being placed second nor did he deserve to win the 2004 Arnold Classic. Cutler was off his top condition in both shows.

    In the Arnold Classic he was extremely over dieted and very depleted and in the Olympia his entire back side was smooth with little to no detail. Muscletech however pays great sums of money to sponsor these shows and Jay is their lead lap dog. So to answer your question, yes I firmly believe some of the Pro Bodybuilders get special attention when it comes to their results on stage.

[ Q ] What is your opinion of Mike Mentzer's or Dorian's training philosophy on weight training? I personally think its bull$hit. What amazes me is that Dorian was so successful with this form of training.

    A. If you're referring to the training style where there were only 4-6 sets per body-part performed, then I am one of those who just can't seem to grasp how that would work at any level to build muscle?

    After watching Dorian train in his video's it always seemed to me that he was performing many more sets then he acknowledged. I think he was doing more set's then he actually counted with the first 4-5 sets being his warm up and then 3-4 sets being his working movements at max weight.

    Whatever you like to call Mr. Yates training style it definitely worked for him for many years. I think the misconception lies in the fact that he did not count his warm up sets.

[ Q ] You're the man. Honest and no bull$hit. I'm only 16 and really into bodybuilding and football. Would a ten week cycle of 500mg a week of Testosterone Enanthate stacked with 200 mg a week of Deca Durabolin and 6 weeks of 25 mg a day of Dianabol and Nolvadex be good for my age? What other supplements should I be

    A. Honest and no bull$hit right? You are the exact reason steroids are illegal! You have absolutely no business being on any form of anabolics, what-so-ever! Do you not realize that you're still growing and the assistance of steroids is not only a waste, but it can and probably will stunt your natural growth.

    You're giving your body the impression that it's growing at a much more rapid rate that result in your own natural hormones shutting down. Get off the steroids as soon as you read this, immediately!

    Steroids are a choice you should be making after you've long made it thru puberty. I would say don't even think about using steroids until your at least 22 and that's if you feel like breaking the law and possibly ending up in jail. Now I'm not going to leave you hanging. Here is a good supplement schedule to go on without the use of steroids.

    Also load up on the vitamin C to fight off colds and keep your immune system high. If you train hard and keep up with this natural supplement program you will find you do not need steroids at this time in your life.

See you next time right here at IFBB Pro Undercover!