IFBB Pro Undercover #32.

What does the Undercover Pro think about the Show Of Strength, who should have won, Olympia predictions, Q & A and more...

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Column #32

The GNC Pro Show took place last October 9th in Atlanta and the "Teflon Man" pulls out the win with little to no trouble. Victor Martinez who I now refer to as the "Teflon Man" smashed the Show of Strength with very little effort.

After getting busted for selling steroids directly to under cover narcotics on several incidence's in NY last year and serving 60 days in jail, and then getting busted again for possession while on probation, takes the gold at the GNC. This task in hand is definitely worthy of the title "Teflon Man". Congrats to Victor Maitinez.

GNC SOS Breakdown

Victor Martinez

He won the show as soon as he stepped on stage. Victor actually looked really good. Big, full and separated, not grainy but was really complete.

Darrem Charles

Darrem is the all time most consistent pro to hit the stage. Time and time again he presents a separated well conditioned physique and always brings the house down with his routine. Charles even seems to put on a little more muscle which was most impressive.

Gastavo Badell

Badell continues to improve with added muscle and excellent conditioning. When Gastavo posed his muscle really came alive with great separation and some of the only grainy muscle in the show.

Branch Warren

Thick, thick, thick is the best way to describe Warren. His physique is very unbalanced but he makes up for it with muscle. Branch totally took advantage of the fact that Troy Alves and Craig Titus were off their game.

Troy Alves

Troy looked excellent from the front but was very weak form the sides and the rear. His conditioning was not that of the standard Troy Alves and I'm sure if he read this he would totally agree. All in all Troy looked good and fourth or fifth place could have went either way with no complaints form anyone.

Craig Titus

Titus needs to use the formula he was using in his photos posted on musclemayhem.com two weeks before the show. Honestly, compared to past shows, Titus looked terrible and looked really bad compared to two weeks earlier. If he brings in the package he obtains 2 weeks out he will be a force on stage. Pics here.

    Pics From The Show Here.
    Full Results Here.

That's my breakdown of the GNC Pro Show. I'm sure a few of the pros may not be happy with my final analysis but some times the truth has to be told.

Mr. Olympia Predictions

I just read in Max Muscle Magazine that they're predicting Jay Cutler to win the Olympia! Holy shit, does anyone know how absolutely ridiculous that is? I've said this a dozen times and I'll state it once again; "Ronnie Coleman is in a league all by himself, NO ONE compares to him on any level of competition, no level"! This is a fact, not an opinion, nothing but fact.

I wish people would get off the Cutler kick and realize Jay is an awesome bodybuilder but cannot hold a candle to Ronnie Coleman, that's absolutely absurd! Oh yeah, I forgot, Max Muscle has Jay signed in a clothing contract, that explains it.

Even more ridiculous, who ever the genius is writing for Max Muscle also put Darrem Charles and Pavol Jablonicky in front of Cormier and Gunter. While I totally agree with putting them both in front of Gunter to say that these two gentlemen even stand a chance against seasoned pro "The Real Deal" Chris Cormier is a joke.

I think MM was just trying to get a controversial response like my own here at Bodybulding.com. Not to mention putting "Mr. Slim" Richard Jones anywhere in the top ten just shows that reading MM Olympia predictions must be compared to something out of Mad Magazine.

  1. Ronnie Coleman - This man has already won the show. He doesn't even have to walk on stage; it's just that f^cking obvious.

Lonnie Teper's Mr. Olympia Predictions: Will It Be Seven Up For Ronnie?
I doubted Ronnie Coleman last year. Won't make the same mistake twice. I say The Big Nasty makes it seven in a row when the fella's get together for the annual Mr. Olympia bash, set for October 30 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
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  1. Jay Cutler or Chris Cormier - After the rip off Cormier got served to him at the 2004 Arnold Classic I see Cormier taking second if in fact he comes in on the money. We all know Cutler will be on; he's very consistent but Cormier without a doubt has a much better structure.

  2. This place will go to either Cutler or Chris.

  3. Dexter Jackson - "The Blade" will be ripped, full and grainy as usual. With the few extra pounds of muscle he's added on he will be very impressive.

  4. Gunter - I don't agree with this spot but being one of the top paid athletes on A.M.I. pay roll they will have no choice but to keep him in the top five.

  5. Dennis James - If in fact Dennis makes it to the show while dealing with his legal problems I for see him in this spot. Dennis's training shots on were unbelievable. Huge and showing good conditioning for being 4 weeks out. Pics here.

  6. Victor Martinez - The "Teflon Man" will be in following up the giants. I think Victor will be even tighter that the GNC Pro Show where I believe he will loose another 8-10 pounds giving up his size to the giants before him.

  7. Marcus Ruhl - The Freak of Freaks will be fighting for the 7th place spot with Victor and it should make for some interesting call outs, especially in the symmetry round.

  8. This spot will be a toss up between Darrem Charles and Gustavo Badell. Totally different physiques but both are very impressive in their own rights. Charles with his extreme separation and lines and Gustavo with his muscle that really pops and comes alive when he poses.

It's going to be very interesting considering Muscletech is now the head line sponsor of the Olympia. Funny, it's Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia and Weider isn't even the head line sponsor. This is one of those things that make you go hmmmm...

There is one absolutely fantastic addition to the Olympia judging this year that will really put a nice spin and add much needed crowd participation to the event. Jim Manion, Vice Chairman of the IFBB along with his staff has come up with another judging round that will take place just before the pose down.

After the final six competitors are announced they will then line up on stage facing the crowd. Starting with the sixth place athlete each athlete will have a chance to call out the other five competitors. Sixth calling out 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st in whatever pose he feels he could take that particular opponent in. Then it continues until each athlete has had the opportunity to call the other out.

This will do two things; first, the crowd is going to go absolutely nuts which will be bring much needed excitement to the event Second, it may actually give another athlete the chance to show case his pose and move up a spot. Great idea if you ask me.

Another disturbing rumor going around the IFBB is that next year may be limited in it's competitions to as little as five shows. What? That's really bad for the sport. As a matter of fact if there is any truth to this what so ever and it actually happens, the sport could be shut down, real fast. By limiting the amount of shows you do several very damaging things to this industry in every aspect, athletes, media, promoters and supplement companies.

Athletes, because they can only show case their talent a few times a year not generating enough in come in prize money or guest posing gigs. Media, because now athlete's photos will be very limited due to the fact that they are in contest shape only when it is contest time. Promoters for the obvious, no shows no money. And what supplement companies are going to keep athletes signed if they cannot compete.

This rumor better had not been true for the sake of our sport. I cannot think for the life of me why in hell any shows could be cancelled by anyone but the promoters. I firmly believe that the IFBB has no right what so ever to determine who can promote a competition as long as they pay their sanction fee. This brings me to another grievance.

Why in the hell hasn't Darrem Charles been paid for winning the Orlando Pro Show? Why doesn't the Weider organization step up and pay Darrem his $10,000? Isn't that the honorable thing to do or maybe I guess $300,000,000 isn't enough to make off the sale of Weider Publications. Funny, Weider Publication got their $20,000 for the sanction fee for the Orlando Pro Show to take place but Darrem hasn't been paid.


Questions & Answers

[ Q ] I'm living a very hectic lifestyle at the moment I can't find time to go to sleep after training hence it's effecting my growth. Is there anything I can do to substitute 1 hour of sleep during the day?

    A. Unfortunately there isn't anything that can take the place of a good old after training nap. The sleep is extremely important right after training for instant recovery and maximum muscle growth.

    You're going to have to find a way to get that sleep in right after training. The way I see it is if you don't have to go to work after training then it's nap time for you!

[ Q ] Have you heard that the prize Money for the Mr. Olympia is subject to change? How can the IFBB do that and what can the athletes do?

    A. I've heard a few things regarding this subject but just found out recently that is in fact true.

    But, just because the prize money break down has not been released as of now, doesn't mean it will be lower, it could actually be raised slightly.

    All the athletes signed their contracts with the assumption the prize money would be the exact as it has been in the past Mr. Olympia's or maybe even raised slightly as it's been raised a few time in the past few years.

    The only action the athletes can do is stick together at the athletes meeting and simply say; we're not competing in your event unless you put in writing this very instant the prize money to be given out, and the financial compensation to be awarded has to be the same as the past shows.

    If they do this the IFBB can not hold the Mr. Olympia without the athletes, that's a fact. Will the competitors do this? In this case I really thing they will! What a good time for some one to start a union.

    Let me also say that I think the athletes may be jumping the gun a little because in all reality I just do not see the IFBB lowering the financial rewards for the show.

[ Q ] Just writing you to commend you on a great column. Did Lee Priest withdraw for this year's Mr. Olympia? And if so, what was the reason? I hope he's ok.

    A. Lee is very much ok. From what I understand, Lee was not interested in signing the contract to actually perform in the Mr. Olympia because the Mr. Olympia contract is designed in such a way where A.M.I. and Weider publications as well as Weider Nutrition is 100% free of all liability. They are not responsible for ANYTHING that could happen to an athlete at their show.

    Also, these organizations obtain the rights to all video, DVD and pay-per-view moneys to be obtained with no compensation going to the athletes. You have to take your hat off to Lee Priest with him having the balls to no to these injustices.

[ Q ] Hello, I've been training for 2 years with great results. I'm doing my strength training right now and after this I will perform my hypertrophy training. I want to do a beginner cycle; Test Enanthate, 500 mg a week for 10 weeks. Deca, 300 mg a week for 10 weeks with D-Bol at 30 mg a day for 4 weeks along with Femara, 1.5 mg every other day during the cycle. Post cycle I plan on using HCG and clomid. What do you think of this drug scheme?

    A. First I have to say that to possess or use anabolic steroids is a federal offense and punishable under the same laws as cocaine and other mind altering drugs. So, be very careful in your quest to put on muscle.

    The cycle you have disclosed to me is a very good beginner cycle except I would add in possibly one more steroid for maximum results. During the first 5 weeks of your scheme use the D-Bol tabs along with the Enanthate and Deca. The ladder 5 weeks of your cycle throw in 10 Anavar tabs daily to finish with the Enanthate and Deca.

    Make sure you use supplements along with your cycle to insure enough protein intake so that you can get maximum results from your steroids. Remember steroids speed up protein synthesis so it is essential to keep your nitrogen balance high.

Stay tuned right here for my post Olympia preview that I promise to be brutally honest, just the way you, my readers want it!