IFBB Pro Undercover #25.

Over two years now and this column has reached mega proportions with readers interested in the truth. This edition is going to cover quite a few things, most of them bad, but that's why you read this column, to obtain the truth.

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of Bodybuilding.com. These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #25

Over two years now and this column has reached mega proportions with readers interested in the truth. This edition is going to cover quite a few things, most of them bad, but that's why you read this column, to obtain the truth.

Trevor Smith Dead At 33

Trevor Smith, owner of Nuclear Nutrition passed away March 6th, 2004. Trevor, who was pushing the scale at close to 400 pounds died due to a brain aneurism and was found lying face down on his kitchen floor five days past his time of death. Honestly, when I first heard the news I was positive you would hear it was caused from a massive heart attack due to being severely over weight and or the use of far too many anabolic steroids. I've talked to Trevor on several occasions and the amounts he used were astronomical to say the least.

Trevor Smith (Left) With Jay Cutler - Read His Recent Interview.

Trevor was one of those guys that just never thought he was big enough or strong enough. I also thought that another cause of death may have been due to the abuse of Synthol that Nuclear Nutrition manufactures. Fact is, Trevor was down in weight some where in the neighborhood of 300 pounds and the cause of death was a brain aneurism.

Dennis James Arrested In Thailand

Dennis James was arrested recently in Thailand for receiving a package from Germany containing two kits of growth hormone as well as 18 tablets of ecstasy. Dennis is said to have signed for the package that was mailed to Dennis's gym unaware of the fact that the DEA was watching him in relation to illegal activity with Milos Sarcev (reliable source indicated), Dennis's buddy. You might say to yourself no big deal; the amounts of both substances are not worth any kind of legal attention or ramification. Wrong!

Unfortunately in Thailand 15 tablets of ecstasy constitutes itself as possession with a minor punishment of possible probation and or community service. Problem is in Thailand anything over 15 tablets is considered distribution punishable by death or 40 years in prison. Needless to say Mr. James is in a whole world of shit. Dennis is out on bail at the present awaiting the outcome of his case. I read on GetBig that something is fishy with this case asking why would Dennis take a chance with his contracts and his new home that is presently under construction.

Well, to answer that question with all honesty, that's precisely what drug dealers do, take chances. I think I speak for the bodybuilding world when I say I hope he hired one of the best attorney's money could buy. We here at Bodybuilding.com sincerely hope everything works out and Dennis is back on the pro stage as soon as possible.

Arnold Classic DEA Subpoenas

Now onto the next unbelievable news flash; at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio the D.E.A. proceeded to serve subpoenas to various pro bodybuilders all in connection with Milos Sarcev. In December, agents from the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency raided the home of champion bodybuilder, Milos Sarcev in Fullerton, California. The DEA took his computer among many other things and the shit has hit the fan from there.

Sarcev trained Balco Labs client, Tim Montgomery just before he set the world record in the 100 meter event back in September in 2002. Sarcev has also prepared several pro bodybuilders for competitions apparently leaving this information for the DEA to read on his computer. It doesn't take a genius to know where all these subpoenas are stemming from. Rick Collins, Sarcev's attorney has stated that it is possible his client is the target of this investigation. I'm here to tell you it's not only possible but it's exactly what's going on. Several of the IFBB Pros who have received subpoenas say that the agents were asking what their relations were to Milo Sarcev.

The bodybuilders went on to say the agents also asked what their relations to Dennis James were and if they knew any information in regards to any illegal activity between Sarcev and James. Sources say this is an on going investigation in an attempt to try to build a case against Sarcev. My sources say the case has to do with steroid distribution which is a federal offense. Sources also say the agents were at Shawn Ray's home several weeks ago talking with Shawn for over an hour. Being that Shawn Ray was not served a subpoena and the agents possessed no warrant to enter his home, what exactly was the reason for Mr. Ray's co-operation. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall that day.

It's a sad day when pro bodybuilders have to be bothered by the DEA or any other type of law enforcement while trying to prepare for their show. Can you imagine how some of them may have felt? Imagine being in the hotel room the night before your show and the police knock on your door to ask you about a possible connection with steroid sales... holy shit! Talk about stress levels sky rocketing. I for one hope that my name was not on Mr. Sarcev's computer! The grand jury is set for March 24th in Iowa. Only time will tell who got served and how many IFBB Pros will actually testify.

To make matters worse, Arnold's police security along with their dogs were walking around back stage and in the hotel smelling every bag they could get close to. This put a very thick layer of tension in the air making this year's Arnold Classic very weird to say the least.

Arnold Classic Placings Review

Here's my Arnold Classic review; the general consensus is that Dexter Jackson should have won followed by Jay Cutler and then Chris Cormier in third.


Cutler in my opinion was way over dieted but his grainy look was enough for the judges to give him the win. Personally I think Jay tried to play into Dexter Jackson's extreme conditioning and sacrificed far too much size. But, Jay did win the show no matter what I think or anyone else for that matter and with that win came another $100,000, another Hummer and a $20,000 watch. Let me add that this is the third Arnold Classic win for Jay Cutler.


Chris was full with round muscle bellies but seem to be holding a film of water from head to toe. He was the Chris Cormier that the fans were used to seeing. After coming off such a poor showing at the GNC Show of Strength, Chris was hoping to pull a victory out at the Arnold but second was the best he was going to receive here. Cormier has the genetics to be the second best bodybuilder in the world (behind Ronnie Coleman) but his work ethic is poor to say the least. Personally I had Chris in third place.


Here is where things get very interesting. Dexter was the clear cut winner from the moment the show started. He was hard, he was grainy, he had absolutely no flaws and he's the only athlete I've ever seen that has matched conditioning from head to toe front to back. The entire weekend focused on how Dexter got screwed and believe me when I tell you I talked to not one person who thought otherwise.


Here we go again. Gunter was the Gunter of the past. He was very big weighing at least 300 pounds but the loose skin on his back was very prominent in this show. Some one needs to explain to Gunter what a tanning bed is because the man continues to show up with almost no color. From the front, Gunter is a decent bodybuilder but when he showcases his back shots, nothing happens. His conditioning on his back side is watered down and holds very little detail. I had Gunter in 7th place but of course the judges made sure he was in the top five.


The German giant made an excellent showing with pretty even conditioning from head to toe, front to back. Usually Ruhl is always softer on his back side but in Columbus he came in ready to rumble. I had Marcus in the fourth place spot and really no one could have argued if in fact the judges decided to put him in third swapping out with Cormier.


I'm not necessarily a Titus fan and frankly I don't like him, but this was the best Titus since the 2001 San Fran Grand Prix and you have to give him his props. Craig worked with Chad Nicholls for this event and I think he's found the formula that works for him. Craig was hard as nails, full muscle bellies, had a great V-taper and had no weak body parts to pick from. Titus's triceps and hamstrings are second to none in the sport today! The chest surgery Titus had performed prior to this year's season definitely made a huge impact on the appearance of his chest. When he was announced 6th place Craig seemed to extremely happy with his placing. Personally I had Titus in 5th.

Note: Arnold pics by MuscleTime (except Gunter by Patrick Sweeney). Used with permission.

Since this was the top six at the 2004 Arnold "DEA" Classic this is the way I would have placed the athletes;

  1. Dexter Jackson
  2. Jay Cutler
  3. Chris Cormier
  4. Marcus Ruhl
  5. Craig Titus
  6. Gunter Schlierkamp

Other Awards

Now let's talk about some other awards that made absolutely no friggin' sense what so ever! Most muscular award going to Cutler... no way! Ruhl had the most muscular body on that stage, end of story. Best posing routine going to King Kamali, give me a f*cking break! Unless they had 10 - 12 year girls judging that round I just don't see how some one can receive this award by literally hitting three poses. It is called a posing round, is it not? Like Dorian Yates stated during his coverage of the event, "this should be called the dance round". Kamali had no business winning this award and believe me when I tell you the other athletes were not happy. All in all the judging as far as where the athletes placed was decent, but the whole Gunter gift giving never seems to stop. I think Gunter is the only man in the sport who doesn't have to make an attempt to have good skin color on stage.

Full 2004 Arnold Classic Coverage And Tons Of Pics - View.


I will keep you all informed with the future happenings of the on going DEA investigation and let you know who in fact did receive subpoenas for the March 24th federal grand jury inquiry in the future edition of IFBB Pro Undercover.

Don't forget to e-mail your questions to me at ifbbpro@bodybuilders.com right away! See you next month on Bodybuilding.com.