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IFBB Pro Undercover #24.

Lots of great questions this past month so lets get started.

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of Bodybuilding.com. These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #24

After 60 days in jail Victor Matinez is now released and trying to get his life back together. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Victor seems like a really good person and we wish him all the best and hope everything works out. Victor is young and he has a brilliant future ahead of him as long as he plays his cards correctly. So many bodybuilders are basically shitty as people and it seems like it always happens to the nice guys. As long as people realize that just because someone goes to jail it doesn't mean they're a bad person. No one knows all the details and actual reasons why Victor was incarcerated so no one has the right to judge him. It's up to Victor to tell the truth on his situation. Enough on that subject, lots of great questions this past month so lets get started.

Is Jay Cutler making a mistake doing the 2004 Arnold Classic and not sitting out until the 2004 Olympia?

Jay Cutler At The 2003 Arnold Classic

I think the Arnold could be a great thing for Jay. Because Ronnie defeated him so badly he needs to redeem himself so he puts a threat back into the minds of his opponents. Then at the 2003 Show Of Strength Dexter beat Jay taking away the mystique that Cutler is unbeatable. He can obtain everything he's lost with a win at the Arnold so I personally think it's a fantastic idea to try and redeem himself. It's going to be tough because the line up is deep and I mean real deep! You have Cormier who also has some redemption of his own to get, Markus Ruhl coming off a long rest, Gunter who can place first or fifth depending how much the crowd yells, and of course Dexter Jackson who will have sensational conditioning. Then you have the scrubs like Titus, Kamali and the rest of the pack. I think Jay should win this one but not with easy satisfaction.

I'm sick and tired of bodybuilders claiming their heart disease (Arnold) and kidney disorders (Flex) are due to bad genetics. Both of these guys used massive amounts of roids for well over a decade, yet claim it's congenital. Yeah right, statements like these mislead kids. What are your thoughts?

First off, I've only known one person that has any kind of heart problems and that was Lee Priest a few years back but that was some kind of infection. I'm not actually sure if they linked that to any kind of steroid use but the doctors did tell him it was very serious. As far as Arnold is concerned he had an actual hole in his heart that was a defect from birth. It was proven that his heart problem was in fact a genetic defect and nothing more.

Now, in the case of Flex Wheeler (pictured right), I would have to totally agree with you in saying his kidney problems were in fact caused by the sport of bodybuilding. However I personally think that his problems occurred after severe abuse of extremely powerful diuretics, one known as Demadex. I know that Demadex put Craig Titus in the hospital for over 24 hours following the 2001 Mr. Olympia contest. I can remember it being the talk of the show on the following day. Demadex is very dangerous and was severely abused and still is being abused by many bodybuilders because it is not on the drug testing list. Flex Wheeler is having problems with his health because of severe steroid and diuretic abuse. But, be sure to get your facts straight and realize that these incidents are few and far between. I don't know of any of the old time bodybuilders having any sort of heart problems at the present time.

Learn about Flex Wheeler's kidney problems in his new book, Flex Ability.

I really admire what you are doing and I hope you realize how many young bodybuilders you are helping and even saving. You are telling us the truth about bodybuilding compared to the lies and unrealistic claims in the magazines and supplement ads. My question is about realistic muscle gains. How much muscle can the average experienced steroid using bodybuilder realistically gain in one year devoted only to bulking up and adding muscle with no shows or competitions during that time?

Honestly, you've heard all kinds of stories about guys putting on 20-30 pounds in one year. Yes, this is true but remember; 10 pounds of that is water, another 10 pounds is fat and the other, if you're lucky and very consistent with your training could in fact be muscle. I would say by experience, if everything is perfect and consistent (training, rest and nutrition) 10 pounds would be the maximum amount in one year. Just make sure you're taking in enough protein to generate more muscle fiber. Use a good Whey Protein and Glutamine since they are essential for putting on mass and staying anabolic. Please make sure if you're are going to use steroids to get your blood checked at least once every three months to make sure nothing is going wrong with your kidneys or liver. This is very important.

I have always wondered about female fitness competitors. Do they take any steroids or diuretics?

After being in and around the sport as long as I have you can easily see who is using steroids and who is not. I would have to say that a greater amount of fitness athletes do not use steroids but do in fact use Clenbuterol to take off extra body fat. I know of one time a fitness athlete at the first Show Of Strength last year was having a difficult time with cramping as a direct result of using diuretics. There were some people in the industry trying to get her trainer to come and take care of the problem. Let me go on further to say that if a fitness athlete has to use diuretics or steroids to prepare for a show then they have no business being a fitness athlete. The problem in fitness is not steroid use, it's the idiot gurus that literally starve their clients and have absolutely no idea what they're doing. You don't starve a fitness athlete; they need calories to fuel their workouts and routine practice. You feed a fitness athlete and simply increase their activity level. I see this all the time. Some of these girls are so depleted and run down I can't imagine how they find the energy to compete.

Ronnie Coleman has the best back in bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman has some of the best arms in the business, but am I the only person that notices his stomach sticks out like he's a pregnant woman? If anyone else had a stomach like that they would never win. He's big and he does have great lines but how can you possibly say he's the best in the world?

Are Stomach's Out Of Control? Read Opinions.

Well, you're right. If anyone in the sport had a stomach like his they wouldn't ever win because they don't have the other attributes Coleman has... arms, chest, back, quads, hams, glutes and crazy conditioning. You see, Ronnie is so damn freaky that his stomach would have to stick out like Dennis James' to really have a negative effect on his placing. I can name 5 guys who's stomachs stick out worse than his and they still place; Orville Burke, Dennis James, Craig Titus, Markus Ruhl and on more than one occasion Claude Grux. But none of these gentlemen have any of the force Ronnie's obtains. If you ever doubt that Ronnie Coleman is the best in the world, purchase his training tape and see for yourself. The man is a freak of nature.

If You Could Put Two Inches On Your Arms, But Lose Two Inches "Down There", Would You Do It?
Yes - More People See My Arms.
No Way - Why Have Big Arms Then?
I Don't Have Two Inches To Lose Down There.

Is Gunter gay? I have heard that he is.

Let me first say that there's nothing wrong with being gay if in fact you are. The thing that I have noticed about Gunter since his recent break up with his wife is that he's never in the company of females. I have never seen Gunter in the presence of a woman at any bodybuilding event or appearance. It's always the same gentlemen in Gunter Mania T-Shirts. I've found this to be very strange to say the least. I don't necessarily think this can be enough evidence to say he's gay but it is a pretty good indication that he loves male companionship. Pay close attention to see if in fact Gunter is with a female at the next bodybuilding event? Not that this matters, but you asked.

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