IFBB Pro Undercover #20.

Let's start the big issue #20 with a subject that everyone is going crazy over trying to find out the truth. What the hell really happened to Ronnie Coleman in Arlington, Texas concerning some kind of illegal package in the mail?

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Column #20

Let's start the big issue #20 with a subject that everyone is going crazy over trying to find out the truth. What the hell really happened to Ronnie Coleman in Arlington, Texas concerning some kind of illegal package in the mail? Truth is, I'm happy to say Ronnie was not charged with anything... there are no police reports showing that he has been charged with anything. However, there was an incident concerning a family member excepting a package that was containing illegal substances. I did personally talk to quite a few Arlington Police officers who did inform me that Ronnie was brought down to the station for questioning, that's it. I really do not care to elaborate on the family member because even I think that's really none of our business.

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With the Mr. Olympia coming in two weeks, guys that supposedly were out of the show are now saying they're back in? How can they do this if in fact they have to sign contracts weeks in advance?

Real simple; I'm assuming you're reading about how Kevin Levrone may be back in the Olympia and Art Atwood as well. The reason they can jump back into the line-up at anytime is because they were sitting out because of injuries. This means they signed the contract within the deadline time frame, and then were injured during training, but now the injuries may be healed up enough to compete. Injuries and illness are the two reasons pro bodybuilders can get out of competing in shows but at the same time allow them to re-enter if they're able at a later date.

Art Atwood And Kevin Levrone (Click To Enlarge)

How is it that Shawn Ray keeps his Weider contract even though he has not competed in almost two years?

Very simple. Shawn thinks he's slick but he's not fooling me. What he does is continue to tell the Weider organization that he'll prepare for the next show that is coming up. For instance, now he's going to walk on stage at the Ironman in 2004... bullshit. He's been saying he'll do the next show for like five shows now. This keeps the Weider group thinking he's still going to compete, allowing him to keep his contract when in reality everyone knows he has retired. I know several pros he has notified and told that he's retired. Don't ask me how he gets away with it, but he does. Also, just for your information he has stated to many that the reason he's decided not to do this year's Olympia is because he feels that there has been way to much attention on only three athletes...Gunter, Ronnie and Jay. Boo Hoo Shawn! It's called marketing and that's what people are going to be watching for, these three guys. One of these days the Weider people will see that the guy isn't going to compete anymore and finally quit wasting their money.

If you could only use one supplement, just one, what would it be?

That's an easy one to answer. Whey protein. Protein is the building block of putting on solid muscle, and face it people, without protein it cannot be done. Why whey? Because it has been proven time and time again that it's the easiest protein to digest in the body and it takes a very short time to digest allowing for more protein to be taken in. To build muscle you have to keep your nitrogen balance in the positive, nitrogen being protein. There are many to choose from but I feel the best brands are Optimum Nutrition, Pinnacle and Muscletech. All use high quality Whey protein. You can view all whey protein products sorted by top sellers or price here.

I heard a rumor that Shawn Ray's mother is in prison. Is this true and what was she charged with?

I'm assuming you came up with this question because of what went down in Arlington with a family member of Ronnie Coleman. Well, this rumor is absolutely true. Shawn's mother has been in prison for quite a few years now but to be honest with you I'd rather not say what she as charged with. It's something that I think Mr. Ray would much rather keep a secret along with all the other magazines that have been doing that for several years now. Actually, now that I think about it, I would be doing the same thing the magazines do if I was not totally honest with you, my readers, and I want to keep my readers for many years to come. Shawn Ray's mother was caught with several keys of cocaine in the trunk of a car that she apparently was driving, or she was a passenger of the vehicle. From what I understand, she knew nothing of the drugs in the trunk but the authorities didn't see it that way. Personally, I don't think I've ever been in a car that I didn't know there was cocaine in.

What do you think about the whole Bob Cicherillo feud with Paul Dillett? And recently I read in MuscleMag that Paul said he'd put a cap in his ass. Has any bodybuilder ever put a beating on another?

I think old Bob, and I mean old literally, has run his mouth way too much right from the start. I really don't know how he possibly has any room to say anything about a man that at one time was one of the greatest athletes on stage and has accomplished more than Chic ever will. On the other hand, Dillett won't do anything.

Bob Cicherillo And Paul Dillett (Artist's Rendering Of The Confrontation)

Now that I think about it I don't know of very many bodybuilders that have ever defended their manhood in the old school way... with a good old ass kicking. I know Titus knocked out Melvin Anthony and a long time ago did the same to a national level bodybuilder named Arnie List. I also know he put a good whoop in on some UFC fighter at the California State bodybuilding Championships, I think it was last year. One time Levrone went after Chad Nicholls at a press conference but nothing happened. Then of course let's not forget about Shawn Ray getting knocked out by Gregg Reed a long time ago when the old Gold's Gym was still around that is now Milo's Powerhouse. As a matter of fact, if any of you readers out there can come up with some more info on this subject please feel free to write in; I think it's very interesting.

What do you think about prohormones and have you eve used them?

Honestly, I don't use then but from what I understand from talking to natural bodybuilders the ones that I heard have some great results is the Pinnacle line of poppers. I guess that Pinnacle uses a test called an Orrick test which is some kind of medical field test that is almost 100% accurate. So if I were to suggest some test boosting products, I would say use the Pinnacle poppers.

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