IFBB Pro Undercover #2.

Undercover number two and it looks like from the response I've received, I'm going to be writing this column for a long time. Check out issue number 2!

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Column #2

Undercover number two and it looks like from the response I've received, I'm going to be writing this column for a long time. Thank you all so very much for the countless questions you have e-mailed me at ifbbpro@bodybuilders.com. In a sport where there is such a dark unknown area to many, this is a great way for fans to finally get some answers. I'll try and get the best, or should I say the most tantalizing, questions I can to answer. My only regret is that I can't possibly answer them all.

Lee Priest, how much is this guy juicing in your opinion?

Well, I imagine he's probably juicing about as much as the rest of us. I've never known Lee to disclose his cycles, nor would I for that matter, but there is one thing I can say absolutely for sure and that is he is heavily armed with pharmaceuticals. Again, all of us are, including Ronnie Coleman who continues to say he is all natural, but that is an entirely different subject. Just remember one thing. You can take all the steroids you want, accompanied by all the growth hormone you can afford and top it all off with insulin, but you will not put on muscle if you do not train hard, eat many calories and get a lot of sleep. Point is, Lee Priest has worked very, very hard to become one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world so I don't think how much steroids he uses would be the question I would of chosen.

I'm a 38-year-old male who enjoys bodybuilding 4 days a week. I do not take any drugs or pro hormones but I am using a new supplement called Swole as well as multi-vitamins. My goal is to become as large as possible. Any advice?

When you say as large as possible I'm assuming you mean putting on as much muscle as possible. The first thing that comes to mind is to adjust your caloric intake so that you are eating every 2-3 hours. This will give your body the fuel it needs to put on muscle. Try and eat least 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. You have to maintain a positive nitrogen balance to put on muscle, period. Remaining anabolic is the main goal. If you choose to bodybuild free of athletic enhancing drugs then I am inclined to tell you that your progress is going to be a great deal slower than those who use steroids. If you have any aspirations of becoming a professional bodybuilder or a professional athlete of any kind, you better plan on using steroids. That is exactly what the drug was designed to do, speed up protein synthesis and mainly for professional level elite athletes. One more thing, make sure you get plenty of sleep. I would say at least 10 hours a day. You grow when you are sleeping, not training.

Why do you think Ronnie Coleman looked out of shape at the last Mr. Olympia? I heard it was he could not get any Parabolan.

What Mr. Olympia were you looking at? Are you nuts? Ronnie Coleman was never at one second out of shape. He wasn't at his all time best but even in the shape he was in, absolutely no man was even close. Ronnie was quoted in Flex magazine saying he was not feeling well and drank a gallon of water just before pre-judging. His stomach was out ever so slightly but Jay Cutler who took second couldn't hold Ronnie's gym bag let alone beat him on the battlefield. The fact that Jay was ahead in points by the end of pre-judging was a friggin joke! Ronnie Coleman is in a class all by himself. If you ever have any doubt of that, purchase his videotape and see how he trains. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you it is not human. Cutler on the other hand, doesn't train any way that sets him apart from the field and by no means is out of the pack on stage. To get back to Ronnie, like I said, he wasn't out of shape, period! The Parabolan comment, that's just the absolute most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

I wanted to know your experience with Trenbalone? This will be my first cycle using it.

Trenbalone. Are you referring to all that useless yellow stuff people are making from melting down the pellets in oil and then selling it to a bunch of suckers? I seriously doubt that you or anyone else has any real trenbalone floating around. That drug has been long gone for years and years. You have a bunch of these so-called gurus melting down Finilplex Pellets (tren pellets designed to be injected into cattle) and mixing them in oil. All it takes is one idiot who is loaded up on test and this idiotic mix to say he's growing like never before and everyone will join in buying the stuff. Fact is that it's the testosterone that is working and not the so-called tren. My advice to you is to throw the crap out because it is useless! All these companies selling the shit were started from people trying to get rich, and they are. I've been laughing at this tren thing ever since Finilplex hit the scene about 6 years ago. There is no real Tren!

Would you be able to give us your opinion concerning the career of IFBB Fitness Pro Laura Makowski? Since earning her pro Card at the 1998 NPC Nationals, she has never been able to place higher than fourth at any competition. I understand that her placing 8th at the 2002 Fitness International was met with shock and disbelief among all who witnessed her performance (especially among the other competitors). If one makes a cursory review of the Fitness Competitors who capture the top three placing at IFBB Fitness Competitions more often than not, a significant proportion of them are "managed" by JMP Management. The owner of said company is strongly affiliated with the NPC, which is directly tied to the IFBB. Ms. Makowski was at one timed managed by JMP Management and has not been able to break the top three placing at IFBB sponsored fitness competitions. Is something rotten in Denmark?

First of all, I know both the owner of JMP Management and his father Jim Manion who is the president of the NPC and he happens to be the head IFBB Judge who makes all the final decisions. JM Manion owns JMP Management and his father is Jim Manion, that is your affiliation as you so eloquently put it. Fact is, Laura Makowski is not a top three fitness athlete. Whether she should have received a higher placing at the Fitness International, I don't really know but I have heard that maybe a 5th or 6th would have been in order but definitely not the top three. Jim Manion is a man of complete integrity and he would not allow any foul play going on with the judging panel. I know that for a fact! Sure judges are human and some may favor others but we're talking about Laura Makowski and although she is a great athlete there happen to be a few more that are better then her. Some are signed with JMP Management and some are not. Top three in the world is easy: Susie Curry, Kelly Ryan and Jenny Worth. Then there are a few more that just simply are of higher caliber than Laura. That's not to say Makowski is not good, she is great but she cannot change her genetics that have given her dominating quads, slightly bull-legged and a flat gluteus. I'm by no way trying to be mean spirited; I'm only calling it like the judges see it. I have heard them talk and I am just repeating what has been said many times over. Anyway, I feel that Laura Makowski is placing exactly where she would be whether she was signed with JMP Management or not, period.

What do you think of Paul Dillett getting back on stage? How do you think he will do?

To be totally honest with you, I have never been impressed with Paul at any time. He has a very funky body and seems to be unable to squeeze his back muscles. I have heard many pros complaining when Dillett won the NOC in 1999 and couldn't show his back muscles. I wasn't at that show but I did review the photo coverage and the pictures seem to tell the same story. Now he's quoted on Getbig saying he is going for the easy win at this year's NOC and may turn up in the Dallas pro show two weeks earlier for an even easier win. Well, I'm not competing in those two shows because my season is over until next year but I can say that I know two gentlemen that will be battling it out for both. Titus and Prince are both doing the show from what I have read and the Dallas show will go to one of them. I would have to favor Titus if he doesn't show up like he did in the Olympia (flat as hell). Dillett is setting himself up for total humiliation if he loses, which I have no doubt he will. Let's not forget he has been out of the sport for two years with a whole slew of personal problems.

Thanks for the great response and I'm looking forward to answering all your questions. E-mail them to me at ifbbpro@bodybuilders.com right away! Until next month, this is IFBB Pro Undercover saying goodbye and God bless.