IFBB Pro Undercover #16.

Number 16 and the undercover column is still going strong. I'm a little disappointed with the questions this month but I guess they can't always be controversial and eye opening.

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of Bodybuilding.com. These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #16

Number 16 and the undercover column is still going strong. I'm a little disappointed with the questions this month but I guess they can't always be controversial and eye opening. One thing I want to point out to my readers is some thing that is even more important then the steroids we pro bodybuilders use ... it's the nutrition side of the sport.

The diet we maintain is far more important and crucial to putting on muscle. It would be great if you started asking more questions about the correct way to eat for mass then always what kind of drugs to take. You have to have the food and supplements correct first.

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I've been reading your column since day 1, and I tend to agree with you on your opinions for the most part, as well as learn a lot from you. The "insider" info you give us is GREAT, and I believe you should be thanked by everyone, critics and supporters alike.

My question is about Jay Cutler ... he seems to be on a roll lately. He seems to be unstoppable right now, what is your opinion of Jay?

Jay's physique speaks for itself. The kid is a monster. Not only does Jay have mounds and mounds of muscle but he always brings to the stage a hard full body and the judges know he'll be in shape every time. When you're as consistent as Jay is, you will be rewarded for it. My opinion of Jay Cutler is that he will be Mr. Olympia very, very soon. Maybe not this year because I truly believe that the Weider organization has made it clear that they want Gunter to win but at the same time if Ronnie comes in like he did in 1998 then no one will beat him.

I have discovered your undercover section ... which I found to be very entertaining and interesting. Are all the rumors I hear about "gay for hire" true in the sport of bodybuilding today among the pros? For example, I was told that many pros pose in the nude for gay men for money?

Well I've heard the same rumors and I've also had the same things said about myself. What I do know for sure, 100%, is that many pros pose for gay men to music but not in the nude. They simply perform a posing routine in posing trunks for a group of men called "Muscle Worshipers". I'm dead serious; these individuals have a fetish for muscle! They will pay top dollar to see a top pro perform his routine and pay as much as $1000.00 for a 20 minute set.

There is also another group of men that are not gay that have a fetish for female pro bodybuilders and these individuals are called "smos". I know more female bodybuilders that wrestle with smos than I do male bodybuilders that pose for money. This is an entire cult of people that have been around since day one but not many like to talk about. It's been going on since the day of Arnold who has had many rumors spoken of in regards to this cult. As far as gay sexual favors going on, I can't say 100% for sure because I've never actually seen this with my own eyes but I'd be willing to bet that there are three or four competitive pros that I know of that would do this for money. I've actually seen the porno that Bruce Paterson made many years ago where he performs oral favors and receives oral favors from gay men. I also know that Chris Duffy (National Champion - IFBB Pro) makes gay porno as well.

Do you think it's true that bodybuilding survives solely from gay men as fans?

I don't necessarily think that bodybuilding totally survives from gay fans but I do know that that the gay population makes up a huge part of the IFBB's fan base. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. I have nothing against homosexuals; they are people too. I appreciate a comment from a gay man just as much as from a heterosexual woman. As a matter of fact I receive a greater amount of e-mails from gay men then anyone else. No big deal to me ... live and let live I always say.

I was wondering if bodybuilders actually write their own columns in the magazines or does someone ghost write articles for them?

Both. Some bodybuilders have a limited vocabulary and some are quite intelligent. For the ones that need some help their columns are usually performed over the phone onto a tape recorder. Then the writer simply rewrites the column so that it's more reader friendly and edits any mistakes that may take place during the interview. Someone like Tom Prince who has a master's degree in English writes his own work. You can read many of Tom's work in Flex Magazine. Just recently he wrote an article about Kevin Levrone. I do know that if you read a training article it is in fact the actual training that the bodybuilder does.

Are there any draw backs to using steroids at the age of 44? What would you recommend as a first cycle? Size and strength are my primary goals but a little fat loss never hurt anybody.

First off, before you even consider starting a cycle, make sure your eating habits fit your goals of building some size and strength. Make sure you are taking in at least 1 1/4 grams of protein per pound of body weight, that is most important. If you cannot consume that much protein in the way of food then purchase a good whey protein product as well as Branch Chain Amino Acids. These are the building blocks for putting on muscle.

Let's say your diet is in order, now we can talk about steroids. First off, the age of 44 is an ideal time to start using anabolics. This is in the age group when your test levels start to decrease so it wouldn't hurt to add some test back in. I think a good starter cycle would be 400-600 mg of testosterone cypionate a week with 400-600 mg. of deca-durabolin a week. See how this works on an 8 week basis. At the end of 8 weeks take100 mg. of clomid daily for twoo weeks with 10,000 units of H.C.G. for two weeks. The clomid and H.C.G will ensure proper function of your testis when your thru with your first cycle.

Mr. Undercover, you rock bro! I have a question on supplements. I can't use juice because I'm in the military but what about stuff like Animal Stak and Andro? Will you get gains with this stuff or is it BS? Thanks for all the insight and the true word.

Excellent question. I've never used Andro and other testosterone boosters but I do know that a lot of companies perform studies at schools to see if their products work. For example I know that Pinnacle did a case study where they had 36 student's weight train using Pinnacle Andro Poppers for 6 weeks and 36 students train without using the product. After six weeks the 36 students using Pinnacle Poppers were 40% more anabolic then those who did not. I also know that Sports One Inc. Andro Diol proved to raise the testosterone level of all the clients who used the product. I guess my answer to your question is to make sure you use a product from a company who actually did studies to make sure they did in fact do what they claimed.

What do you think of the up coming Sean Allen? They say he's 350 lbs. Do you think he will be the 2004 Mr. Olympia?

Damn, Sean Allen taking the 2004 Mr. Olympia is absolutely ridiculous! I'm not saying that Sean Allen won't be standing on the Olympia stage one day, but I will say that 100% for sure Mr. Allen not only will NOT be standing on the 2004 Olympia stage, that's not going to happen. And for him to win the Olympia anytime soon is even more absurd! The last I saw Sean Allen was at the 2003 Nationals
in Dallas.

If I recall correctly he didn't make the top five and was really not that impressive. He has a long way to go before he turns pro let alone qualifying for the Olympia. I don't think people realize the level you have to be at to obtain an Olympia qualification. You have to among the top 20 guys in the entire world for God's sake and Allen is not.

Looking forward to next month's column already. Keep reading and I'll keep the truth coming.

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