IFBB Pro Undercover #11.

This month brings us several questions that range in topic from religion to what can I do to look like them?

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Column #11

Yes, it is that time again, Undercover Pro #11, and as past articles tell you I swear to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth! Writing this column is not always an easy task as no one likes to be labeled as the, "a-hole"; however, it is also fun making everyone in the industry squirm for a minute or two... This month brings us several questions that range in topic from religion to what can I do to look like them?

The first question is actually a two part question, explaining my having answer #1, and answer #2...

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Q Does working with Chad Nicholls really make a difference? I mean, what does he do, if anything, that makes an athlete that much better? Also, does Gunther Schlierkamp work with Chad? What differences did it make?

A #1. I do not personally work with Chad; however, I spoke with two pros I know that do and they feel their career took a positive turn when they employed Chad. What does he do that is so different or ground breaking?

What I gathered was that the "genius" in his plan is that he keeps it simple, and keeps his athletes focused. There are some that would say, "that makes no sense", but to a seasoned competitor it means that there is beauty in simplicity. Chad has been accused of all sorts voodoo, or holding a "secret" that he only sells to those that work with him, but it is just not that way.

Ask me if having him in one's corner is a plus or worth the investment? Look at the facts; he works with Mr. Olympia, whom before working with Chad was I think 15th or so in the Olympia and to answer part 2 of the question...

Paul Dillett, Chad Nicholls, and Kim Chizevsky.

#2 Yes, he does work with Gunther, who also went from being out of the top 15 at the past Olympia to placing 5th in the 2002 "O". Was it a deserving placement? I do not think so as it is obvious that although a nice guy and fan favorite, Gunther has structural flaws that cannot be fixed. As for Gunther beating Ronnie at the GNC Show of Strength? The secret is already out so I will repeat it. The ticket sales at the last "O" were less than stellar; therefore, something needed to be done that would excite the fans and get them to dig deep for those 2003 Olympia tickets. Gunther is no where near the bodybuilder that Ronnie is and having to sit and watch Gunther be awarded the GNC over Ronnie was like watching a robbery, live and in front of me. I see it now... A big poster with Jay, Gunther and Ronnie... Showdown in Las Vegas... Neither will ever beat a ready Ronnie Coleman, period, but all of you will fork over big bucks to see it!

What do you think Kevin Levrone's chances are of beating Jay Cutler at the Arnold Classic?

Ask me this 3-4 years ago and I would be laughing by now as at that time Kevin far out classed Cutler onstage, but now?? Times have changed and so have the two physiques. Jay is now a near complete powerhouse that packs more muscle than most pros dream of having. It may not be the prettiest package, but he is large and conditioned. Kevin on the other hand is not the most consistent individual these days... He goes from losing to virtual unknowns at some shows, only to show up at the Olympia and come "oh so close" once again. By the way, I think Kevin is closer than Jay or Gunther could ever be to defeating Ronnie, but that is again, when Kevin actually shows up in the form that earned him his respect and his pro card. As for the 2003 Arnold? I say Jay in a land slide. Whether or not Kevin is even competing, I do not know, but regardless young Cutler just has too much mass and seems to be consistent in his conditioning. Kevin, with his new "sprinting" career (Video) and his duties in his band seems to have lost that competitive fire that is necessary to win the big shows in this sport.

I read Flex Wheeler's column in Muscular Development; what do you think of all his religious non-sense?

Before answering this question, I have to ask, you actually read MD? How do you get past all the nude chicks in sexually suggestive positions? By the time I get to the articles, I am near blind from staring at all the T & A! Hell, I even cancelled my subscription to Playboy, no need, got all the silicone and fake lips I can handle right here in my "hardcore" bodybuilding magazine??

Ok, (big breath), it seems to me that Flex has found a way, other than with his physique, to garner some attention. It has been said before that he is an enigma to many in that his personality seems to have many faces. My personal opinion is that due to health issues Flex knew he could no longer continue on the path he was on (obvious steroid abuse) but still needed to earn an income of some kind through the industry. "Going" natural is nothing new, it has been attempted, whether valid or not, by other pros that looked just as foolish in doing it as Flex. Why do I say "foolish"? Because the man is not natural! He admits, although claiming it is due to low testosterone levels, to using testosterone! This, whether needed medically or not is not competing natural! Where Flex one ups these others is that he is doing it all in the name of religion! It is not my place to judge Flex Wheeler's spiritual beliefs. If Flex is happy in his new life, then I say good for him. Oh, and placing 7th at the Olympia? That would take a page or two of its own...

How does Shawn Ray keep a Weider contract now that he is retired?

When I read this question, my fingers literally started to itch I wanted to start typing so bad! Great question, my answer, who the f#$% knows! It is ridiculous; it is a crime that this loud mouth continues to earn money through Weider publications, when he has stated to many that he is retired. I assure you though that Shawn is not retired. He will show up somewhere to compete, probably the Olympia again, we all know what a huge and positive effect he has had to the judging! Yeah right! It seems to me he is following the same outline that Flex did, retire, find God, and return to prove to all what a new man he is! Bull f$%&^%$# s#$t! I do not know of one pro bodybuilder that Shawn has not at one time or another annoyed to the point of them wanting to take physical action against him. Go away and stay away! I thought Shawn made so many great business decisions that he did not need this industry? More B.S. from the king of B.S.

I used (abused) juice for 7 years and have been clean for 1 year now. I went from a hard 248 at 13% bodyfat to a fat 245 at about 23% bodyfat. My motivation is down and I was wondering what would get me back in decent shape naturally, no drugs. My goal is 220 @ 10% bodyfat.

Well, first off you are feeling less motivated due to your having lower than normal testosterone levels. You need to go to a physician, have your testosterone and IGF levels checked in order to reveal just how lacking you are in these two areas in particular. I point to this in that you have been clean for only a year, and I do not know what you may have done to restore your natural test levels. It may not be enough time for your system to bounce back.

Men with low test levels feel depressed, low to no motivation just to name a couple of symptoms. You also have to accept that you are not going to feel like you did when you were juiced! Being on the sauce is enough motivation for a small army, whereas, training clean means finding more motivation from within. It takes some soul searching in other words. You have to ask yourself what you want to accomplish, make clear cut goals and write them down! I could give a generic answer about protein and the right supplements, but your problems lie elsewhere. You know what to eat and what not to eat, there are no secret supplements... you know this!! Get your ass motivated by looking in the mirror and asking, "Do I want to be a fat piece of shit?" You say you do not and you already told me what you want. Train, eat proper, and lay off the junk food! Ok, a point in the right direction? Consume 1 - 1.5 grams of protein per pound of LEAN bodyweight, consume no more than 200-400 grams of carbs a day, (maybe cycle your carb intake, low to high by the days of the week or your training days?). Last but not least, stay clear of fatty, greasy foods and foods high in sugars. Generic? Yes, effective? Only if followed.

Stay tuned for my next column with MANY new and controversial questions and answers.

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*Pics by Ron Avidan.