IFBB Pro Undercover #10.

This is the 10th edition of IFBB Pro Undercover and the interest in my column is getting larger and growing with each passing month.

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of Bodybuilding.com. These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #10

This is the 10th edition of IFBB Pro Undercover and the interest in my column is getting larger and growing with each passing month. I want to thank you personally to all who have been following my column and please tell your friends about it. I will continue to bring you news and information that others will not discuss.

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Any news on Chris Cormier's situation with the law that you mentioned in issue #9?

Nothing at this point in time. Chris seems to be the Teflon Don of the sport. His habits and run ins with the law never seem to hit the magazines. If he in fact goes to jail you will probably see it in every publication on the stands. I just don't see how he can get out of this one. Personally I hope everything passes with his trouble and his career continues to go good as ever. Cormier is basically a good person with a lot of personal problems he brings upon himself. Most athletes resent Chris because what comes so easy to him, others have to work their asses off to achieve.

I can't figure out who you are but I really enjoy your column.

Thank you very much for your interest in my column. I've heard many opinions on who IFBB Pro Undercover is and honestly I get many laughs. There would be no hesitation on my part in using my real name if I thought for one second it would cause me no problems when I compete. Problem is, in this industry you have to be very careful what you say and to whom because anything taken wrong can cause you to lose substantial money. In this industry you have to keep tongue in cheek even when you know things are so fucking corrupt. For instance; there is no damn way Gunter should ever beat Ronnie Coleman, no way! But at the GNC Pro Show that is exactly what happened. Why you ask? Very simple, ticket sales for next year's Olympia. Gunter is a very big man with terrible symmetry and a 50 inch waist line. He is square when you look at him. Ronnie, well, I don't need to say anything when it comes to Coleman. He's a freak in every aspect including beautiful symmetry.

Let me first start off by saying I love your column and you are hilarious as well. You say what isn't printed in bodybuilding magazines and I think that's very important. I've been training for about two years now and I am 21 years old. I eat 40-50 grams of protein every 3 hours 5 times a day. Can I eat 40-50 grams of protein every 2 hours and add another meal?

If you can honestly eat every 2 hours and take in 50 grams of protein each meal then more power to you. Your body should have no problem digesting the protein and you should become very lean by eating every 2 hours. Your body will literally not store any fat because it knows you will be eating again shortly. Don't forget there are plenty of protein supplements right here on Bodybuilding.com you can use to get in the extra protein you want. I have trouble eating 6 meals a day so I use a whey protein to supplement my intake. Also I highly recommend a digestive enzyme to make sure the protein is broken down for easy assimilation. There are many digestive enzyme brands to choose from. I recommend one made by Bio-Chem.

First I'd like to say that even though sometimes I disagree with you on some points, I really appreciate your articles and for the most part laugh my ass off in agreement. Keep doing what you're doing, it is great! I've noticed your comments on Jay Cutler and Gunter Schlierkamp - you say Jay is like a refrigerator with arms and Gunter should have taken second at the Olympia. In your mind what distinguishes the two?

You know you have a valid point there being that Jay and Gunter basically have the same lines. Thing is Jay and Gunter should never be getting called out in the first call outs of symmetry rounds, yet both have been in their last two shows. The difference between the two is that Jay has a great deal more muscle with a smaller bone structure giving him better muscle insertions. Gunter is a big man with big bones giving him terrible muscle insertions which take away from symmetry. Where they place in shows all depends on what athletes are competing and if they are in top condition. Neither man can be slightly off to do well with their types of bodies.

Are you kidding me? You need to stop smoking crack. You think Stacy Hilton should have gotten the gold? Don't take me wrong, she is great athlete, but don't forget fitness is not about routine alone? 2 rounds are physique and none of those girls stand out on those rounds. Peace.

Well, what I meant to say is that Kelly Ryan should have won the gold and in my opinion for the second year in a row. Also, Stacy Hilton is better than Susie Curry in both the routine round and in my opinion the physique rounds. Susie is way to skinny and has totally lost her ass from dieting. As far as you saying that neither of these girls stand out in the physique rounds, I think you need to quit smoking crack yourself. Kelly Ryan has made drastic improvements on her body and definitely should be placed higher when it comes to the Olympia physique rounds. Ryan wins the physique rounds in the smaller shows against some of the same girls, what does that tell you? Hilton has a smoking body as well. You must like woman who have no asses. Besides, I don't think a girl should be rewarded Ms. Fitness Olympia when they bring the same routine to the show year after year, period!

What do you think of Lee Priest's claim of using such small amounts of roids and taking a full six months a year clean?

Good question. Due to the fact that Lee Priest is a very small man and has short limbs I think it's entirely possible that he doesn't have to use large amounts of juice to grow. Remember, the shorter a person is the easier it is to put on muscle. The more weight you push and pull the more muscle you can put on, it's all relative. Lee is able to move large amounts of weight because he has a great deal of leverage with short appendages. I don't think he takes off six months from using roids during the year. If he does, then that's really dumb because he could pass a lot of athletes in the rankings if he was to cycle properly. Six months is way too long to take off. You don't need more then 6-8 weeks of training natural to get your system good and clean and get all your hormones back to normal states. If he does take off six months at a time, he's a true freak of nature.

I was at the NPC Nationals in Dallas, Texas and admittedly I was quite surprised that Matt DuVall did not win the super heavyweights as well as the whole show. What did you think of the out come and are politics playing a role in Matt not winning?

Well I have to agree with you 100%! The super heavyweight class was very weak and DuVall smashed his opposition quite easily. Honestly, I have absolutely know idea why the judges didn't see it in Matt's favor but most everyone that was in attendance felt the Matt won, at least everyone I talked to. They gave the class to Tony Freeman who in my opinion looked like a swimmer with no muscle mass to speak of. Freeman was way too small for his height not to mention his torn pectoral muscle that you just can't seem to get past when you watch him on stage. I don't think an athlete should be getting their pro card with one good pec muscle, especially when the torn one looks really bad. DuVall worked with Chad Nichols who brought him on stage the best he's ever been. Matt was round, separated and hard. I can't tell you why he didn't turn pro but I can say he will very soon.

What products would you recommend in the areas of Creatine, Glutamine, Whey Protein and BCAAs?

There are so many companies to choose from so the best way to answer your question is suggest brands that I am currently using or tried at some time in my career. A good whey protein that I use is by Optimum Nutrition. I don't care if the product doesn't taste good, it just can't taste bad. This particular whey taste fairly decent. I use Creatine and Glutamine powders made by Iron-Tek. No particular reason but I do make sure the powders are pure with no fillers. I've used all brands of BCAA's capsules so any company will do fine in my opinion. Just try and get the best price because all the BCAA's are basically the same. Newest supplement to my daily use is a liquid vitamin made by Pure Form. This product actually has made me feel better on a daily basis. It only makes sense that a liquid vitamin would be easier to digest then a capsule or tablet. All these products are available right here on Bodybuilding.com.

Stay tuned for my next column with MANY new and controversial questions and answers.

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