UFN 14 Review: Silva Destroys Irvin.

Ultimate Fight Night 14 is in the books and Anderson The Spider Silva utterly dismantles yet another valiant challenger. The current king pin at 185 proves yet again that he is the pound for pound champion, as he destroys James The Sandman Irvin.

UFN 14 Review
Silva Destroys Irvin

Ultimate Fight Night 14 is in the books and Anderson "The Spider" Silva utterly dismantles yet another valiant challenger. The current kingpin at 185 proves yet again that he is the pound for pound champion, as he destroys James "The Sandman" Irvin in just 61 seconds Saturday at the Palms Casino and on SPIKE TV.

Irvin has been a gatekeeper of sorts for the Light heavyweight division for years, and has proved that he can be dangerous on the feet, but like many he proved to be not dangerous enough for the powerful right hand of Anderson Silva. Silva, who was making his debut in the 205-pound division, utilized his precision striking early and often.

Irvin showed little to no offense and his attempted leg kick was checked and was followed up by a vicious right hand that sent him to the mat. Sensing blood, the powerful Brazilian quickly pounced on "The Sandman" and let loose with a barrage of teeth popping punches and Mario Yamasaki had no choice than to stop the Brazilian style beatdown.

"Basically, I'm a Muay Thai fighter," Silva said through an interpreter after the fight. "I've been doing Muay Thai since I was a kid. I didn't step into the 205-pound category to disrespect any fighters. I'm here to do my job. But you know, you stand up and exchange Muay Thai, this is what happens."

The "Spider" who has been as hungry as a wolf, will look for any and all comers. Whether it is at 205 or 185, Silva looks to keep his 8-fight win streak alive. After this stellar victory, look for Silva to drop back to 185 to defend his coveted belt against Patrick "The Predator" Cote at UFC 89, only speculation though.

Anderson Silva Manager Ed Soares Guest: Anderson Silva Manager Ed Soares
Date: 07/21/08
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Brandon Vera And Andy Reese

There was yet another fighter looking to make a huge splash within a new weight division Saturday night, but Brandon "The Truth" Vera wasn't as impressive as was Silva. Vera who was taking on Andy Reese, the IFL standout and UFC newcomer, earned a unanimous decision victory over Reese.

Vera planned on dominating the smaller opponent, but the only thing dominating in this match was the jeers and boos from the sold out arena.

Both fighters were looking to make a name for themselves within the 205 division but neither fighter was successful. Neither men looked to push the pace and engage and therefore the action stalled and pace worsened as the match went on.

Brandon Vera was that exciting and electrifying heavyweight that UFC so dearly needed, but with back to back losses a change was needed. The win put an end to his 2-fight losing streak but did little to impress the UFC fans or himself, "The 205 cut was a little bit more tough than I thought," Vera said afterward with a sigh. "But I'm happy where I'm at. I'll do whatever the UFC needs me to be at: heavyweight or 205."

Rumor has it that Vera will stay at 205 for the time being and next he will fight Keith Jardine at UFC 89.

Frankie Edgar And Hermes Franca

In a 3 round lightweight war that earned both fighters a cool 25k "Fight of the Night" bonus, Frankie "The Answer" Edgar proved too strong for Hermes Franca.

Franca, who hasn't fought for more than a year because of his failed drug test suspension, came out flat and was easy prey for Edgar. The New Jersey native Edgar was able to take down the once top title contender at will. From Franca's guard, Edgar was able to ground and pound earning him points on all the judges' scorecards.

The were a few scares during the match for Edgar. Franca was able to utilize his BJJ black belt skills and nearly caught "The Answer" with an armbar midway through the first.

Edgar answered all challenges from Franca and pounded out Franca's face like it was a tough piece of veal. He left Franca's face a mess and left the octagon the victor. Edgar won it with 30-27 scores on all three judges' cards.

UFC Rising Stars Frankie Edgar & Anthony Johnson Guests: Frankie Edgar & Anthony Johnson
Date: 07/07/08
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Cain Velasquez And Jake O'Brien

The very impressive Cain Velasquez continued his reign of terror within the heavyweight division with a jaw dropping victory over Jake O'Brien. O'Brien shot in for an early takedown and was quickly reversed down by the powerful Velasquez.

Cain wasted no time. He put him in a crucifix and let loose on O'Brien's mug with 30 to 40 unanswered blows. Cain did work on O'Brien's face and battered him senseless and then battered him back to consciousness over and over again.

Mario Yamasaki mercifully stepped in to stop the slobbernocker at the 2-minute mark for the first round. Velasquez looks to be the next big thing within the UFC!

Kevin Burns And Anthony Johnson

In a very entertaining fight that looked like it would garner "The Fight of the Night" bonus Kevin Burns defeated Anthony Johnson albeit in controversial fashion.

After two rounds that were a slug fest, Burns caught Johnson with an accidental eye gouge that stopped the fight at 3:35 of the third round.

After the first two rounds of fight, it looked like it was going to go to a decision in favor of Johnson due to his explosive takedowns and powerful punches. Burns was able to throw a flurry of punches that landed the crucial blow to the eye that sent Johnson face first to the canvas in the third round.

"As soon as he poked me, I couldn't see anything. His finger went deep in my eye," Johnson said after the fight. "I couldn't help but scream."

Referee Steve Mazzagati unexpectedly ruled the bout a TKO victory for Kevin Burns instead of calling it a "no contest." The angry crowd quickly turned into an angry mob as they loudly booed the decision.

Burns quickly apologized for the outcome of the fight, "It was extremely accidental," a disappointed Burns said of the eye gouge. "I throw a palm strike with my left hand. I've broke it three times previously, so I've got to throw it as a palm. I can't throw it as a closed fist. It was completely accidental."

The win moves Burns to 2-0 in the UFC.

C.B. Dollaway And Jesse Taylor

In a match that pitted two of the better TUF fighters of this last season, in stunning fashion, C.B. Dollaway submitted Jesse Taylor with a Peruvian necktie.

The Peruvian Necktie is a combination of a choke and a crank, made famous by Tony DeSouza- it is generally pulled from the starting position of either a sprawl, or as CB did, controlling the side of a turtled opponent.

The fight was back and forth and Taylor looked good at one point; he was landing some nice punches from the ground, but CB was able to sweep him. As Taylor turtled up, CB went in for the kill.

Taylor was forced to tap at the 3:58 mark of the first round. "I can't explain it. It's insane," a jubilant Dollaway stated after the fight. "Finally getting to pull off a submission in a big show like this, and being in the UFC and getting a win, [I'm] speechless right now. It's one of my favorite moves. I work on it all the time. It was right there, and I was like, 'I better go for it.'"

The win halts a 2-fight losing streak for Dollaway and sends Taylor into UFC limbo.

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