Trent is a small town kid who has loved sports and outdoor activities his entire life. Trent always looks at the positives and never lets anything keep him down.



Trent grew up in Marsing, Idaho, and learned to love the simple things in life: family, religion and long-lasting friendships.


Trent's been a mechanic, a construction worker and now a writer. All were amazing experiences that he learned a great deal from and wouldn't change for the world.

He started writing during his sophomore at Boise State University when he parlayed a love for athletics into a sports journalism internship at The Arbiter, BSU's school newspaper, and became sports editor as a senior. Trent covered every sport at BSU during his three years with the paper, but focused primarily on football. He had the chance to work with ESPN, College GameDay and was a guest on the Stephen A. Smith Show. After college he stayed in Boise, got a job at and the rest is history.


Trent's a very active person who takes fitness seriously. Working at gives him the knowledge and resources to take his goals to another level. Trent has a passion for snowmobiling because it takes him places where nobody has ever been. He's addicted to adrenaline and enjoys being scared.


Trent wouldn't change anything about his life and sees himself staying with for many years. He's prepared for a wild ride but lives for today!

Additional Stats

  • Occupation: Web Content Editor/Writer at
  • Place of Residence: Boise, Idaho
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 160
  • College Degree: Mass Communication/Journalism from Boise State University

He can be contacted at

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