Male Transformation Of The Week - Jerome Dinh!

Once Jerome found out his wife was pregnant, he decided to take a break from competitions and pack on some serious mass. But once he noticed that his physique wasn't where it should be, he turned things around. Read on to learn how he dropped 31 pounds!
Before Before:
190 lbs
After After:
160 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Jerome Dinh
BodySpace: jeromedinh
Age: 30

Before: April 6, 2008
Weight: 190 lbs
Body Fat: 15%
Waist: 33"
Arms: 18"
Quads: 26.5"

After: July 12, 2008
Weight: 159.5 lbs
Body Fat: 2.5%
Waist: 27.5"
Arms: 17"
Quads: 24"

Why I Got Started

Late 2007 I found out my wife was pregnant, which was unplanned and quite the shock but a pleasant one. With that being said, she stressed that during the pregnancy I will refrain from doing any bodybuilding competitions. So I was on the fast track to bulking up and putting on some muscle.

Over the next couple months training was great and I wasn't looking too bad. I began to train heavier, harder and eat more and it caught up to me! I had several hamstring, calves and shoulder injuries on top of that my abs were pretty much non-existent. I was at a low, I was weaker and fatter but without goal in mind, I lacked motivation even with the being aforementioned said!

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Jerome Dinh's Progress.

The NPC Natural Heartland Classic, a show Randy Leppala and his wife puts on, was really the turning point. The night show was a good showing and I had seen alot of my friends old and new.

I wasn't my, lean, mean former self and I looked terrible, I felt small, fat, zero vasularity, heavy breathing, etc! It was a terrible feeling being I'm known for always being in shape, especially in the spring and summer.

That night after NPC Natural Heartland Classic I just happened to be browsing through's main page and noticed the BodySpace Muscletech Transformation contest, grand prize totaling 50K! Plus at Randys show they were promoting NPC Flex Wheeler Classic which sounded VERY interesting and immediately grab my attention.

Jerome Jerome
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I Wasn't My Lean Mean Former Self.

I sat down with the wife and expressed how unmotivated I was and if there was anytime to make something of my bodybuilding career and to give back to the family, the time was now.

She understood and agreed with the consideration that I make a full-fledged effort to make her a stay-at-home mom for our kids and any prize money would go to our children's savings account. The following day, I began my weight loss for the Bodyspace Muscletech Transformation contest and NPC Flex Wheeler Classic.

How I Did It

Basically I progressively went into my diet and training, meaning I didn't jump right into no fat, low carbs and high volume of cardio. Initially I stopped going out to eat and snacking when I was at home. I only conserved those times for my once per week cheat meal which was every Saturday night.

I would hit up Chillis, Red Robin, McDonalds (until week 6 of dieting), Champps and it was always a 1/2 burger, fries, some dessert and snacks when we got home. In addition to that I turned to one of my good friends Shawn Myszka (who I might mention is owner/operator of EEA out of Eden Prairie and has worked with Dorian Yates for several years) to help assist me with my dieting and training prep.

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I Turned To Shawn Myszka To
Help With Dieting & Training Prep.

With his help, we put together a perfect plan (keep in mind this plan was made specifically for me and might not apply to everyone else) I ate most of my carbs in the morning, I didn't eat 2 hours before training then I would follow up with the rest of my carbs post workout and I didn't eat 1-2 hours before bed.

At the gym, I started to do 10 min walk before and after training for the 1st week and the following weeks I would gradually increase it to a 10-minute walk on the treadmill at 4 mph and after training jog for 40 mins at 6 mph with a cool down 10 minutes walk at 4 mph. Then I would stretch out for a good 10 mins.

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We Put Together A Perfect Plan.

At or around week 6, instead of taking a nap at lunch I went jogging for 30 mins progressively increasing it to 40 mins. But soon that took at toll on me because not less then 3 hours later I was right back at it again. I then started to get up about 45 mins earlier before work to do my jog.

I found that it helped wake me up, push when it's that early you don't think about much so you're like a zombie which helps the time go by. By the end of this transformation I was running 10-12 miles per day in two sessions. Plus on occasion my 8th week into training I was biking to and from the gym (8 miles).

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I Was Running 10-12 Miles A Day.

As far as weight training, I basically trained for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, making sure I hit all my body parts once a week. I started to train 5 days per week and at about week 6 I was training everyday, no day off!

I always trained high reps and made sure to get a good stretch and full contraction, no cheating, especially when dieting. I made sure to replenish my body with water all the time and made sure I never went hungry.



On Saturday & Sunday it's same as above but I get one less meal because I wake up 3 hours later then I normally do. But Saturday I have a cheat meal before bed at any place I desire and as much as I can stomach in one sitting.


    Day 6: Legs

    • Leg Extensions: 3 sets, 15-20 reps (1 - 2 sec hold at top)
    • Hack Squats: 3 sets, 10-15 reps (butt touches calves)
    • Squats: 3 sets, 10-20 reps (deep, medium stance, no lockout at top)
    • Leg Extensions: 3 sets, 15-20 reps (1 - 2 sec hold at top)
    • Leg Curl: 3 sets, 10-15 reps (squeeze at top for 1 to 2 sec)

Suggestions For Others

Stay consistent and persistent and be patient! Just because you're not getting immediate results doesn't mean what you're doing isn't working. Be robotic; eat the same time, train the same time everyday. So if you need to make an adjustment it's easy to do so.

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Stay Consistent.

Maybe you're not losing weight because you're eating too late or eating too many carbs. Then you might want to increase your volume of cardio or cut back on carbs at one of your meals. Study how your body reacts to foods and training, monitor yourself closely. By doing so you'll be able to achieve you weight loss or weight gain/muscle growth goals easier.

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