Male Transformation Of The Week - Ctgblue.

Ctgblue wants to be able to back up what he writes so he started preparing for a real contest. See what he to walks the walk and loses 44 pounds in 13 weeks to compete!

Before Before:
232 lbs
After After:
188 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Ctgblue
BodySpace: Ctgblue

Weight: 232 lbs
Body Fat: 20%

Weight: 188 lbs
Body Fat: 5 %

Ctgblue walks the walk: Loses 44 pounds in 13 weeks to compete

6-foot-2 and I started June 25th at 232 pounds and about 20% body fat. I weighed in at 188 pounds and about 5% body fat (calipers said 3.5, but I know better).

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Why I Got Started

Email requests for a precontest article came in from my last few articles. I decided to do one on pre-contest supplementation. I am all about the truth, so if I was gonna talk the talk, I'd better have the nerve to walk the walk. Wow, was I fatter than I thought!

Before After
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How I Did It

I mainly cleaned up my diet, eliminated as many processed foods as I could and tried to make sure my carbs came from good sources (brown rice, potatoes, green vegetables) and my protein came from lean meats like beef and chicken.

I added cardio in the mix and, at 4 weeks out still looking "good but not great," I enlisted the help of my friends at "The Total Package," to take over my diet. The details of what they did to me the last 4 weeks would not be fair to print. But if you are a competitor, they can help. Give them 12 weeks and you will be amazed.

Before After
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Look for a detailed list in my upcoming "Pre-contest Supplementation" article. Soon to be on!

I stuck with the basics: protein, muscle volumizers, thermogenics, and other recovery aids, along with basic supplements I've listed in all my articles. I did not use any "extreme" supplements during this prep. Just OTC and diet.

A Sample Week Of My Diet

Cannot be specific, but ate 7 times a day with emphasis on protein intake and low carbs. I cannot lean out with very many carbs in my diet, partly due to my HRT and very low test levels. Lots of water.

A Sample Week Of Training

*Note, I do rotational shoulder warm-up exercises before EVERY upper body day. This has kept me injury free all year. I also have a rebuilt wrist so I cannot use regular straight-bar barbell exercises for pressing.

-> Monday - Chest & Cardio:

-> Tuesday - Shoulders & Traps & Cardio:

-> Wednesday - Cardio & Core Work:

-> Thursday - Back & Cardio:

-> Friday - Arms & Cardio:

-> Saturday - Leg Day:

-> Sunday - Rest:

-> Six Weeks Out:

    I shortened the lifting and added posing into the mix every day. This is an absolute must to be able to hit the stage and go through mandatories without shaking. If you've never done a show before, get the Perfect Posing Tapes/DVDs and learn them and start 8-10 weeks out. You should be practicing your routine everyday at 4 weeks out.

Perfect Posing! DVD
Detailed step-by-step information on how to build each pose, as taught by veteran posing coach and NPC judge Gary Udit. Also, interviews with judges and competitors about proper technique.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

My Suggestions For Others

Do not be afraid to go for it. I have done this a few times and have learned how to do this without losing much muscle. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, the vast majority of you need to focus on a sustainable 1 to 1.5 pounds per week. This is easy to do and easier to stick with. Muscle loss = slower metabolism and it will be easier to gain the fat back.

However, if you want the motivation to really GET IT DONE, the daunting reality of getting up onstage in front of hundreds of strangers, with cameras, in basically your underwear (we've all had that bad dream), will MAKE you GET IT DONE!

I took 3rd in masters heavyweight this time, now working for better next time. You'll learn a lot about yourself and gain complete respect for anyone with the drive and guts to don a posing suit. It really is fun and oh so challenging. Take pictures outside before the show, you can never tell if the stage lighting and your camera will work together to give clear shots.

Don't miss the moment. Just getting to see yourself in that kind of condition, if even for only a few days, is worth the fight.

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Good luck

Until next time
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