Male Transformation Of The Week - Jason Foster.

Jason is in the U.S. Air Force and had to shape up if he wanted to be the best firefighter he could be. Learn more about his amazing transformation and how he went on to lose more than 30 pounds!

Before Before:
217 lbs
After After:
182 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Jason Foster
Age: 26 years old
Height: 6ft

Starting Weight: 217 lbs
Current Weight: 182 lbs

Starting Body Fat: 19% measured by caliper
Current Body Fat: 8% measured by caliper

Starting Date: March 8th 2007
Finishing Date: Aug 10th 2007

    *(Not finished - goal is to get to 3% body fat and compete in a bodybuilding contest in 2008.)

Why I Got Started

My name is Jason foster I am a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and am currently stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Growing up I always wanted to be a firefighter so I thought the best way for me to do that was join the military. When I first joined the Air Force firefighting was not available for me to do, so I went with another job.

Even though the job I got was important and rewarding I still wanted to be a firefighter. About 10 months ago I put in an application to switch my job to firefighting. As it turned out 3 months later they approved me to change my job.

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Jason Foster.

When I found out I was so excited but I realized I was no where near the shape I needed to be in to be the best firefighter I could be. I decided to dedicate myself to get in the best shape I could possibly be in for when my training starts in September. Well to make a long story short I have spent the last 6 months training my butt off and I believe it has paid off.

I am currently in the best shape I have ever been in but I am not done yet. Exercising and bodybuilding has now become a passion of mine and I plan on competing in my first contest in 2008.

I start my firefighting school in 4 weeks and thanks to hard work and advice from I am going there in the best shape of my life.


Daily Meal Plan

    5:00 am:

    • 45 min cardio (normally running trails behind my home)

    6:30 am:

    • 6 egg whites
    • 1 cup of cooked oatmeal

    8:30 am:

    10:30 am:

    • 1 can tuna with spinach leafs

    12:30 pm:

    • 8oz of Orange Roughy
    • 3/4 cup of brown rice

    2:30 pm:

    4:45 pm:

    5:00 pm:

    • Workout

    7:00 pm:

    • 8oz chicken breast
    • Small salad

    9:00 pm:

APR Workout Routine

-> Back:

-> Shoulders:

-> Chest:

-> Biceps/Triceps:

-> Legs:

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Jason Foster.

Suggestions To Others

My suggestions to others is just commit to yourself. After a couple of weeks it becomes a way of life and you can't imagine not going to the gym.

Thanks Again,
Jason Foster

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