Male Transformation Of The Week - James Warren.

James started training without a clue and then learned he had to eat more to make gains. What he didn't realize was that he couldn't just eat like a pig. Learn how he lost 30 pounds and kept his strength right here!

Before Before:
178 lbs
After After:
148 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: James Warren
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Weight Before: 178 pounds
Weight After: 148 pounds
Pant Size Before: 38" waist
Pant Size After: 31/32" waist
Total Weight Loss: 30 pounds

How I Did It

I have been lifting for about a year and 3/4's. I did not have a clue what I was doing for about 9 months and was eating everything wrong and lifting everyway I shouldn't. After about 9 months I started to eat more protein, and had the mentality of just eating protein, no carbs and fats barely at all, and just protein. As expected I made no gains.

Then I was told by a friend that I had to eat a lot of carbs and calories as well as protein to get big. However I started bulking this way by thinking if I got x amount of calories it would be good, and I was eating everything, you name it I ate it.

I ate KFC, burgers, cheese, all sorts ... and I got fat. I had a good strength increase I have to say. But then I got to the stage where I realized I was big and not lean at all. I had never been fat before this, and I was enjoying the strength but hating the rest.

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I looked a state. So I decided to cut, so I could shred my fat and start again clean. However I maintained a lot of my strength, if not gained a little, which I know seems to be hard to believe.

I cut my carbs to none whatsoever after 6 p.m. I cut sugar. I drank green tea, and I ate grapefruit for breakfast. I was extremely strict with my diet. I didn't drink any alcohol for a long time, and if I did it would definitely not be beer, and more like JD and diet coke .

I made sure I had at least 6 meals per day, and would have 4 eggs (2 whole, 2 egg whites) in the morning, and then 4 egg whites before bed. I would do cardio everyday apart from Sunday, cycling, running or on the cross trainer for first few weeks doing 30 mins, then increased it to doing cardio for 45 min - 1 hour on non weight lifting days, and 30-45 after weights. I occasionally did a bit of skipping, and shadow boxing, when I was bored.

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James Warren.

I kept to a moderate set amount, as I wanted to maintain some strength, so used 8-10 reps, but occasionally a 6 rep heavy set.

A Typical Routine

Monday - Chest/Biceps

Tuesday - Cardio

  • 45-60 mins of either cycling, running, or on the cross trainer

Wednesday - Back/Traps/Abs

Thursday - Shoulders & Triceps

Friday - Cardio

  • 45-60 mins of either cycling, running, or on the cross trainer

Saturday - Legs

Sunday - REST!!!

Typical Daily Food

    Meal 1

    • Big bowl of oats
    • A grapefruit (with no sugar)
    • 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites

    Meal 2

    • Tin of beans and a piece of salmon

    Meal 3

    • A quarter of chicken

    Meal 4

    • Brown rice and a breast of chicken

    Meal 5 (PWO)

    • More chicken and vegetables and fruit

    Meal 6

    • A tin of tuna

    Meal 7

    • 4 egg whites


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