Male Transformation Of The Week - Soni Dhingra.

Soni had a relationship disappear, lost his house, business, and career and did not want to deal with it anymore. See how he made a dramatic comeback and lost 66 pounds and a whopping 23% off his BF! Read on!

Before Before:
245 lbs
After After:
179 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Soni Dhingra
City: Montreal - Dollard-des Ormeaux
Transformation Time: 9 Months (a "Rebirth"- as I phrase it)


Age: 33
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 245 lbs
Chest: 49"
Legs: 24"
Arms: 16"
Waist: 40"
Body Fat: 32%


Age: 34
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 179 lbs
Chest: 51"
Legs: 26"
Arms: 17"
Waist: 28"
Body Fat: 9.5%

Why I Got Started

After my hard separation with my Ex Fiancé, I went into clinical depression and was at the point of killing myself. I had already lost my house, business, career and had no hopes of happiness at that point. In fact I took lots of sleeping pills to kill myself which I survived somehow. And my second attempt of killing myself was followed soon with Ecstasy pills.

I had 25 pills in my hand and was almost going to take them when an idea came to my mind; to choose the hard way ... to live. I decided to take all the pain out of myself by punishing myself physically. At that point I started working out with some weights at home and climb my stairs inside the house 120 times per day.

I saw that I was loosing weight and feeling more and more comfortable with climbing the stairs. At that point I was also feeling little better. I started looking around on the Internet for some information how to enhance my performance.

I came across and saw those amazing pictures and hard workouts. That was it. I knew what I wanted to do. I bought some weights and started working out at home. Being the loner that I was made it easy for me to start at home with dedication.

Depression helped me to workout with full intensity and workouts helped me to get out of depression. Eventually with time I needed a gym to workout and when I went out to the gym, appreciation from the people was amazing and I realized I could do better. And here I am.

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Soni Dhingra.

How I Did It

I divided my whole Transformation Process in couple of parts.

  1. Diet
  2. Workouts
  3. Cardio
  4. Consistency and Motivation
  5. Ethics

1. Diet:

  • 0545: 40 gm. Whey Isolate
  • 0700: Post cardio 8 egg whites + 20gm Cheese + Bowl of oatmeal with milk Vitamin supplement
  • 0900: 40 gm. Weight gainer (Whey isolate+low carb)
  • 1100: Bowl of Oatmeal + small steak + Fish oil caps
  • 1400: 40 gm. Whey Isolate + Tortellini's
  • 1600: Preworkout Soya Shake + Veggies
  • 2000: Post workout weight gainer shake
  • 2030: Steak / 8 egg whites + baked potato/oatmeal
  • 2230: 40 gm Whey Isolate with low fat milk overnight if I feel hunger I get up and make myself a whey isolate shake.
  • No cheat days, No cheat foods.


2. Workouts:

3. Cardio:

    Mornings: 20 minutes
    Preworkout: 15 min.
    Postworkout: 10 min.

3. Consistency & Motivation:

    It is the most important part. Sometimes I was lacking motivation but being a regular visitor of different forums and has motivated me a lot and I have constantly learned more from different resources. A subscription to any BB magazine is a constant source of motivation too.

After After
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Soni Dhingra.

4. Ethics:

    Very important part of sportsmanship. I never saw anyone talking about it but as I realize as sportsperson Ethics are very important for me. We all follow some kind of ethics at our school, work and even at church and why not to make some and follow them when in gym or overall. Being a sportsman we do have a responsibility of being an example for other people.

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Soni Dhingra.

My Advice To Others

Impossible is Nothing! Hulda Brooks climbed Mountains at the age of 91. There is no mental barrier which can stop us from doing what we want to. Determination and consistency is needed to do anything you want in life. We have one body and there are no retreads.

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Soni Dhingra.

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