Male Transformation Of The Week - Brian Jones.

Brian did not want to continue the downward spiral that was being caused by his obesity. With many health problems he knew it was time to change. See how he went on to lose more than 100 pounds and almost 30% body fat!

Before Before:
305 lbs
After After:
200 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Brian Jones
BodySpace: Skykingjonesydo

-> Before:

    Weight: 305 Lbs.
    Body Fat: 46%
    Waist Size: 50"

      Extremely high blood pressure, pulse and cholesterol and was on 4 different blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and had to sleep with a CPAP machine at night to force air into me because of sleep apnea due to my morbid obesity.

-> After:

    Weight: 200 Lbs. (was as low as 195, but putting on muscle mass now)
    Body Fat: 19%
    Waist Size: 34"

      I am off all my medications and my CPAP machine. My blood pressure is low, (normal low), as well as my pulse which used to run 100 or above even at rest, now 50-60.

How I Did It

I got started on the suggestion of my sleep apnea doctor who recommended I try Medifast.

I lost 40-50 pounds on that in the first 6 weeks, then after 2 courses of the Medifast to strip off all the fat, I started doing it on my own eating every 2-3 hours.

Sample Diet Plan

I ate high protein and only low glycemic index carbs such as broccoli, cauliflower, green leafy lettuce, brussel sprouts, brown rice, green peppers, etc. I cut out all bad carbs and everything white including milk. I don't touch anything with sugars or flour in it.

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Supplements I Used

The only supplements I take are multivitamins and whey protein after every workout and once more in the evening.

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14 Months After The Before Picture.

Sample Training

I'm an old man, 48, so I do one body part per day.

-> Day 1: Arms

    4-5 sets for both Bi's and Tri's with as much weight as I can do for 8-10 reps.

-> Day 2: Legs

    Same with reps and weight.

-> Day 3: Chest

-> Day 4: Back

-> Day 5: Shoulders

Then take a day or 2 off to recover and start all over again. I also do 30 min. cardio at the end of each workout on either elliptical or stair master keeping my pulse at around 130-140 for 30 min.

Suggestions For Others

My suggestion for others would be to give it at least a month as that is the hardest part; try not to cheat. Then after that month when your clothes start hanging off of you, you look better in the mirror, feel better, have more energy ... at that point it becomes addictive and you feel you have to get to the gym and watch what you eat.

How Often Do You Cheat On Your Diet?

Every Day.
Every Week.
Once A Month.
Only Once A Year.

Another big thing I have noticed is the difference in respect you get from people being a fat slob at 305 pounds vs. lean and in shape at 200.

Good luck and stick with it!

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