Male Transformation Of The Week - Steven Peres.

Steve was steadily gaining weight throughout high school and soon realized his life was at risk. He made a quick turnaround and lost more than 80 pounds and over 40% body fat! See what he did right here.

Before Before:
275 lbs
After After:
193 lbs

Vital Stats

Date: Aug 2004
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 275 Lbs.
Body Fat: 58.9%
Waist: 44"
Bench Press 1RM: 75 lbs.

Date: Dec 2006
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 193 Lbs.
Body Fat: 15.9%
Waist: 34"
Bench Press 1RM: 235 lbs.

Why I Got Started

I got started after I had a physical for golf at the beginning of my senior year of high school. My doctor told me that my height and weight were extremely unhealthy and I could have a heart attack at an early age because of it. That really opened my eyes and made me realize I had to do something about it.

How I Did It

I used to sit around playing video games a lot with friends and reading books. I would eat all sorts of candy and junk while doing so which didn't help any. So, at first it was really just getting myself moving and starting to eat healthier foods. I did that for a month and lost 10 pounds and was really excited. That's when I looked into dieting and exercising more.

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Something needed to change!

I cut myself down to 1800 calories a day and started exercising 5-6 days per week. I would allow myself one cheat day every week where I ate anything I had been craving all week and I didn't work out. To workout I would do Tae-bo or Gilad tapes and I eventually took up walking.

I was down to 210 about 6 months into it and then cut my calories to 1500 per day and started lifting lightly as well. One year into it I was down to 170 pounds and felt really good about myself.

I took 3 months off from all the strict dieting and exercising and ended up at 175lbs after that. Since then, I've started to lift more seriously and started running as well. Now, I lift 4-5 days per week and run 3-4 miles 5 days per week along with one cross training day on which I usually bike. I'm actually planning on running a 15k in March and I just started to train for that.


The whole first year and a half I didn't really supplement at all; the only thing I ever took was a multivitamin. Now I take a multivitamin, whey protein, an amino transport product, and protein bars.

Sample Week Of Diet

    (1500 Calories)


      Quaker Oatmeal with skim milk


      Turkey sandwich on whole wheat
      Serving of pretzels
      Low-fat string cheese


      Serving of dry cereal or nuts


      Lean Cuisine

    Before Bed:

      Glass of low-fat chocolate milk

Sample Week Of Training

I split my lifting and cardio up. I usually do the lifting in the mornings or afternoons and the cardio at night.

Day 1: Back & Chest

Day 2: Arms & Shoulders

Day 3: Legs

arrow Day 4: Repeat Day 1

arrow Day 5: Repeat Day 2

arrow Day 6: Repeat Day 3

arrow Day 7: Relax!

Suggestions For Others

Just do it for yourself. I was only 215 pounds when I entered high school. Over the next three years I tried losing weight and actually ended up at 275 pounds. I was doing it for the wrong reasons though. I was doing it so people would accept me or so girls would notice me; it was for stupid reasons.

It wasn't until I really wanted it for myself that I started sticking to a diet and seeing results. I also don't think I could've done any of this without all of the support I've gotten from my close friends and my family. It's nice to know that they're there for you when everyone else is telling you that you can't achieve what you want and you'll always be fat and that'll never change.

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