30 Days of Fit Challenge

Every day, we'll give you a new challenge designed to inspire you, build your knowledge, and push your body. Post your daily progress and you could win cash!
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Congratulations to Chris, Our $5,000 Winner! 30 Days of Fit Winner, Chris Childers

Chris Childers


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We were blown away by how many of you completed all 30 of our daily challenges! Chris from California stood out from the pack, getting after it hard while also having some fun. He even kept going while on vacation! Looks like he’s signed up for the $250,000 Transformation Challenge and has some lofty 2016 fitness goals, so this is definitely not the last we’ll see of him!

Daily Winners

Day 30 Winners

Goals, Goals, Goals

December 31

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Day 29 Winners

$250k Challenge Registration

December 30

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Day 28 Winners

50 Burpee Challenge

December 29

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Day 27 Winners

The More, The Merrier

December 28

Day 26 Winners

2016 Promises

December 27

Day 25 Winners

That’s My Jam

December 26

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Day 24 Winners

Treat Yo’self

December 25

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Day 23 Winners

Holiday Recipes

December 24

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Day 22 Winners

Read Up

December 23

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Day 21 Winners

Pull It Up

December 22

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Day 20 Winners

Hello, Stranger

December 21

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Day 19 Winners

The Essentials

December 20

Day 18 Winners

Pet Peeves

December 19

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Day 17 Winners


December 18

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Day 16 Winners

100 Squat Challenge

December 17

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Day 15 Winners

Track It!

December 16

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Day 14 Winners

Newbie Challenge

December 15

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Day 13 Winners

Meme Yourself

December 14

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Day 12 Winners

Shake It Up

December 13

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Day 11 Winners

Take It Outside

December 12

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Day 10 Winners

Show It Off

December 11

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Day 9 Winners

Hack The Gym

December 10

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Day 8 Winners

$100 Challenge

December 9

Day 7 Winners

Rock Us To Our Cores

December 8

Day 6 Winners


December 7

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Day 5 Winners

Recipe Hacks

December 6

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Day 4 Winners

Take A Break

December 5

Day 3 Winners

Why Do You Train?

December 4

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Day 2 Winners

100 Pushup Challenge

December 3

Day 1 Winners

Bring A Friend To Work(out) Day!

December 2

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