2015 Fit Squad 6-Week Challenge

Join me for the Fit Squad 6-Week Challenge. $35,000 in prizes! Register today! #BBCOMFitSquad @bodybuildingcom @MuscleTech
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Meet Our Winners!

We issued our first-ever group challenge, and our winners killed it! In just 6 weeks, they pushed each other to accomplish more than they could have on their own. We hope all of you keep encouraging your squad members to become their best selves!

Fit Squad Winners:

Andrea, Victor, Sara, Mark,
Jennifer, Kenneth, & Naomi
Follow Them on BodySpace
Follow Them on BodySpace

Weight Lost: 150+ lbs   Bodyfat Lost: 8%+   Prize: $25,000 USD

This squad of seven neighbors banded together to lose a total of more than 150 lb. That’s an average loss of 21 lb. and 8% body fat per person! Ranging from 32-40 years old, some wanted to lose weight and some wanted to gain. Thanks to positive peer pressure, they all achieved their goals and emerged looking like chiseled champs. Congrats!

Solo Winner:
Skylar Peters

Weight Lost: 10.5lbs   Bodyfat Lost: 9%   Prize: $5,000 USD

This 25-year-old Floridian is determined to torch her post-pregnancy weight. Skylar is doing it by tracking her workouts, weight, and body fat on BodySpace. Take a look and you’ll see how she worked off 10.5 lb. and revealed some pretty impressive muscle. We’re confident Skylar will crush her next goal of losing another 10 lb.

Transform For Life Winner:
Wahid Arif

Weight Lost: 20lbs   Bodyfat Lost: 15%   Prize: $5,000 USD

Wahid, an engineer in the UK, achieved impressive results in the back-to-back Next Level and Fit Squad transformation challenges. We’ve been following his journey via a ton of inspiring BodySpace photos and the whopping 213 workouts he has tracked. Clearly a Kris Gethin fan, he knows how to push his limits to get results.