Female Transformation Of The Week - Shivati

BodySpace user Shivati has made an amazing transformation by learning more about nutrition and choosing an activity that made her feel very good. See how she went on to lose over 40 lbs and 20% body fat!

Before Before:
185+ lbs
After After:
140 lbs

Vital Stats

BodySpace: Shivati

Before (Christmas 2001):
Height: 5'5.5"
Weight: 185+ lbs
BF%: 36+
Pant size: 16

Height: 5'5.5"
Weight: 140 lbs
BF%: between 22-27 (depending on machine and gym)
Pant size: 7/9 (depending on brand)

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Why I Got Started

I have been heavy all my life but was under an illusion for a long time that I just had a "big butt" and a big chest (had to say goodbye to them double D's). I got my family Christmas photos back from my father in 2001 and was just devastated to see how horrible I looked and at this point my size 16's were getting tight.

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I Was Devastated.

I had never really dieted except once I lost 5 pounds using Chromium and starving myself. I knew nothing about nutrition ... I didn't even know I was unhealthy! I remember once eating pasta drowned in butter and thinking that it was diet food because I didn't have meat sauce!

How I Did It

In October 2001 I started working for The Vitamin Shoppe, whom I still work for now. That same fall I started doing what has become the most important thing in my life, Tribal Style Belly dance. It helped to me be in touch with my body and forged the mind/body/spirit connection.

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Shivati's Transformation.

Take a look-see: http://people.tribe.net/shivati

I dropped soda and immediately lost 5 pounds. For the first two months all I did was dance, and lost 20 pounds. By Feb. 20th, 2002 I joined a gym called Tom's River Fitness in NJ and started running. Eventually I lost 60 pounds eating low carb and dropped 12% bf over the next year. Now I continue to perform and teach and am trying to get rid of the excess bits of fat, firm up my skin and gain muscle mass.

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My First 5k, Running With My Dad.


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Sample Week Of Diet

During My Initial Weight Loss:


    1. 3 eggs/ salsa
    2. Atkins Shake
    3. Salad/ balsamic vinegrette/ 1/2 cup cottage cheese/ 2 pieces bacon crumbled/ 1 tsp parm. cheese
    4. Cheese/ nuts
    5. Chicken/ broccoli
    6. Low carb protein bar or shake



    1. Oatmeal w/ protein powder/ apple
    2. (if at work) South Beach Diet or Lean Cuisine meal
    3. (Pre-W) 1/2 chicken sandwich w/ avocado/ 1 slice cheese
    4. (Post-W) shake or bar
    5. Chicken/ brown rice/ tomato w/ flax & olive oil/ salt & pepper
    6. Stallone protein pudding or Vitamin Shoppe pudding



    1. 3 WHOLE eggs (lecithin is a fat emulsifier people, don't give into the egg yoke hipe!)/ 1/2 grapefruit/ 1 pack Splenda
    2. Lean turkey burger/ yam/ flax & olive oil
    3. 1 string cheese/ ostrich stick
    4. Shake or bar
    5. Chicken/ asparagus
    6. 100 cal. bag of popcorn

Not for these meals here but I end up about:

  • 1400-1600 calories/ day
  • 100-140g carbs/ day
  • 120-140g protein/ day

Sample Week Of Training

Initially I did push/pull and ran 9-12 miles per week for 6 months. That didn't last too long as I had broken my left foot some time ago. Every week I practice belly dancing at least twice and for 24 weeks per year I teach. I also teach at least 1 hour-long private lesson a week as well.

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I Practice Belly Dancing At Least Twice A Week.

I'm currently using a program described here on BB.com after hitting a plateau. I was doing push/pull for 6 months, then for 3 months I did:

Now I Do:

  • Monday: Shoulders/Bi's 20min cardio
  • Tuesday: Chest/Back/Bi's 20min cardio
  • Wednesday: 30m. Cardio/Legs/Abs
  • *(note: I alternate every other week is squats/de-cline press and hack squat ... then the next leg day is all machines, press/ inner/outer thigh/ extensions etc. This is so I can walk the next day since the cardio almost never stops and besides I teach and perform dance, with a once broken foot and mild scoliosis ... gotta love that).

  • Thursday: same as Mon.
  • Friday: same as Tues.
  • Saturday: 30m cardio
  • Sunday: off

My Favorite Workout Is:

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February 4, 2007.

Suggestions For Others

I write everything down, my workouts and everything I eat, with all their macros (cal/ carbs etc.) ... Work hard and focus. Believe in yourself and find peace with your higher power/God. That is a winning combination and with confidence you can achieve anything you set yourself to.

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Work Hard & Focus.

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