Female Transformation Of The Week - Sylvia Dempsey.

Sylvia's transformation began when she realized how beautiful the ladies looked up on stage. She knew this would be great challenge for her so she set out to get in shape. During this time she lost 51 pounds and 25% body fat!

Before Before:
75kgs (165 lbs.)
After After:
52kgs (114 lbs.)

Vital Stats

Name: Sylvia Dempsey
Email: citybusiness@eircom.net

Height: 160 CM
Starting Weight: 75kgs (165 lbs.)
Body Fat: 35%

Competition Weight: 52kgs (114 lbs.)
Body Fat: 10%

Why I Got Started

I started my weight loss program May of last year when I joined a gym and worked my weight down to 64 kgs by July. I went to see my first bodybuilding comp in September of last year where I fell in love with the shape of the figures I saw and wanted a challenge at this time though I still had a long way to go.

Before After
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Sylvia Dempsey.

I was at approximately 27% body fat and needed to build some muscle to enter such a competition. I started my journey of bodybuilding last October I began lifting heavy at a low rep range and trying to gain as much poundage as I could to build myself and tighten up any parts that was needed.

I was on a high protein diet which consisted of chicken, turkey, eggs, lean red meat, sweet pat, bananas and protein shakes. This diet became more strict as I approached my first competition. Bananas went and carbs lowered and protein raised to hold what I had built while I took excess fat down. I worked my butt off to get into shape with cardio in the a.m. and weights in the p.m. over a 7 day per week regimen.

I would go to the gym at 5:30 a.m. to do 45 mins cardio on an empty stomach and then come home and have a protein shake and egg whites, then I would have 5 other small meals consisting of either sweet potatos and chicken or lean meat, or sometimes just veggies with the meat or chicken and then go to the gym to do weights and cardio again in the p.m.

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I just did my first show on the of September, 2006 and scooped up a beautiful third place trophy. I hope to compete again next year in some natural shows in the UK. Presently I am training to build more muscle and trying to gain some size.

My Advice To Others

My advice to any woman that wants to try figure contests - don't let anyone tell you it cannot be done no matter your present shape. Follow your dream and with determination it can come true.

Always keep a journal of the diet and training you are going to follow - this allows you to check the weights you lifted on your previous visit to the gym. This will allow you to see if you are gaining or losing strength and muscle. Try to increase your weights little by little and don't be afraid to lift heavy on the legs as you will depend on this muscle if you wish to compete.

Getting Your Legs In Shape. Getting Your Legs In Shape.
If your goal is to train your legs to develop massive amounts of muscle, you will train differently than someone whose goal is to lean down their legs and keep them streamlined and tight.
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    "If your goal is to train your legs to develop massive amounts of muscle, you will train differently than someone whose goal is to lean down their legs and keep them streamlined and tight."
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The more muscle you have the more fat is used by the muscle and even if you choose to increase your fat a little after a comp believe me the body will look more shapely with good muscle. Always finish your weight training with a 20-30 minutes of cardio. Also make sure you get rest; maybe two days off per week.

Don't go by the scales all the time go by the mirror and again if you are thinking of competing, practice posing - this conditions and trains the body into a more symmetrical shape. If you're not to shy try to pose in between sets at the gym in the mirror - it makes the shape better.

I have many more ideas and would be glad to share but I would probably take up the whole web site so I'll leave it at this. One more tip when building muscle: keep the diet loose, have a cheat day, raise the carbs to keep metabolism working well for when you need to, and take a little fat off - it will prevent plateaus.

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Follow Your Dream With Determination.

My Diet & Supplements

When I'm competing - I was on a high protein diet which consisted of:

Morning: 7:00am:

    Protein shake:

    • 2 scoops of Reflex Instant Whey pre cardio
    Post cardio:

Meal 2: 10am:

  • 150gram chicken or turkey
  • 60-80gram broccoli or brussel sprouts

Meal 3: 1pm:

  • 200gram lean meat
  • 200gram sweet potato

Meal 4: 4pm:

  • 150 gram chicken
  • 150 gram brussel sprouts

Meal 5: 7pm:

  • Multi Vitamin
  • 500mg Vitamin C
  • Post work out shake

Meal 6: 9:30pm:

  • Two Tablespoons Udo's Oil
  • 220 gram Salmon
  • 200 gram brussel sprouts

Meal 7: 11pm:

Before Bed:

  • 1 scoop protein shake

When I'm not competing and building muscle I double the carbs and incorporate a cheat day. I try to stay between a stone to a stone and a half when I'm building muscle.

My Weight Training

I always stay low reps and heavy when I'm competing and now during the off-season I am building more muscle - I keep reps the same and lift heavier because of the higher intake of carbs.

All lower and upper body stays at a low rep range (8-10 reps). Upper and lower body exercises consist of 2 sets per exercise.

Monday: Legs:

Tuesday: Back:

Wednesday: Cardio/No Weights:

Thursday: Chest/Biceps:

Friday: Legs:

Saturday: Shoulders/Triceps:

Ab Program:

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