Female Transformation Of The Week - Lisa Staudt!

Lisa had put on some extra weight after having her 3rd child. But after a visit from Michelle Berger, aka BuffMother, she got on a nutrition and exercise plan that caused her to drop the pounds. Learn how she did it right here!
Before Before:
151 lbs
After After:
143 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Lisa Staudt
Email: ldstaudt@cox.net
Age: 38
Height: 5' 11½"

Weight: 151 lbs
Waist: 29.5"
Hips: 38.5"
Body fat: 20%

Weight: 143 lbs
Waist: 27"
Hips: 36"
Body Fat: 10%

Why I Got Started

My youngest of 3 children was 1-year old. I lost all the weight I gained during pregnancy, but was left with a body I was not happy with. I was skinny fat! I felt and looked flabby, I wanted a tight muscular athletic look. I loved looking at the muscular physiques of the women in popular fitness magazines. That was the look I wanted. What better way is there to get the look of a figure competitor than to compete!

I was inspired and knew what I wanted, but I didn't know how to get there. I started searching the web for any helpful information on competing. What I found would change my life! Buffmother.com captivated me - Michelle Berger, Buffmother, was a mother of 4 children who won 5 figure titles the year after having twins. When I found her site, I read everything she wrote and joined the women only Rally Room Forum.

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BuffMother.com Changed My Life!

I hoped that by joining the Rally Room forum I would learn more about what Buffmother did to transform her body. My hopes were exceeded beyond my wildest dreams! I learned about Michelle's revolutionary Hormonal Timing training program that revolves around your monthly cycles and hormone patterns. I made friendships with other women in the Rally Room who also had a quest for health and fitness. Most of all, the women in the Rally Room gave me encouragement which motivated me more than I ever thought possible!


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Hormonal Training System! The following program is designed specifically for women who are fighting the hormone battle while trying to get fit! Take control now!

In January 2007, I set my goals to compete in my first figure competition. The competition was a local NANBF show on October 6, 2007. In February 2007, I had a major setback - severe lower back problems for 3 weeks. I learned I had two lumbar disc bulges. How ironic since I am a Chiropractor! As I recovered, I was careful with my back and worked on strengthening it. By mid April 2007, I was ready to begin serious training for my upcoming competition.

How I Did It

By this time, I developed a friendship with Michelle Berger of Buffmother.com. I was fortunate enough to have her take me on as one of her clients. Michelle does all of her training online. This worked out perfect for me. I had a good background on how to lift weights properly. I just needed to be told what to do to put on muscle and lose fat in the next 5 months.

Michelle emailed me my programs every two weeks, and we talked on the phone once every couple weeks. She tracked my progress through my measurements, and pictures that I emailed to her. I loved training with her online. I could get to the gym on my own schedule, but having a plan laid out for me was a major part of my success.

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I Loved Training With Her Online.

The other major part was the type of plan she gave me. As I mentioned before, Michelle developed a revolutionary training program based around a woman's hormones and her cycles. Hormonal Timing synchronizes your workout, diet and supplement routine with the two phases of your monthly cycle. Optimal hormonal conditions are capitalized on during each of the phases to burn fat and build muscle. It makes so much sense!

I virtually had no back so to speak of when I started training. I was in desperate need of some lats and a v-taper. I wholeheartedly believe that hormonal timing training had a huge roll in my transformation. I still can't believe how much muscle I put on in a short amount of time.

Lisa Lisa Lisa
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April 2007, May 2007 & September 2007.

I am thrilled to say that I took first place in my height class. A fellow Buffmother friend of mine took second. My trainer, Michelle Berger aka Buffmother, was there to help me backstage and cheer me on. I am so thankful for everything she did to help me and all she taught me about Hormonal Timing.


I try to use protein powders, meal replacement shakes, and protein bars sparingly. I will have 1-or-2 shake per day at the most. I rarely use protein bars, but keep a few Atkins bars on hand in case I am in a situation where I need to eat but don't have a cooler of good food with me.


My diet varied in calories every two weeks. This is part of the hormonal timing program. The first few months I was really trying to build muscle, so I was eating about 3000 calories per day. I am a tall girl (5-foot-11.5) so I burn a lot of calories. To add muscle I had to eat a lot!

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I Had To Eat A Lot To Add Muscle.

This sounds fun, but it was exhausting at times. Sometimes I was having 7 to 8 protein portions (30 gr) /day. But at the end of a couple weeks my calories would lower to the 2200 range and be only 5-6 protein portions/day. As competition time grew closer, my calories lowered to 1400-1600 and 1800-2000/day. I followed this portion rule to keep things simple:

    5 - Protein servings
    4 - Carb servings
    3 - Fat Servings
    2 - 4 Green servings
    1 - Treat (only the first 2-to-3 months, and only on certain weeks)

Typical foods in my diet:


My training varied depending on which hormonal phase I was in. At times I would lift 6 days per week. Hitting each body part 2x/week. At other times, I would lift 4 days per week, lifting lower body 2x/week and all other muscle groups once. This is how the split looked:

    Monday: Lower Body & Abs
    Tuesday: Back, Shoulders, Biceps & Intervals
    Wednesday: Chest, Triceps & Intervals
    Thursday: Lower Body & Abs
    Friday: Back, Shoulders, Biceps & Intervals
    Saturday: Chest, Triceps & Intervals
    Sunday: Off

I really focus on lifting heavy and keep the reps moderate to low. Here's a look at what my workouts look like:


      I am not a big fan of long cardio sessions. It worked out very well for me that my trainer is not also. Most of my cardio sessions were done as 20-minute interval sessions. I would warm-up for the first 4-to-5 minutes, then I would do one minute hard, one minute easy and alternate this pattern until the last minute or two.

      I would rather work hard for 20 minutes than do an hour of cardio! I like variety in my cardio to keep me from getting bored. So I use every machine I can - treadmill, upright bike, elliptical, stairmaster, run outside or recumbent bike.

Suggestions for Others

It is worth it to get your body back after having children or build a better body than before you had kids. I want to teach my children to lead a healthy lifestyle. What better way than lead by example. Yes, it is a lot of hard work and dedication. But so worth it!

I found motivation from encouraging other women in the Buffmother Rally Room in their quest for fitness. It took the focus off of me, but I received 10 fold the amount of energy back which motivated me beyond belief.

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It Is Worth It To Get Your Body Back.

Michelle Berger has a new book that lays out the whole Hormonal Timing Training program for you. Every woman needs this information! I wish I had learned it in my 20s instead of my late 30s.

Work hard when you are in the gym. Put your mind into it. Think about that muscle group as you are working it. Continue to challenge your body with heavier weights. You will see the changes!

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