Female Transformation Of The Week - Colleen Cuda!

Colleen was overweight and unhappy with herself. But after finally taking control of her happiness, she became determined to shed the weight with her many BodySpace friends by her side. Learn how she lost more than 60 pounds right here ...
Before Before:
220 lbs
After After:
156 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Colleen Cuda
Email: Fitnblnde4@yahoo.com
Age: 39
Bodyspace: Fitnblnde5

Weight: 220+ lbs
Chest: 44.5"
Hips: 45"
Waist: 40"

Weight: 156 lbs
Chest: 36.5"
Hips: 36"
Waist: 31.5"

Why I Got Started

I knew I was not happy being me. Just because I am a mother of 4 does not mean I'm "allowed" to be out of shape and miserable. I eventually left a negative marriage and took control of my own happiness.

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I Was Not Happy Being Me.

Working out and eating right makes me feel good about the day and good about me. There are plenty of times in the last year that I've not done it for days or weeks on end and feel like garbage, then want to kick myself when I get back into it and realize how much farther ahead I would have been had I stuck to it.

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I Took Control Of My Happiness.

How I Did It

I started out changing what I ate and literally looking at every bite of food and asking myself "will this help me reach my goal?" In the beginning there was no working out just eating every 2-to-3 hours and a lot of food, but all good for me foods.

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I Started Out
Changing What I Ate.

Then I used the Turbo Jam video some for cardio and started lifting. I love doing legs so the compound exercises helped tremendously to build extra muscle which burned extra calories. I still struggle everyday, but I will be starting the P90X program soon so plan on seeing more changes coming along in the near future.

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I Love Doing Legs.



Sometimes I would wake in the night starving and have either a shake or a chicken breast. My theory was if I was hungry I ate; I never went hungry. I ate a lot of protein and few carbs. My favorite carb of choice was yams cut into "fries" tossed with olive oil and cayenne pepper and baked.

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I Never Went Hungry.


dot Week 1 dot

dot Week 2 dot

    I also did Turbo Jam during this time, off and on, but not on a regular basis. These workouts were written by bodyspace member Train C.

Suggestions For Others

Just stick with it, don't get discouraged, know that diet is the biggest part of everything and that even that one piece of chocolate can lead you down a slippery slide; it does for me every time. If I could avoid that first piece I would be fine. Like I said earlier, start into a new program and plan to grow and cut.

If it wasn't for BodySpace and the friends I have made on here I would have given up a long time ago. I have made so many good friends, 3 in particular, that have put up with my ups and downs and never turned their backs on me.

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Don't Get Discouraged.

I'm not always the easiest to get along with but I've made such wonderful friends. I get daily motivating emails from many people, texts and just kicks in the butt when they are needed. They all know who they are.

Of the three I speak of, one is nowhere to be seen, and he deserves more thanks than I can ever give him, always behind the scenes listening to my whines and gripes while creating his own amazing transformation and being a transformation of the week here as well.

The others, you know who you are and I have to say thank you! Princess, you rock! Thanks for your friendship. And BryanGee, your shoulder/eyes have always been a place of comfort with a gentle kick in the butt as needed. Thank you, you three are what friends are all about!

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