Female Transformation Of The Week - Sondra Hopkins

Sondra was always in good shape, but after she had her baby, she let herself go. So after committing to a contest, she dedicated herself to fitness and lost 20 pounds. Learn how she did it right here ...
Before Before:
154 lbs
After After:
134 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Sondra Hopkins
Age: 37
Email: sondra@fitlifestudio.net

Before: July 6, 2006
Weight: 154 lbs
Body Fat: 21.2%

During: January 13, 2008
Weight: 136 lbs
Body Fat: 15.05 %

After: January 26, 2008
Weight: 134 lbs
Body Fat: 13.12%

Why I Got Started

There were a few reasons I decided to kick it into gear. First off, I had a baby at age 36. I have two daughters age 14 and 16 and the weight was easy to lose following each previous pregnancy and I just assumed it would be easier this time around as I was much more fit prior to getting pregnant this time around. My husband and I own a training studio in Boerne, Texas - just outside of San Antonio - www.fitlifestudio.com and I was in fairly good shape when I became pregnant.

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Sondra Hopkins.

After the birth of my son (May of 06) I really was just so involved with my family that I put myself on the back burner. Even when I returned to work I would hide in the back office as to avoid our clients. There were a few that, to be honest I was jealous of, there bodies all seem to be so perfect and they made such great changes.

I was supposed to opitimize a healthy lifestyle and yet I was the overweight one - constantly making excuses for why I did not have enough time/energy to dedicate myself to making a change.

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Sondra Hopkins.

My husband is a trainer and a bodybuilder. It was awful to think about getting undressed in front of him. He was always incredible and never ever made me feel as though he thought differently about me, but I always felt like I failed him a little by not taking care of myself!

I almost avoided him in an effort to never have to be undressed around him. Here I was married to the man of my dreams - great father, loving husband and gorgeous and I was "too tired" to get my rear end in gear.

How I Did It

I kept telling myself "next month or next week" I will get going on my diet/training. After a while I even stopped saying anything about it because I knew I was not ready!

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Sondra Hopkins.

Then, we lost a trainer at the studio! All of the sudden I had to represent our studio (I am a fitness trainer as well)! I was fat and had to somehow motivate others to do all the things I seemed unable to do myself.

That certainly kicked me into gear. Yet only to a point. I shed a little weight the first few months, but I never "dived in" and really went for it. I started picking up magazines to seek some motivation and would always read about regular women who made such incredible changes in their body and how they were all competing!

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Sondra Hopkins.

I remember the day I asked my husband if he thought I had what it took to compete! I was so nervous that he would say no (worried that I would put him in an awkward position - either hurt my feelings or possibly lie to avoid hurting me with the cold hard truth).

I could not bring myself to ask his opinion for days. So one day while I was at the office I sent him a text message - thinking it would be easier to take the blow if he were not right in front of me. I was so suprised when he said (with so much excitement) ABSOLUTELY!

We immediately purchased tickets to as many NPC shows we could find and set out a plan. It was incredible to watch the girls on stage. I knew that each of them had a story of inspiration, that they must have all had hurdles that could have easily prevented them from fulfilling their dreams if they were willing to let it! I would sit and just imagine the thrill of stepping on stage! What an accomplishment that must be!

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Sondra Hopkins.

I started eating healthy (5-6 times per day) with a carefully prepared meal plan and training schedule. I am fortunate that my husband is able to guide me in the nutrition aspect as well as the training!

His education and background is in nutrition and is a service we routinely offer our clients. Having an in house nutritionist/trainer has its perks - always someone to keep you on track and to be accountable to, and it also has its downsides. No one is perfect and it is even harder to fail in front of someone that has invested so much time and energy into your changes!

My kids are so excited for me and I am so blessed to have the support of my family and clients! I finally feel like I can and a.m. "walking the walk!"

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I Finally Feel Like I Can Walk The Walk.

I am currently 14 weeks out from my first figure competition (Ronnie Coleman Classic). I still have alot of work to do. I look forward to the next few months and I can not wait for the day I too can step my clear heeled foot on that stage and know I did it!



Meal Food Calories Protein Fat Fiber
1 1 Scoop Whey protein 90g 23g 0g 0g
  1 Fish oil & 1 Liver Care 10g 0g 1g 0g
2 1 Cup Muscle Milk N Oats 300g 30g 6g 4g
  ¼ Cup Applesauce 25g 0g 0g 1g
3 3 Oz Canned Tuna 110g 21g 2g 0g
  4 Oz Sweetpotato 120g 2g 0.4g 3.6g
  1 Tsp Flax oil 43g 0g 4.7g 0g
  1 Cup Zucchini 17g 1.4g 0.2g 1.5g
4 3 Scoops Aftershock 280g 32g 3g 0g
5 3 Oz Chicken breast 120g 24g 1.5g 0g
  ½ Cup Refried beans 100g 7g 0g 6g
  ½ Cup Green beans 30g 2g 0g 2g
6 1 Scoop Elite Complex 130g 27.5g 1g 0g
  10 Spears Asparagus 39g 4g 0g 4g
7 1 Large Whole egg 75g 6.3g 5g 0g
  3 Large Egg white 51g 10.5g 0g 0g
  2 Slices Turkey bacon 40g 6g 1g 0g
  1 Med Pepper 20g 0.7g 0.1g 1.5g
  5 Spears Asparagus 18g 2g 0g 2g
  1 Multivitamin/Mineral 0g 0g 0g 0g
  1 Fiber Choice 8g 0g 0g 2g
8 ½ Scoop Elite Complex 35g 13.25g 0.5g 0g


Cardio is done 5-6 days per week for 30-45 minutes in a steady state 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If I can't get it in before breakfast I will do intervals for 45-60 minutes.

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Sondra Hopkins.

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