Female Transformation Of The Week - Cheryl Maddox.

Cheryl noticed she was gradually getting heavier and heavier and realized she did not want her life to be run by weight problems. Learn about her amazing journey and how she lost 20 lbs and more than 20% body fat!

Before Before:
170 lbs
After After:
150 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Cheryl Maddox
Email: Cheryl.Maddox@tsysacquiring.com

October 2006

Weight: 170 lbs
Body Fat: 27%

October 2007

Weight: 150 lbs
Body Fat: 6%

BodySpace: TheNewChamp
Forum Journal: Follow My Journey

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Cheryl Maddox's Progress.

Why I Got Started

Because of my height and build, I have always been able to hide my weight. But in college, I nearly hit 200 pounds and saw that I was headed down the same road as the other women in my family-overweight with a dictionary of health problems. I've been in the gym ever since. I've become addicted to working out and the weight room has become my home.

Full Frontal
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October 2006, I met "armymuscle01." I was teaching a fitness dance class and he was getting ready for a show. He asked me if I had ever thought about competing. After a lot of reading and research, this became a personal challenge. One year later, I entered the October 2007 Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition and placed first in my class.

How I Did It

When I started, I was going at it blindly and getting frustrated. Then I had a little teeny bit of structure but it didn't last long. After giving up I decided that I have to do this for real and if I mean business I need get off my fluffy @$$ and work.

In May, I met up with IFBB Pro Roland Huff. After the initial assessment, it was determined that I had a lot of weight and water to lose. He cleaned out my diet to level my sugar levels and gave me a new workout plan.

Workouts became intense and frequent and I was sore and tired for the first few weeks. But I had to stay focused on my goal and keep away from temptation of sugar and the sever desire to lay on my living room floor and sleep.

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SNBF, Atlanta.

My determination took over and I saw nothing but my goal. Sure, I struggled ... I even gave up a couple times. But I found solace in Bodybuilding.com. I created a BodySpace account and took the opportunity to ask questions and learn from other competitors. When I got discouraged and frustrated I would chat with people, read other journal logs, and I saw that I was not the only person struggling. This site is like AA for the fitness buff.



One to two gallons of water per day. Because I had so much to lose, I was not allowed cheat meals so I survived on Crystal light and sugar free gum.

Sheryl Maddox
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Cheryl Maddox.


Cardio and butt blasters were everyday

Advice To Others

In order to be successful in anything you have to stay focused. Surround yourself with people who will encourage your goal. You are human and things will get tough at times but don't give up! If you want to see the finish line you have to run the race to the end.

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