Female Transformation Of The Week - Hillary Jones.

Hilary just couldn't live the way she was living anymore. Then she stopped putting limitations on herself and the things she could accomplish and finally realized that once you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.
68.5 kg
150 lbs
61.5 kg
135 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Hillary Jones
BodySpace: missglamour_07

Before Stats:
Weight: 68.5kg
Bodyfat: 29%
Bicep: 31.5cm
Chest: 94cm
Hips: 98cm
Waist: 82cm
Thighs: 62cm
Calves: 37cm

After Stats:
Weight: 61.5kg
Bodyfat: 18%
Bicep: 29cm
Chest: 88cm
Hips: 90cm
Waist: 65cm
Thighs: 57 cm
Calves: 35.5 cm

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Why I Decided To Change My Body

I just couldn't live the way I was living anymore. Looking in the mirror and hating the reflection staring back at me - I was only 25, how could I feel like a chunky mess?! That was no way to live my life. I stopped putting limitations on myself and the things I could accomplish and finally realized that once you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

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Hillary Jones.

What Got Me Started

I decided to do the BodyBlitz Challenge through Women's Health & Fitness Magazine. I knew that taking and sending hideous before photos of me to a group of people I'd never met would be very motivating to say the least! I had given them a horrible first impression of me and knew that by the time I was done, the after photos needed to be fabulous!

When And How Long It Took

I begin my transformation challenge on 25 February and these photos and measurements were taken 12 weeks later on 21 May.

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Hillary Jones.

About My Journey

The 12 weeks during my transformation was easily the most challenging time of my life - both emotionally and physically. I reached a stage where I couldn't go on living my life the way I was living it and hating my reflection in the mirror and always knowing that I wanted so much more out of my life. I had tried to lose weight and reach my goal body shape before but I was always too inconsistent and eventually would fall off the wagon. I told myself at the beginning of the challenge that I would commit to doing the 12 weeks and see just what I was capable of doing and what changes I could possibly make in that time.

I have always made the mistake of getting my self-esteem and confidence through guys I've been dating and just other people in general. I was always so busy trying to make everyone else happy that I didn't even take time to find out what would truly make me happy and what goals I have for myself that have nothing to do with anything but what my passions are and what makes me happy.

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Hillary Jones.

The first 6 weeks were challenging and I would often get frustrated because when I would look in the mirror, all I could see was how much fat was left on my body and not the changes I'd already been making. I decided to take a progress photo and was so glad I did because I already looked like a different person and I had slimmed down a bit already. I knew I'd lost weight from my measurements but seeing a photo of it really made me see it was working! It motivated me even more and I was determined to make the last 6 weeks really count.

At about week 8, my relationship with my boyfriend of the past 2 years fell apart suddenly. I could barely eat at times nevertheless train and really had to get to know myself and why I was doing this challenge and why reaching these goals was so important to me.

I realized how many incredible friends I have and they were so supportive and encouraging to me and reminding me how much I had accomplished through what was the hardest time of my life. I stayed focused though and although there was honestly about 3 weeks that I lost due to what I was going through, I still remained focused and was determined to finish this challenge no matter what.

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Hillary Jones.

At about week 4 of the challenge I also realized it had become a dream of mine to compete as a fitness/sports model later in the year and really take my fitness to a whole new level. I attended a few bodybuilding comps during my challenge and they were so inspirational and I cannot wait to compete later this year and take my fitness and my body to the next level. I have begun a competition prep program and am working toward competing for my first time in September.

I had a professional photoshoot done at the end of my challenge and I cannot even begin to explain how much of a dream come true that day was. I found myself so much more comfortable in front of the camera than ever before and have found a true confidence in myself I never thought possible. I am not the same person I was 12 weeks ago and the way in which I think and look at things has changed so much.

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I have become really grounded in the woman I am and realized I need to learn to be confident in myself and the old saying "you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you," honestly couldn't be any more true. I'm absolutely loving my life right now and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this year holds. I also am going to work really hard to pursue a career in fitness modeling which was at one point only a fantasy and now is something I am realizing I can really do.

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Hillary Jones.

If you can believe it, you can do it - that's something I really believe and the only limits you have in your life are the ones that you put on yourself. At 25, I'm looking and feeling better than I ever have and look forward to turning 26 soon knowing that I have such an incredible life ahead of me now and I'm never going back to the girl I was just 12 short weeks ago.

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Hillary Jones.

What Supplements Did I Take?

Sample Diet

    Meal #1:

    • 4 scrambled egg whites w/one yolk on spelt bread

    Meal #2:

    • Tuna
    • Rice cakes
    • Green apple

    Meal #3:

    • Chicken breast
    • Large salad
    • 2 pieces of spelt bread

    Meal #4:

    • Sweet potato
    • Chicken breast

    Meal #5:

    • Grilled chicken breast or fish/prawns
    • Large salad

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Hillary Jones.

My diet was never the exact same the whole time throughout - there were times when I was more strict than others and a few cheat meals here and there as well. If I had something I shouldn't, I would just pick back up where I left off and train really hard rather than get upset at myself and fall off the wagon.

Sample Training

  • Monday - Friday AM: 40minutes of cardio
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: full body weights session--supersetting my exercises

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Hillary Jones.

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