Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Scott Hults

Scott Hults was in the Navy when he started showing signs of diabetes. He then decided to change his lifestyle and get in shape. Now he has more than 26 contests under his belt and is still competing. Learn how he did it here ...
Before Before:
162 lbs
After After:
150 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Scott Hults
Email: oldnavycapt@aol.com
Height: 5'7"
BodySpace: Old Navy
Personal Site: http://www.BodyBuildingSenior.com

Weight: 162
Body Fat: 18%
Age: 61

Weight: 150
Body Fat: 6%
Age: 64

Why I Got Started

My quest, or transformation, really started when I was 50-years old and still in the Navy. During a routine physical exam, I was diagnosed with symptoms of diabetes, a disease that claimed the lives of my father and grandfather at early ages.

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My Transformation Started
While I Was In The Navy.

I made up my mind that I didn't want to follow that path and began a diet and training regimen that, 11 years later, led me to the bodybuilding stage for the first time.

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Scott Hults' Progress.

How I Did It

When I began training for my first competition, I was an out of shape, weak, middle-aged man weighing 162 pounds, with a body fat percentage in the high teens. My diet and exercise had kept me from the onset of diabetes, but little else. I needed a change. If I was going to step on to a bodybuilding stage at my age, and not be laughed off, I needed a transformation.

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If I Was Going To Step On Stage At
My Age, I Needed A Transformation.

In June, 2004, I began an aggressive diet and training regimen that had me in the gym 90-minutes-a-day, five days-per-week. After 10-months of contest preparation, I entered my first contest in March, 2005. I weighed 137 pounds and came in pretty lean. I was the oldest and the smallest man in the 2005 NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships.

After my first show, I was hooked. Since then, I have competed in 26 contests, winning 42 trophies, including a World Championship in my age class, four Best Poser awards and three Pro Cards. I am also a contest judge and have judged shows for four natural federations: FAME, OCB, NGA and SNBF.

Scott Scott
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After My First Show, I Was Hooked.

During my first year of competing, I averaged a bodyweight of 137 pounds. In my second year, I hit 140 on stage at my final show that year. In 2007, I reached a stage-weight of 150 pounds. I plan to compete in June at 155.

At my last amateur show, the 2007 NPC Alabama State Championships, I won my class and am the 2007 Mr. Alabama Masters Champion. Since turning Pro in the WNSO-FAME, the NGA and the IDFA (Canada), I have competed in three pro shows, placing Third in the first two in the NGA and winning my last, the 2007 FAME Grand Master Pro North American Championships last November in Miami.

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Scott Hults.

My next contest is the 2008 FAME World Championships in Toronto in June, where I will compete in the Grand Master Pro Division.



Advanced GH/HITT Diet Plan
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

This is a low carb/cal diet and serves to put the body in a fasting fat burning state.

Advanced GH/HITT Diet Plan
Friday - Power Workout Day

Note: If you choose to cook the egg whites, scramble them and don't add the protein powder. The protein powder adds flavor to 100% liquid egg whites and with the 8 oz. water, it's a great shake.

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Scott Hults.


My training regimen and diet changes in the various stages of my contest prep. Here is a good plan that I frequently use in my training.

Advanced GH Chest, Back and Shoulders Workout
Choose weights that reflect your 6RM, 12RM and 25RM
Tempo: 40 x 0=6; 20 x 0=12; 10 x 0 =25
Goal: Four Circuits per Workout

Circuit Advanced GH Chest Workout Reps Rest
A-1 Incline Dumbbell Press 6 10 sec
A-2 Incline Barbell Press 12 10 sec
A-3 Incline Dumbbell Press 25 2 min
Repeat 3 Times

Circuit Advanced GH Back Workout Reps Rest
B-1 Chinup 6 10 sec
B-2 Bent Over Barbell Row 12 10 sec
B-3 Seated Cable Row 25 2 min
Repeat 3 Times

Circuit Advanced GH Shoulder Workout Reps Rest
C-1 Seated Dumbbell Press 6 10 sec
C-2 Seated Lateral Raise 12 10 sec
C-3 Seated Cable Lateral Raise 25 2 min
Repeat 3 Times

Advanced GH Arms and Legs Workout
Choose weights that reflect your 6RM, 12RM and 25RM
Tempo: 40 x 0=6; 20 x 0=12; 10 x 0 =25
Goal: Four Circuits per Workout

Circuit Advanced GH Leg Workout 1 Reps Rest
A-1 Barbell Squat 6 10 sec
A-2 Dumbbell Lunge 12 10 sec
A-3 Leg Extension 25 2 min
Repeat 3 Times

Circuit Advanced GH Leg Workout 2 Reps Rest
B-1 Leg Curl 6 10 sec
B-2 Romanian Deadlift 12 10 sec
B-3 Hyperextension 25 2 min
Repeat 3 Times

Circuit Advanced GH Arm Workout 1 Reps Rest
C-1 Dip/Close Grip Bench Press 6 10 sec
C-2 Decline Barbell Extension 12 10 sec
C-3 Triceps Pushdown 25 2 min
Repeat 3 Times

Circuit Advanced GH Arm Workout 2 Reps Rest
D-1 Incline Dumbbell Curl 6 10 sec
D-2 Standing Barbell Curl 12 10 sec
D-3 Standing Cable Curl 25 2 min
Repeat 3 Times

End with 75 reps seated calf raises and 75 standing calf raises.

Advanced GH Power Workout
Choose weights that reflect your 5 RM

Circuit Advanced GH Power Workout Reps Rest
A-1 Hack Squat 3-5 30 sec
A-2 French Press 3-5 60 sec
B-1 Pullup 3-5 30 sec
B-2 Leg Curl 3-5 60 sec
C-1 Standing Shoulder Press 3-5 30 sec
C-2 Standing Calf Raise 3-5 60 sec
D-1 Hammer Curl 3-5 30 sec
D-2 Incline Dumbbell Press 3-5 60 sec
Repeat 8 Times

Advanced HITT Cardio Workout
Cardio Only on Monday and Thursday
Workout Followed by Cardio on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Begin each cardio session with a five minute warm-up.
  • After the warm-up do the following:
  • 20 seconds sprint and 40 seconds at a reduced level - five intervals
  • Use 9-12% incline @ 9-12 mph
  • Add one minute (20/40) per week until you reach 10 intervals
  • After the sprints, do 25 minutes on a different machine (do 15 minutes on workout days)
  • Do not eat for pre-cardio and following the cardio consume 30 grams of whey with no fat.
  • Take two-three scoops of L Glutamine pre cardio
  • Consume meal Number One about an hour after cardio

Diet and Training Plan are Courtesy of Sean "Sully" Sullivan of Cape Cod, Mass.

Suggestions To Others

My message is simple. Age is a statistic, not a burden. There is no reason why anyone, even with physical ailments, can't get into and maintain the best shape of his or her life. It's a matter of desire, dedication and grit. As far as I'm concerned, my transformation is a continuing process. I have not peaked!

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I Have Not Peaked.

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