Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Rob Fuhrmann!

Rob was tired of getting exhausted from doing the simple day-to-day activities. So once he turned 40, he made the decision to get in shape. With the help of a BodySpace member, he dropped almost 100 pounds. Learn how he did it right here!
Before Before:
282 lbs
After After:
184 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Rob Fuhrmann
BodySpace: MEDICO6
Age: 40

Before: September 2007
Weight: 282 lbs
Pant Size: 40"
Shirt Size: XXL
Blood Pressure: 162/98
Cholesterol: 210
Body Fat: 35-40%

After: April 2008
Weight: 184 lbs
Pant Size: 29"
Shirt Size: M
Blood Pressure: 128/74
Cholesterol: 160
Body Fat: 7%

Why I Got Started

I got started because I realized it hurt to tie my shoes. My head would pound, it was hard to breathe and I would get dizzy when I stood up. The second reason was that I was turning 40-years old so it scared me to think I was 40 headed for a heart attack!

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Rob Fuhrmann's Progress.

How I Did It

First and foremost, I must give a lot of credit to my trainer Angela Courduff (AngelaC on BodySpace). Without her knowledge and guidance I could have never done it! I changed my diet to a high protein, low carb and low fat diet along with daily weight training and cardio. Most important, I was strict with my diet and worked out as hard as I could push myself.

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I Worked Out As Hard
As I Could Push Myself.



dot First 11 Weeks dot

dot Next 3 months dot


Suggestions For Others

A few things I had to learn was you have to eat to lose weight. Don't get me wrong, you can't eat pizza every meal, it has to be the right foods.

Secondly you need lots of water to flush that fat out. Every time I didn't get enough water I gained weight. Finally, and in my case most importantly, set goals. I realized I had stopped setting goals and that's why I got so far out of shape!

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You Have To Eat To Lose Weight.

Also talk to a certified trainer. My trainer is the best; she's on BodySpace at AngelaC. And for those of you who have a question for me I'm on here at medico6. I'd be glad to try to help anyone who needs it!


Rob Fuhrmann:
530 lbs Calf Raises!

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